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I am a recovering ice-cream addict. 

Number of Ratings: 117
Number of Reviews: 95
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Listener Since Aug 9, 2020
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Feedback & Reviews
Thank you :) I love you as a listener!
A kind person, helping, understanding
Great job. Useful advices
She is kind and great listener.
I'm just glad there was someone to listen.
Patient and kind
He made me see things from a better persective, made me feel very calm and my vision more clear
Great listner thanks so much for support Autumn
Great listener, shows interest
Really good listener. Has some insights and helps a lot in understanding ourselves. Great work!
It was great. Glad I found this site.
Awesome advice, fantastic listener. They really helped me clear my mind and find peace in my situation.
The chat was very helpful. :)
Very understanding
A good listener and asks questions to help guide the conversation.
Very kind and helpful. Obviously cares about what I had to say!
they made me feel like its ok to get help and have someone to talk to who wont judge defiantly recomend
Great listener and helpful with solutions
they listened to my problems and gave me feedback
Great listener very attentive and gave me good advice
Very nice and friendly.
Very supportive, friendly, caring and cheerful. Full of positivity and motivation......
is awesome! that's all i have to say!
they are nice, coulda been a good friend in real life.
Good listener, nice person
nice person good responses
Humble and a amazing human being. Helped me a lot with constant support and emotional assistance. One of the most empathetic listener around here.
Really helpful and great listener!!
listened and helped, amazing :)
You are great! Love talking to you.. find a lot of insight from you
Very helpful and gives good insight
Very calm, respectful, and helpful
really had a amazing chat, helped me a lot to focus on important things and motivated me and cheered me up. thank you so much
This young man was really helpful. He listened to EVERYTHING I had to say. Long paragraph after the next. He gave a humble opinion and stayed professional, yet friendly. He deserves a lot. God bless this man. 😊
He is a quite good listener.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
so kind and very helpful
He was nice and kind.
Very nice and helpful
Great listener!
Very kind and positive, amazing listener.
They're nice, they're helpful and they're anything you could ask for !!
That's a Good listener
Good listening skills
the listner is good
helpful, thank u lots
Empathetic, patient listener. Makes an effort to understand the situation and lends an active ear to the discussion.
gggggggggggggooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dipper!
Good listener. Helpful.
Listened to me and offered support. Thank you.
Amazing at just letting me get everything off my chest
Was awesome at explaining stuff
Fast responder and good vibes :)
Nice. she’s understanding and I feel opened to talk to her without feeling judged
It provided a useful metric by which I could understand what I was feeling.
Listener is spot-on on their response and does a good job steering the conversation as I tend to get all over the place on my rants. The response I get is helpful and allows me to think for myself further.
Very passionate and understanding.
helpfuldipper is indeed helpful i feel much better now that i have spoken to him/her...i am not there yet but i'll slowly get there as helpfuldipper said
Extremely helpful. Compassionate and wise. highly recommend
Patient and compassionate
helpfuldipper was a great listener and was so encouraging!
Supportive and comforting.
very helpful and sweet
Very kind and thoughtful, happy to offer help.
She takes her time to really understand how you’re feeling a pit together proper solutions for you
Really nice person
Helpfuldipper is great to talk to. I really appreciate their time and help.
Really compassionate
They were very nice. I felt heard and supported.
I felt safe and calm. Reassured me and that is what i needed.
Awesome awesome
very helpful , great listener
Great listener, helped me a lot, thanks :) loooongcat
a very empathetic individual
hes kind.
they were lovely
Thanks for listening ❤
helpful dipper was good because they gave me time to just get it all out there before trying to respond
thank you for your help
She has been a very helpful, compassionate and non judgmental listener!
Helpful and took the time to weig the options out
nice person, helpful and kind
Helped me talk through my issue and work through my thoughts.
Very kind and open!
She's amazing and helpful! =) and very responsive too!
Pretty good! Great listener!
Nice person, willing to talk to me about anxiety.
Nice chat. Good listener
Very polite and very understanding :)
Very helpful; Gave me all the time needed. And showed lot of support and came up with good advices. I fell a little bit better now. Thanks again!
Good listening skills
Thank you for what you have given me. I might be able to reach a sort of peace now.
He asked good questions to help me talk.
I liked our chat, i felt actually listened to, he/ she stayed until it was the end of the conversation, and was just enough encouraging. Thank you.
Allows me to think through what I want to do rather than forcing anything onto me
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