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calmRose33 |
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5.0 star rating
HI There Nice to Meet You, I am kerry! 
I would like to say how brave and strong you are right now for even taking the leap to come here the first step in reaching out for some support and a listening ear from me, I have been in my own therapy so I know how dificult it is to be vulnerable and fragile I know how tough it can be to be open about whats going on but I want you to know that I have been on the other foot I have experienced my own fare share and alot in my life and I know how difficult it is to even come here and I want to thank you for making that step. 
On the 27th Febuary 2016 I began my journey being as an Active Listener providing emotional support to my members we build a safe confidential environment within our chats so my members are able to fully express themselves. We build a good trusting rapport that provides a space for my members to feel comfortable to talk and for me to listen in a compassionate way we work together to make sense of the experiences my members are facing so they are able to see in a clear way and able to understand themselves a lot better.
I provide genuine care support with a unique empathetic approach that my members are able to reach to me for consistent support and encourage my members to find other healthy ways of coping better with their struggles.I help them recognise there achievements and we build upon goals that they can work towards building a better positive path in which I support them throughout. I have learnt alot over my time as a Listener and the kind of difficulties my members may face and it helps me to understand the complexities of these difficulties and know that every experience is different so I am very open minded and don’t judge a person or any situation I explore and gain a deeper understanding of what one self is going through and how they are really feeling. I have a deep insightful mind where I am self aware of myself which means I am able to easily empathetically connect with others naturally on a deep level. You are not alone in this journey lets grow together <3 thank you for reading lovelys. 
I have a Diploma In Bereavement and Grief Counselling I have a Diploma in Counselling Skills and I am working on my personal therapy and furthering my study as one day I want to be a counsellor/therapist. 
Number of Ratings: 225
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Listener Since Feb 27, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
calmRose 33 is one of the best Listeners here. She's a kind and caring gem.
calmRose22 is an awesome Listener. Very caring and compassionate. Thank you so very much.
she was very patient and understanding of a large number of topics being brought to her even ones that she had not had direct experience with, that all lead to the main issue at hand and helped offer a solution to the scenario to alleviate my immediate suffering in a supportive and caring manner. thanks for the help today :)
I found calmrose33 very kind and helpful. She was so sweet and caring 😙
Kerry is a wonderful listener. Always knows how to get deep into your emotions and truely understands what one self is going through, it’s like she holds your hand in guidance in a comforting way like she’s with you, she has a deep understanding and very insightful and wise think she’s experienced a lot herself that she’s able to that. Thank you kerry I appreciate you friend.
She's an amazing listener and true to her words and suggestions! Highly recommended and empathetic, keep it up girl!!!
This women should certainly be a therapist she would be really amazing at it. She as helped me quiet a few times now that I feel the need to leave this. Her acts of kindness is very valued I know she would make a great therapist one day. Her listening skills are just so amazing and she has that personality where she makes you feel so comfortable and able to connect with members on a deeper level quiet fast she’s so patient and really takes the time to validate your feelings and shows genuine care and you can feel it oh boy you can really feel it I’m just so impressed by how much this girl can really do and how she can help you heal her abilities are shown very strongly within our chat thank you so much calmrose you are truely one of the best kindest people I have ever met I hope that you succeed in being a therapist because you’d make a pretty great one people in this world need people like you truely awesome.
Kerry is very very nice.and a lovely listener thanks
Patient. Gives great detailed responses. Very understanding and reassuring.
Best person I have ever talked to ever!
Very wise, kind and friendly :) thanks Kerry
Kind, helpful and so understanding. Makes you comfortable to talk about what you need to. A great listener.
Wonderful listener thanks
Just amazing, so understanding. Made it such a safe space, with that said it made that much easier to open up and talk and the many things I needed to talk about
She gives very helpful advice and truly does her best to get all the backstory about ones emotions so she can have true empathy and understanding.
She’s the greatest!!! She was my angel!! I felt so comfortable talking to her!! Great support and advice!
Really lovely to talk to. Caring, empathetic, and understanding. Helped me a lot just being there.
