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courageleadstonewlife |
Listener - Intermediate 1

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Hi There!
I'm so glad you found me on 7cups. This is an amazing community and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. Life can be really tough, I know it has been for me, and the only way we are going to get through it is by speaking our truths to kind and caring people. I'm here to listen and care about you. I am a verified listener and I have experience working with people addressing anxiety, breakups, chronic pain, depression, eating disorders, family stress, grief, loneliness, managing emotions, panic attacks, sleeping well, traumatic experiences, and work stress.
I try to make it onto 7cups weekly to talk with people. At this time, due to my own health I'm unable to be on here as much as I would like and am unable to set up reoccurring appointments.
I wish you all health, strength, clarity and joy as you pursue your future!

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Listener Since Feb 27, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
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Feedback & Reviews
A very loving, caring and insightful person indeed. I got full attention it made me feel great! :)
Great Listener! Very helpful.
Finally someone has helped me
Really lovely listener, really helped me during my time of need. Understanding, quick to respond and highly compassionate. I highly recommend. Thank you so much!
Very sweet and genuinely caring.You can see by the way she responds she really cares about helping others.
Thank you.
nice person hepl me alot i m glad i found this site thanks courageleadstonelife
I have had a great experience with this listener. They provide a lot of support and I know they really care about me and understand. They have provided a lot of validation. Someone I know I can come back and talk with. Thanks again!
This was a very mesmerizing experience - I feel a relief.
Really Helpful....Listened wholeheartedly and gave proper advise.Would love to chat again.
This listener is absolutely fabulous :)
Really Helpful...He/she listened wholeheartedly and gave proper advise.
Really Helpful...He/she listened wholeheartedly and gave proper advise.
it was nice to have someone who seemed to actually care and try to draw out a resolution in stead of just a temporary bandaid. I felt like our conversation actually went somewhere and even without knowing any details or back story there a sense of apathy that resonated in each response. thank you
very helpful and easy to talk to, i need this soooo bad and i wanted to talk more
My gosh you guys get such great people to listen! Positively great experience, I feel a lot better now!! Thank you!!!
Very attentive positive personal and helpful !
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February 6th, 2016 8:39pm
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