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~please read before contacting, or requesting~
~mostly inactive~

hello everybody, welcome to my page!
i'm a listener here at 7 cups!
i'd love to help out with any of the things listed!

what i talk about


eating disorders 
family stress 
general mental health 
getting unstuck


managing emotions
panic attacks 

relationship stress 
sleeping well 
social anxiety 

red dot- unable to talk, not online, or distracted
yellow dot- may accept personal requests, most likely working on school or listening to music
green dot- able to talk, and will put full effort into helping out.

~a bit about me~
my name is noah, i'm a 16-year-old guy. i'm transgender, (ftm) i have a girlfriend. i like to do gymnastics, horseback riding, listening to music, and just sleeping. i've been through the things that have a star next to them! i'd love to talk to you, no i don't give any socials or my phone number, because one, it is not allowed, and two, why to i have to?

~why i'm here~
i'm here to help, encourage, and empower anyone in need. i can not give advice because it may end up in causing you pain, or even more suffering. i love you all at 7cups, and i'm very happy to be here, i hope to help as many people on here as possible. thanks!

~my personal goals for being a listener~ 
get to apprentice level
help 100 people
have 500 chats
become a verified listener 
change someone's perspective on themselves

~how i will address issues~ 
i will first ask, "how are you" please do tell me the real answer, no need to lie, i am a trained listener, and lying will not get up anywhere. if you answer with "i'm good" i will simply ask "what has brought you to 7 cups?" i will do my best to be patient, but please understand, i am human, i have emotions, and if you are saying something triggering to me, or that may possibly harm me, i know my boundaries. i will try to help you, but will not put myself in danger.

~if you are struggling with suicidal/depressing thoughts~
if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, the best thing to do is contact a professional. Listeners at 7 cups are not able to help you with suicidal thoughts, please contact suicide hotline ( 1-800-273-8255 ) for depressive thoughts, please do your best to contact a professional like a therapist, there are many online for free. please note, listeners are unable to give advice! advice may be harmful toward you. i know how it feels, i used to be depressed and i was even suicidal. i just wanna say, you’ll get through it, don’t give up. It’s gonna hurt like hell, but hang on, don’t give up. the smudges on the mirror can be cleaned, love yourself for who you are, strive for better. don’t give up. hold on to everything you’ve got. you’ll survive, i did, so you can too. i’ve never been happier than i am now and it’s because i decided not to end it all because of that tiny bit of hope i had, just don’t give up on yourself or a better life ok? you’ll get through it, it’ll hurt but it’ll pass.

~a good state of mind~
things will get better, the first step to success is a failure, accept your pain, then work to improve. understand that, things will take time, healing will be a long, hard journey. set realistic goals. for self-harm cut down on it little by little, but first, realize what you are doing to yourself. think about the future, how will you feel when you have self-harmed and you have scars/any other way of remembering that time in your life. will it hurt you, or will it show you success, it may show both. just make sure you understand, it's hard to get better, but when you do get better, you will be so proud of yourself. 

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Feedback & Reviews
Really caring and nice.
good. very good.good
They are helpful and supportive. They make sure that i know that there are people here for me to talk to and coping skills i can use.
It was a relaxing experience and I got to think things out
Very nice and helpful
Thanks for support.
They are fun to talk to and was able to connect with them
Super caring and just fun to talk too!
Very good listener and always knew what to say :)
Super kind person!
Very helpful!! He helped me to realize things about myself, and helped me to deal with that information.
so helpful. amazing. and understanding.
Really helpful, super supportive, just an awesome person!
The listener gave me the same advice everyone I know gives me. But hearing it from a complete stranger helped me see that I have to do it. I’m going to try!
Really nice and was understanding and helped out :)
very kind and sweet!
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