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Hi, I am Elena and welcome to 7 cups! I hope we will have an amazing chat and that I will somehow help you. Being the part of 7 cups Listener community is amazing. I love helping people, making them feel safe and comfortable and learning about other people's problems. It is an honour to have an opportunity to become a verified listener here. And i succeeded! I got the badge in summer 2020.

About me
Here is something about me that maybe you want to know. 
I am a Leo in my horoscope♌. According to it, I am very passionate, generous and cheerful and I am born to be a leader. I am creative, dominant, self-confident and lazy (so true). These are the things that are true about me, but some aren't. For example, it says I get very angry and that I am always nervous. I am the calmest person my friends have ever met and that is why they say that I should be a therapist in the future. Honestly, I am thinking about it but I also want to be a successful writer, because I just love books and it is my dream to have the whole library in my house 📝. Writing is also my passion and in free time I read, write and explore literature.
~Favourite food: 🍇, 🍜, 🍔🍟, 🍣. 
~Favourite artist: Tose Proeski 👼. 
​~Favourite book: True reader cant pick one 😏. 

I finished training for Sexual abuse and Eating disorders so, I would love to focus on members with that kind of problem. 

I am excited to meet you and have a chat with you. I hope you feel the same! 

I accept long-term members! Feel free to contact me ❤️. 

My beautiful town: Belgrade. 

xoxo, Elena

Number of Ratings: 149
Number of Reviews: 78
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Languages English, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Listener Since Jun 12, 2018
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Feedback & Reviews
very good listener.
She's a very good listener. Highly recommend.
She's really kindhearted and genuine. I felt safe talking with her.
They are nice, and really good about talking about breakups, they made me feel alot better. They are pretty good at making you feel validated, and safe
She seems very nice!
Made me feel a little better:)
she helped me with my problem
Shes rlly nice and helpful
she helped me find my true self
she is awesme dude
It was a very meaningful chat. I quite enjoyed our conversation. It was helpful, and judgemental free. I would recommend this listener, to any of my good friends. I deeply thank you for the chat we had.
she helped me figure this out
She is lots of help and she helps analyze what’s going on in your life and what to do when you get an anxiety attack.
helpful and kind and in with the chat, listens well and gives opinion
she’s really helping me out right now.
She was great.
Made me feel so much better.
She's very nice.
Very insightful and helpful, really assuring and kind
really, really extremely helpful
Very nice and caring listener, helped a lot. 5/5 star listener
this listener was very helpful and patient with me
Was a very active listener very much appreciated
Really listens to you, relates with you and helps in every way she could! Really gives her full attention to one just one person, replies well and is truly there for me! Thank you so much!
shes really understanding what im saying and is just listening to me. that's what I need right now
She is literally so calm and she's such a inspiration
Great person, great listener, and relatable. Would recommend ^w^ ~ FeatherThings
Understood me, helped me a lot. Really calm and sweet ;)
Very patient, great listener
shes really nice
She really made me feel happy and better about myself
Really nice and understanding
she helped me a lot
Very helpful and lovely. Hearing what u have to say and never gives up whatever I go through. Trying to help with the best way
She is a really good listener, and will help you no matter what you are going through.
Very supportive and good at listening.
she is doing great
great! loved her and her positive energy!
Honestly, talk to this person. Just trust me.
She's very understanding and nice and she makes you feel really comfortable and safe !!!
she was a good listener
She really listened and I think she actually researched about what my problem was and that was super nice definitely rec
this person is so sweet and helped me calm down. genuinely so nice, i’m glad i talked to them they were a huuuuuge help.
loved it. thank you.
she helped me to get away from something thanks to her
Pretty pleasing and calming to talk to. Easy going, will put up with you amazingly well.
Great chat !!!!!!!
She very understandable
I love her she is very helpful, definitely recommended
They’re really sweet and helpful
Saying beautiful words
:) it was good!
Good at prompting the conversation
Good,very good listener!
loved her and she is cute
Good response time. Very respectful of the pace you set.
Wonderful Listener! Would 100% reccommend
Elizabeth is a very good listener and at the Beginning she made me feel like she cares.
Very understanding and was a great help for anxiety. It was nice to have someone else know what I was going through.
I like the advice that was given and I think they can understand me :)
elizabethunter helped me feel like I was heard! Very friendly and supportive! :)
She is so kind and she is really helpi
They're very helpful and nice to talk to.
Shes very nice
Straight forward, was simple and sweet.
really support
Very slowww response time
Good person😃
she was amazing
She was really nice and empathized well.
She is very comprehensive
She's very compassionate
A good listener!
made me realize something that was staring me in the face
She's a good listener and she's very kind. Give her a chance to help you too.
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