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heavenPainting21 |
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Hi i am 56yrs old I do the best I can as I have lived it not just read from a book etc, so understand what people are going, through, if I am busy and you wish to chat with me pls be patient or leave a message I will get back to you ASAP can also arrange time for chat if needed, also feedback/reviews are appreciated and helps both listeners and people wishing to chat as they can read and know if suitable and listeners know they are getting it right so pls take a minute to leave much appreciated, so look forward to chatting to all and giving back what I needed in my life at times, , I am also a verified listener since December 2015. thank you for reading love and light to you all ☺.

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Feedback & Reviews
Good listener!
You r really a good listener! I feel comfortable sharing my story with you. Thank you for being there and all the advice you've given. I feel positive and motivated now and I'm sure I will be able to do this!
You are my guardian angel.. I don't know what would I do if you were not there to share my things.. I feel relieved and positive after talking to you.. lots of love to you
It was so nice sharing with you.. you were so kind and empathetic.. thank you so much for being there and listening to me.. I feel so positive and happy..
Best listener took me a while to feel safe to talk but I did and that's because she stayed with me and let me take my time... I have been though a lot and was feeling scared but after the chat feel less scared and have someone to talj to and that is s lot... Best lister kind and caring... Thank you so much... If you feel scared or worried don't be afraid to share and you can feel safe I did :)
Great listener was so scared to talk but felt safe and in my own time.. Helped so much.. Thank you..
thank you soo much
She's a very kind hearted person. A 100% good listener and adviser . 👍👍
Such a lovely listener. Had me write down some things i needed to be reminded of. Put me in a better place. Friendly, wise, and a giver of hope.
HeavenPainting21 went to great lengths to help me despite the enormity of my issues and he/she never once made me feel like I was a nuisance. I received a lot of good advice from heavenpainting and feel a lot better.
Great listener and made me feel better. Genuinely cares
An amazying listener. Thank you!!
Seemed very sweet. did a fine job on a very tough day for me.
She was a great listener. She seemed to truly care and she was very supportive, and nonjudgmental. Would definitely recommend!
The conversation was amazing. It helped me a lot and I am feeling better now....Thank you so much.....
Heavenly. Is. Heaven sent as. Patient. Kind. Helpfull as you'll find !!!;). Steve. Thnxx sooo
Thank you
A great listener and made me feel better when I was so sad. Thank you...
A special person who didn't judge. Takes courage to deal with some topics and this listener did not disappoint. Thank you.
Very nice listener
Excellent listener, very supportive and let me know if could chat anytime.
Heavenpainting was very helpful. Heavenpainting is God sent.
She's just an Awesome listener,she takes her time and goes right into your Situation....Caring/Empathic!
Kind and patient listener
They were very helpful and got me to see what's best for myself and how to better myself
Very understanding and caring person.Knew exactly what I was going through.They helped in so many ways.I feel more positive now to help myself through this nightmare.I really appreciate that they are here.
Thank you (smile)
Took the time to listen, understood what I was saying and how I was feeling, and made me feel very positive and proud of myself by the end
Really helpful, cheerful and kind. I definitely recommend talking to him/her.
really listens to what i have to say, and helped my much more than that. i hope i could apply everything you said. thank you
A really great listener. She helped me so much.
A good listener
A good listener
really kind and supportive, exactly what i needed when i was feeling anxious
Really helpful.
Very understanding and tries to be unoffensive. Although he/she did help point out a few things, he/she helped me out a lot to make a good resolve. I recommend.
really a good listener :) thankyou for your time.
Great listener and advisor, shows empathy to your problems and needs. I look forward to talking again, you were a big help in my hour of need. Thank you
Very understanding and nice..
You've been very kind :)
a great listener, very compassionate, very creative in the most useful and smart ways with their advice, very down to earth and reliable. Thank you!!! :)
I really enjoyed talking to her. A sufferer of depression & anxiety and she gave me great motivation and helped me.
Lovely and very chatty. My first experience and made me feel very at ease.
This is an amazing listener! Was able to really talk through my issues and to get to a solution for them! Really enjoyed talking and would talk to this listener again!
a very nice,helpful and easy to talk to person. i ended up feeling better
Very nice and gave other options!!
Fantastic and very understanding. Helped me get through a tough time in my day.
a really great help for me and some useful advice is given to me...looking for to chat again....
An awesome, and professional listener, helps a lot!
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