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I've a wealth of life experience to draw from, especially: autism, loneliness, depression, anxiety (social), creative thinking, life skills, home-schooling, living on a shoestring & many other subjects.  In Christ.  I have a broad understanding of Islam & several other faiths.  Basically, I know how & when to listen to those who suffer.
I use language translation software (Reverso) to communicate in many other languages.  My answers will be slow & I may be very naive regarding cultural, social, lingual, traditions & especially humour.  My apologies in advance.  If I'm offline, please leave a message & I'll answer you as soon as I'm able.  In Christ.  Ckarolin x;.

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Feedback & Reviews
By far the best conversation I've had. She's so attentive, her feedback is tailored and the effort she puts in is so meaningful. I truly felt heard and understood.
She is so sweet and understanding
Awesome listener. Very real and caring person. Appreciated their time hugely.
I was ranting away, did not make a lot of sense. However, she was patient, empathetic, and kind with me. She was rational too, which is cool. Thanks, I really appreciate your time and company!
She's the most amazing, caring and attentive listener in the site
Awesome person. You can easily talk to and open up and take the time and care
Very kind and helpful soul. Thank you so much for chatting with me, you're an outstanding listener and human being.
Thank you. I really appreciate your help.
Encouraging, empathetic.
Really insightful and very smart help!
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