Such a sweet listener!
very detailed in response :)
Thank you
Great listener thank you
What a wonderful listener she really went far and wide to make sure I was supported through out our chat I was feeling rather emotional and upset now I feel better it’s amazing how just been heard can make you feel so much better. Thank you for your help calmrose I’ll come to you again someday
CalmRose is a very lovely listener took time to really understand me and what I'm going through and showed compassion when I needed it the most. Thank you kerry. You are one of life's treasures.
She's very nice ,caring and a very loving person. An amazing listener and an awesome friend! Cheers!
🌸 calmRose 🌸 you are so extremely lovely that speaks with real honest truths, its empowering to ear every word because you can really feel it your beautiful words go along way more than you will ever realize, I really appreciate your help and your emotional support it really does mean a lot to me you are a ray of sunshine!
💜💜💚CalmRose33 is the most caring listener I have ever spoken with with a very big heart 💖💖 I feel so very lucky to have her by my side she is really supportive and understanding of anything you talk to her about no matter what it is she will listen she will be there for you! thank you for being my Listener so much love already 💙💙💖💟
Thank you for listening to me your time reassurance
came here today feeling really anxious and nervous calmRose33 helped to calm me down she represents her username she recommended some good resources. thank you
Thanks calmRose33 for listening to me!
I really like this listener really paid attention to every word I said let me fully speak about what was on my mind showed lots of empathy and understanding I think this listener as had similar experiences herself showed a genuine concern of what I am going through. CalmRose33 is a very true pure deep listener I would recommend anyone coming to speak to this listener she is a very precious gift I idolize this girl I am grateful to you for actually putting me at the center of the chat and really listening to me I appreciate it in all honesty you are the Greatest!
First time speaking with this listener and felt like we had been friends for a long time we really connected she really understood how i was feeling and took the time to cheer me up i felt so low and upset at the beginning of the chat by the end of the chat i could see things much more clearly and brought so many cheery smiles my way. Shes an affectionate listener so friendly and caring she sets a good example for other listeners this is how listeners should be just like calmRose33. thank you rosey
Kerry is the sweetest, nicest, kindest Listener I have chatted with. She was also very compassionate and helpful.
You are so nice, kind, compassionate and understanding. Thank you for listening to me again :)
Kerry was the first listener I ever spoke with when I joined here a while ago now. I must say that she gives you that little bit of warm and energy that passes through the chat she shares plenty of care she gives you all her divided attention makes the chats so comforting. It feels like your really talking to a real friend you can tell her really whats on your mind and she will take all the time to get to the nitty gritty of whats going on in your mind and at the same time showing lots of love. she is so patient lets you talk in your own time doesn't rush the chat along. she can be serious but at the same time can be such a funny girl always making jokes and sending silly emoijs that really pick my mood up when Im not feeling right good she is such a darling I really honor her as my listener shes always there when I need her I trust her the most with everything because I know that shes completely open minded and wont judge how I feel, she always reminds me how important it is to feel the emotions I am feeling and be ok with it. her immediate and attentive personality along with her caring nature rub side to side to make me feel happy. I know that while she is here by my side I can fight each nasty day that I come across her support is very needed ♥
Thank you for being there for me when I need you. It's so amazing to have someone to lean on, to draw strength from, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many wonderful ears of friendship. I`m so very grateful to know you and want to say thanks for always being there for me and for being my friend.
gifted listener highly recommend so helpful professional all the way through showed an interest and concern of how i felt walked through my pain with me like i wasn't facing my issues alone felt so supported that's what I like about this listener it felt like she could really relate to what i was going through which made the chat seem much easier the chat felt welcoming and comforting shared a few hugs with me which was so nice I liked it felt like I had a real friend with me. such a knowledgeable special listener thanks
She is amazing and THE best listener for me. Very encouraging and truthful and damn sweet (she'd beat a candy in it!) Her heart is soft, loving yet so strong, a rare and attractive combination! She's awesome!
A special kind of role model that I look up to an amazing friend and Listener!
When I came here I was in such a state couldn't see straight my head was all over the place i was upset and frustrated I connected with a listener to talk through my frustrations which was this listener she really took the time to calm me down never showed judgement was completely understanding made sure I felt heard and important by the end of the chat I felt much better one of the best listeners I have come across here!!
