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Hello there, wonderful human! Yes, you! I'm here for you, and I want you to know that you deserve all the best, especially safety and happiness. You have infinite worth, you know.
I, a very short bisexual, am here to help you out! I'm super-duper passionate about tea, writing, learning new things, making cat puns, and adventuring! Come along with me as we sail through a sky of stars and venture throughout a world of endless possibilities! :3
***Resources: I found a few applications (for the iPhone, specifically. I am not sure if they apply to any other device!) that I thought I would share here! They are all free, by the way! Anyway, here we go!***
• myNoise: An app with calming/meditative noises, such as the forest, the rain, bells, etc. Very therapeutic in calming, and I have a personal preference for the rain sounds! You can also modify the souds to your liking.
• Recovery Record: Excellent resource for eating disorder recovery, especially if you need to journal your feelings/food logs to your therapist or nutritionist. I highly recommend it!
• Stop, Breathe, and Think: A meditation app! I have just obtained it myself, and I already adore it immensely. It has you record your feelings, and then gives you guided meditation sequences to do according to such feelings.
• Pacifica: Daily activities to relieve anxiety, depression, and stress in general. I believe it also deals with social anxiety, though I will have to further look into that!
I may add more to this list later on! Best wishes to you all!

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Feedback & Reviews
She's extremely fun to talk to. Sweet, caring, and funny.
Really awesome and friendly! Answered my question after asking about 4 people the same thing. She/He rocks!
Lovely conversation.. I like how it is a conversation with a real person other than a robot. I loved it
great and helped me achieve what i planned on doing
Great person. She really makes you feel comforted, even if you don't get the solution that you expected for.
Was very kind and I believe gave me the courage to my first steps of starting to cope with my issues.
Very nice person
she is a good to listen and i'm really glad i could talk to her. it helped a lot
I can say it helped me a lot. I already see the things in a different and more positive way! Congrats!
Really friendly and kind
Focused on just me, kind, helpful, very professionally
Amazing listener, finally someone who understands and genuinely cares
Great listener&gives the best advice. So lovely
Linguisticly talented and extremely empathic. A listener you will never regret contacting.
They were honest, and sometimes that is what you need the most. They were a good listener.
thank you very very much
Saved md
Very nice and gives good personalized advice.
very helpful, replies quite quickly and is polite
Helped me a lot when I needed advice, I'm so grateful ! I feel better now ~
So nice and sweet !
Very understanding and talked to me like a friend. They helped me feel like my struggle was totally valid and discussed it with me
You really helped me so much :) Thanks for all the help x
This listener was the most helpful person I've ever spoken too, I feel so much better I can be calm and relaxed and I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders and I also think I can take a big step in my life thanks to this listener.
Extremely helpful and kind, really easy to talk to as well and really helped me feel better about my situation. This was a enjoyable chat and i'm really glad.
They were very patient and non-judgmental. Listened attentively and made me feel much more balanced. Kind and considerate, definitely recommend. Thanks for all you did :)
Connected with me perfectly she was very helpful and I will return to her with anymore concerns
An excellent help. Even from the other side of the Atlantic I was helped to feel less lonely.
Very good soul. Thank you so much for all you've done to me.
Really good
They are very nice and sweet! They were very helpful with my issue and the fact that they had experience with it made it even more helpful for me!
Great talk
glad to know im not alone :)
five stars, amazing listener.
She was very nice :) Her repsonse time was slow but that was because of a reason she explained so that was fine. She stayed professional but also kept in mind that she was a listener and not a therapist and it was very good that she showed that if i needed serious help i needed to find it on higher authority that her, which i think listeners should remind people about because it gets forgotten !
she is a great listener! she answers with logical and helpful suggestions, she did great, shes one of the best listener I've met !
Very helpful and supportive. Open minded and empathetic. Love love love love love.
This conversation helped me to relax. Thanks for being there at 1:43 in the morning.
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