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I am sorry, I am not taking any 1-1 chats for now. I'll be back soon. heart

Hello! I'm glad you found 7cupsoftea.I am a Verified Listener here. 

I have overcome a lot in my life and I like supporting people who are struggling with emotional issues. You can talk to me or send me a message and I'll contact you back. I'll try my best to be a friend and help you out with anything you are facing right now.
You don't have to walk through your problems alone.

Keep smiling! :)

PS - If you feel like I have been helpful , please leave a rating or review about your experience. Thankyou :)

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Feedback & Reviews
gloriousJoy. Thank you. You got me through it
Very helpful
The best support anyone could ask for. All around great person. When you are feeling low, talking with gloriousJoy07 reminds you that it's all UpfromHere
What a great listener. I'd jump for Joy any day of the week! :P
A very good and supportive listener
AWESOME. Super calm, Super polite, Great n Wise Listener. My Gratitude. God bless you a lot.
Gloriousjoy has been a great listener and so understanding. She never put me down for what I was telling her.
She really helped me.
I really felt like Joy understood what I was going through. I was less upset and I knew what to do after talking to her. Thank you Joy! :)
thank you very much!
Very lovely an calming
Joy is gentle and compassionate, and she spent way more of her time on me, than what I felt was okay to ask of her. So.. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
Great listener
amazing listener! she made me feel better and i would highly recommend her!! thank you so so so much! *hugs*
Great listener, who was patient and took the time to listen to my issues and consider them before giving advice. Made me feel a lot calmer after feeling so desperate for most of the evening. Thank you so much.
very good
Very nice & easy to talk to.
very helpful listener (5/5)
This is a great listener who truly have a lot of passion :)
Joy was a very good listener. She actively engaged in the conversation and offered both solutions and insights to my problems. :)
Really I get good tips from this madam,,...getting well with all problems, thank u madam...
gloriousJoy07 has been an absolutely great help! I didn't feel like I was being judged at all when I was talking about my problems. I felt a lot better after our chat and got a lot of great advice too!
a good and calm person who knows what to say to you when you are in crisis, helps a lot and have a lot of patience
Compassionate listener, was there for me when I needed someone to talk to.
this listener is wonderful, friendly, and down to earth. they want to know your story so they can help you better. She is an amazing listener.
Just a beautiful soul trying to help us beautiful people.
She was really helpful in understanding my issues and I hope she has a fantastic journey!!!
Slighty slow on responding but fantastic listener regardless
Great Listener. Understood me well... Patient and Empathetic. Thank you so much Joy, You're the Best Listener I have ever talked to on 7 Cups. I'm lucky to have you as my Listener. *Hugs*
Best listener ever.. Glorious joy helped me to the fullest. Full of empathy and love and has a great understanding. I recommend to everyone if you are seeking for a mature listener. 5/5 Thank you so.much glorious joy for everything
Thank you for talking to me joy :)
Genuine person who listens patiently and understands situations that lead up to breakups; I felt much better talking to gloriousJoy07.
A great listener.
Very knowledgeable.
It was nearly like talking to a professional, this is a very helpful and professional Listener. Thank you so much for being here and listening
Great Listener.
Fantastic help to my problems
Fantastic help with my issues
Very kind, truly helpful.
Great energy levels. Great support. your words inspired me and I feel a lot more confident and capable. Thanks gloriousJoy07!
I feel relieved after chat. I got clear picture to how to go about it and solve problem
This person was able to pin point my issue from only speaking to her for less than an hour. This person is good to talk too and will help you see the picture in your life that you're having trouble to see.
Thank you for being so helpful! I wish I can help someone the way you helped me.
Really wonderful/helpful person! Made me feel a lot better :-)
Amazing help thank you
I was unsure of my next move in my relationship to help mend it back together... thanks for the advice...
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