The best Listener 7 cups as and is lucky to have her, you not only get a listener but a very genuine kind supportive friend too!
you are such a special person for many months now you have been my support and helped me to see the light of my life again, you give me hope when i felt i would never see this point in my life again but with your help you showed me that there's so much more to life you helped me fight each day through to get to the point I am at now..thanks calmRose
Calmrose takes the time to really understand what you are going through, really gets to the root cause and makes you feel better even when you don't feel like smiling again shes always so positive and her positivity always rubs off on you she really listens to you sometimes she can listen to me for a long period of time and always seems so interested into listening to me her listening skills are just one of a kind she lets you know its okay to feel the way you feel the countless times i have spoken with this listener sometimes more days a week than others and every time shes been there supporting me she is my inspiration i look up to this listener and have so much respect for her.
The very best Listener Friend here on 7 cups I would highly recommend speaking with this listener, she really takes time to listen to the whole situation you are going through very patient can clearly see she shows empathy and care is so compassionate her support means the world. CalmRose ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
calmRose I admire you as my Listener and dear friend because not only do you Listener and support me, you care and show a genuine understanding of how I feel even we first met I was skeptical I thought that you would be like the other bad listeners I experienced in the past but my expectations was far from wrong right from the beginning I could really feel all the love and care and you really understood me and never once judged me took time to get to know me and my life was so patient never give up on me, stood by me all this time through it all, the day I returned here turned out to be the best day of my life. I met the most genuine special listener in the world. thank you. You really are the best calmRose
Thank you for being there!
This listener is very very caring and kind, it is something admirable and amazing as well. She was very caring from the first minute we talked about my issue, her responses were so caring and understanding that it made me feel so much better. This role of a listener definitely fits her so well because she is extremely awesome on this role, you are truly an angel and a sweet person. Thank you for listening to me :)
Angel personified.. I think she consists of 99% love and 1% human!
calmRose is just wonderful. Her words exude empathy and she patiently read and responded to my essay length posts, offering me kindness and love.
Listeners like calmRose are really special... reflected so well on how i was feeling and showed so much care and support, you are the best!!!!
honestly the best listener I have ever spoken to 5+++ star
Your efforts here are hugely recognized your heart is such a wide effective heart I have ever felt I wanted to share a little bit of the difference you have made in my life which will continue. So You make me feel heard let me vent about everything that's going on in my life right now always so patient always tell me to take my time never rush me always make me feel comfortable always share lots of empathy I can feel the love the care you always show so much everything we have really connected you completely understand me and everything I am going through right now. Listening is something you are amazing at you genuinely care your words mean the world they come deeply from within the heart.. your kind words and support are so important to me I do appreciate you and everything you have done for me by listening. your professionalism/helpfulness/empathy/response time are definitely a 5++ rating I would put it as a lot more if I could because I think you deserve all the recognition right from the top
thanks rose for connecting to me straight away and listening to me you are such a sweet listener.
For many years I had suffered with the problem to open up with how I feel but recently things started getting worse and thats when I decided to return to here, I have been here before but it never helped I had bad experiences and was apprehensive to come back but felt that It was the only option i had as I dont have any friends or family to talk to for support. but I am amazed So glad I did come back because I met this so thoughtful listener kerry that is so wonderful at understanding how I feel and reflecting all my emotions she guided me the right way she made me feel better, she really understood me and showed so much love and care and im so thankful to of met her thank you kerry
always a pleasure to connect with listeners like Rose she represents 7 cups with everything she stands for
Truly appreciate your thoughtfulness your listening skills are second to none fast response time would like to show some generosity merely because its not every day you come across a listener like you and thats saying something will call again thank you for your support hun!
such a professional listener always shows lots of empathy care and support thankies ^^ 5 star rating ++!
You are a remarkable listener you may not know this but they say that its the little things that mean the most to us and matter and guess what? Everything you have done to help me by listening it really matters. Thank you, calm rose your support matters alot
Fantastic first time i have spoken with calm rose she made me feel so much better 5* star rating thank you so much for understanding me and putting me first you made me feel so special. Quick response time. Handled my sitution the right away reflecting it so well.. Cant ask for a better listener your so extra special calm rose,.. You really dont know how much of a difference you have made in my life
Calmrose you are a star!
