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hopebeyondpain |
Listener - Expert 2

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Hi, I’m Hope!

As a fellow human being, I've been through some rough times, and these experiences have motivated me to help you walk through the bad days

No one should ever have to struggle alone, so I'm here to listen when you need someone to talk to. Feel free to leave me a message if you'd like to talk, I'll reply within 48 hours

A little bit about myself:

I'm on SGT (Singapore time), which is 13 hours ahead of EST


I'm an introvert

I'm Christian

I love reading! Books have a special place in my heart because of the adventures they take me on and the lives I get to experience

I love food, animals, and music! They bring me so much joy in life, and remind me that life is full of beauty, as long we are willing to seek it out


You’re important, your feelings are valid, and you're loved. Your needs matter, and you deserve kindness and support. Stay safe and take care!

My roles:

Community Mentor (Trauma Support Subcommunity)

Project Agent for teen Sharing Circles


Room supporter 

Safety Patrol Team


Topics I do not take: self-harm, sexual health, breakups

Please do not mention blood, bleeding, self-harm methods or objects commonly used to self harm when chatting 1-1 with me. Thank you!

Number of Ratings: 34
Number of Reviews: 31
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 19, 2020
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Gender Female
Progress Path Step 125
Cheers 57,937
People Helped 97
Chats 561
Group Support Chats 253
Listener Group Chats 29
Forum Posts 636
Forum Upvotes 1,316
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Feedback & Reviews
really sweet and affirmative listener who takes the time to understand what you’re going through
Hope, just like her name, gives hope. I can tell that she's really passionate in helping people. She's really kind and non-judgmental even though I was showing my darkest sides. She brought light to my darkest hours. I can't thank you enough for your service here, Hope. May God bless your whole life and family for you are a kind soul amongst this complicated world.
Awesome job love the app like the person who I talked to.
Helpful and can calm me down
She's actually the best. You can tell she puts time and effort into her conversations to genuinely help you as best she can!
They were amazing. Caring, and very supportive. They made me feel seen and heard.
too good. she was amazing.
Hope asked all the right questions. She was very attentive, and i found some solutions to some problems in the end.
She really listened to me and made me feel valued. She was super kind and amazing.
Sweetest person ever ❤️
really sweet and nice
great listner patient and cool
amazing listener
they listened to me made me feel better
This is the best listener I have ever gotten , they stayed with me throughout the whole time I needed them, and never left my side. They new exactly what to say and helped me calm down and in the end helped me stay clean. I appreciate all they have done for me
Loved it! Awesome chat!Loved it! Awesome chat!
I really like it and it helps
Amazing! Super patient and comforting and encouraging. Very sweet.
Loved it!! So very patient and kind and helpful. Definitely felt safe. It was quite nice.
Really understanding and caring. I found the chat very helpful :)
she is really patient and helpful
Shes sweet and kind
Great listener loved talking, thank you so much for helping!!!
This person is a very kind listener, just understands everything.
was very understanding and provided helpful resources
Amazing! Talk to them and already half of your problems seems gone!
Hope was very professional and respectful.
Thanks dear. Helped me a lot. And she is so fast and kind and sweet. Thanks Hope, love
i really like her!
so super and calm and reassuring; helped me so much! you could tell them any problem and they'd look at it calmly and say, okay! that's fine! you don't have to know how to put everything about how you feel in words! they're here to listen and help you sort it all out :)
she is super sweet. she really cares about you, and takes time to explore the options, and just listens. i highly recommend :)
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