You are so effortless I cannot say how much you have helped me to become a better me, you are beautiful your heart is the greatest you strive to make everyone feel better when i came to you I have to admit I didnt expect to feel the way i did when we finished. You made things seem so much brighter. thanks for you presence its very much needed
so much love for calm rose she as some exceptional listening skills and cares dearly. I have never encountered some one so wonderful in my life. I felt so low when i first met calmrose a month ago which she listened to me perfectly she made me feel alot better, ever since shes kept regular chats we have a weekly chat set up and its going rather well she is outstanding... so perfect
your hearts in the right place, such a generous soul!
spent so much time with me trying to understand my problem we finally got there and she showed so much love and support it means the world so patient thank you calmrose!
always gives me a warm and comforting approach always is empathetic the best listen I have met on 7 cups its listeners like calmrose that make this place such a welcoming place 7 cups are lucky to have her as I am as a member.. shes so special.. WOW is all I can say!
Thank you
thank you calm rose your support means the world to me I am amazed that you are my friend!
Kerry! life as become so much simpler since we started talking, you've showed me the way to happiness, you showed me other ways of coping with my problems in a possitive way. You are kind and have so much love to give. you show lots of empathy and care to me and that helps. you support me through everything from high to lows. couldnt ask for a better friend/listener. you are real and genuine. I dont think you realise how much of a great person you are. I just wanted to say thank you!
thank you for everything you have really helped me overcome so many issues i have never met anyone in my life that put so much time into help and support me I really felt the love and care and its helped me change my lifestyle and become alot more happier kerry you really are such a special cookie. you take time and patience you have made such a impact in my life we have become such good friends and I hope to continue our friendship. I adore and love you as a person and listener! amazing...
so lovely and helpful will return to calmRose in the future thank you
calmRose is such a wonderful listener makes me feel so special listens to me and dedicates her time to me also to other members like me that find it hard to express how i feel but shes very patient and lets me talk at my own pace you are the best listener i have ever spoken to here on 7 cups so supportive and such a star
Kerry calmRose is such a beautiful and helpful listener shes been helping me for the last few weeks kept regular chats ongoing supporting me through the most difficult times always puts a massive smile on my face, always goes above and beyond for me, always makes me feel special and unique its a pleasure to have her as a listener thank you Kerry you are really a sweetheart shes one of a kind never met anyone as caring and compassionate as this listener espically with the amount of time she puts in to listen to me it means alot!
One of the best listeners i have ever spoken with. She always makes me feel comfortable and brightens my day 😊
Wonderful :)
calmRose33 was amazing. Very understanding, patient and kind. Her advice and options she provides are very helpful. Very happy to have spoken to this listener :)
Very caring, Loving, Kind. & Helpfully. Will help you and stand by if/when needed.. Is a ☆Thanks CalmRose33
Simply put, one of the more thoughtful and down to earth listeners I have ever had the chance to speak with, she is beyond awesome, and so resourceful! Such an amazing heart!!!! I
Very good listener, will check and see how you are doing. Very honest and non judgemental
awesome listener
She was so wonderful to chat with. It felt like she could really relate to what I was going through.
Very nice, kind and helpful. She will be honest with you and won't judge at all
she made me feel cared for, & the fact she's a total stranger says a lot... her words are kind & she's supportive with what your going through.. I've been going through a lot and just wanted to speak to someone anyone.. & calmrose33 was the perfect someone...
Great help
Nice listener.
Fantastic time speaking with her. It felt like I was speaking with a best friend and a therapist at the same time. Helped me look at things from a different, more positive aspect. Definitely recommend her. Quick response time, and extremely helpful.
Lovely girl, very understanding and easy to talk to.
Calm rose was a very pleasant,friendly helpful and knowledgeable listener. with a quick response time she dealt with my issue first hand and really captured the problem at the root cause. She was caring and passionate and followed up later to see how I was. I would highly recommend this listener. keep up the good work :) Ben
A really nice listener! Helps a lot, because this person has had an experience of her own and can relate to your problems.
She is such a sweet, kind and caring being who truly makes you feel very unique. She is the BEST listener I have meet on 7cups. Very nice person
I absolutely adore her.
Thank you so much for your time and kindness in listening! You really helped!
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