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Welcome! Especially to any 7cups first-timers.
I'm hoppingpen from the Midwest USA. I'm in graduate school for my Masters in Counseling and I also work in the social work field with families and their children with significant developmental disabilities.

My work history includes: psychiatric aid on inpatient and emergency psychiatric wards, in-home carer for seniors with Down Syndrome, foster care worker with Child Protective Services, teacher's aide in Special Education classrooms and my first job, front office worker in a city mental health clinic.
I have experience in: LGBTQ+ issues, PTSD, OCD, GAD, Bipolar and other mood disorders, Autism, disability and chronic health conditions, sexual trauma, panic attacks, eating disorders, caregiver fatigue, psychopharmacology, social anxiety, grief, substance abuse and self-harm.

I currently do not have the experience needed to assist with: romantic/relationship issues, BPD, sexual performance, exercise motivation, financial and/or work stress. I therefore cannot in good conscience chat about these subjects

My theoretical orientation is existential and I base much of how I respond on my own history with many of the above topics. I am a creative thinker and I enjoy hearing others' stories. I have experience in behavior analysis and research as well as psychopharmocology, but most of all I'm a fellow survivor here, happy and willing to listen. Best wishes, hoppingpen.

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Feedback & Reviews
They were very understanding and caring, and wants to keep in touch!
helpful and understanding of problem.
Amazing listener!
I can never thank you enough. When there was nobody for me you listened and held my hand and brought me back up. Thank you so much.
She's amazing
Nice listener
Helped a lot
Thanks for staying so long and being so reassuring, safety and company are the best ingredients for an environment were we can talk about those things we are.scared of facing.
very helpful! and very kind! she made me feel so much better!
hoppingpen is a very down to earth, honest and kind individual. They are willing to relate to you in anyway they can; and if you can't relate, they are definitely a good listener.

Not only was the conversation about the bad, but the good that comes with life. I personally can't wait to talk to hoppingpen again!
She was very helpful and helped me realise what I am going through with empathy and compassion
I refuse to rate a person a number system. There should be one question asked here and that is "do you think the person gave an honest effort to of help in the manner you presented yourself to them" and my answer here is yes.
This was really a great and wonderful chat. I've had some difficulty dealing with PTSD and hoppingpen really helped me through what I was going through. Once I talked it out and got feedback, she made me feel a thousand percent more empowered and worthy than I did going into the chat. If you're having any difficulty, or if you just want to vent it out, hoppingpen is a wonderful listener.
did great job, awesome listener, very caring
You did an awesome job and assisting me and allowing me to come to terms with my feelings. I felt more than comfortable talking with you. You're a great listener and hope that you go on to help more people like myself. You're doing a great thing by helping others.
Awesome lstener
beautiful lady she helped me so much
She's amazing. I've had quite many listeners here. And when I'll think of the best, she'll definitely be near the top top.
Thanks for your time today. You are a marvel, remember that.
Lovely person. Very understanding,helpful and easy to talk to. Thank you for talking to me tonight and for the advice given. For once a listener that hasn't given me robotic meaningless replies. Many, many thanks.
Helped me calm myself after a stressful incident. Very understanding and a great listener
So lovely and really experienced! It really helped talking, thank you, will talk again
Amazing. She is the most impressive person I have ever met. I am so thankful for my opportunity to chat with her. She never hesitated, was so helpful and answered all my questions. She made me feel so comfortable when I was really nervous to talk. I would definitely recommend for any one going through sexual abuse or just wants someone who is good to talk to,
very friendly, supportive and helpful. didn't judge throughout the chat and motivated me to seek help for my problem and be more optimistic :)
Wise, open, and kind. Thank you ever so much.
Very thoughtful listener
She was really helpful in some really specific ways.
Amazing listener! Very validating and funny. I felt as though I had her full and undivided attention the entire time, and she really made me feel so much better!
Best listener I've had in a while! Super personable and professional. Really good at validating my feelings, and making me feel accepted.
100% Insigthful
She was so sweet
Just amazing. Helped me a lot and empathized me on a whole lot of level. Thank you, you gave me hope
Rachel was so helpful in a time of desperate need. I smiled for the first time today thanks to her.
Rachel was the most caring person, she deserves so much happiness
Honestly a fantastic listener. Probably the best help I've ever gotten with my issue, even from other people with the same issues. And it was also just a pleasant talk in general as well, it felt like I was talking to a friend.
She was great
I lied talking with her, she seemed like she cared a lot. And I felt like she understood me and she helped me as best she could.
very dedicated and sympathetic
She was incredible. Very kind and knew exactly what to say. Shared her experience with problems I was facing and I left the conversation feeling much better.
Amazing person vary friendly made it easy 4 me to talk to her
I am insanely impressed with how much more comfortable she made me feel. She's extremely caring, undoubtedly genuine, and will empower you at your worst moment -- the time you need it most. Thank you, dearly hoppingpen.
She was pretty helpful and empathetic and understanding.
Rachel was amazing! She asked great fact finding questions to get to the root of my issue and offered up lots of helpful advice. Shes truly awesome!
She is an amazing individual with kindness in her heart. Sweet and caring.
Hoppingpen was so kind and understanding. She could relate to my problem/situation and showed empathy. She was also able to show me another perspective on my situation. Really got me thinking and that was really helpful. She was willing to let me say everything I wanted to get off my chest. And she was able to create a atmosphere where it was quite easy for me to talk about very difficult and emotional issues. Thank you so much! 💜 Would recommend talking to her to anyone who's searching for a very sensitive, caring and non judgemental listener.
hoppingpen is amazing! absolutely fantastic help! i'm so glad i got a chance to talk with her!
Rational and accurate.
she is wonderful and so lovely.
I'm glad she shared things with me that I could relate to.
responsive and helpful...
responsive and helpful
I love talking to her
Super kind. She made me feel very comfortable and calm. I love talking to her
Thankyou so much for your kind words and help
Words don't give justice to how much she helped me just by listening.
OMG , life saver. feel a weight lifted of my chest. i can not thank you enough :)
Great listener, had an amazing time, feeling slightly better but not yet found the light at the end of the tunnel.
Great awesome!
so far so good
My listener is very informed and was able to provide researched based ways of getting better. She believes in me.
Totally non-judgmental.
Very empathetic and helpful keep up the good work
Very professional, compassionate, and patient. Hope to talk again soon.
Helped a lot to have someone who was sympathetic and empathetic to my issues and was just there for me to be able to vent about my frustrations. Will definitely message her again if I need help with something.
She helped me out a lot
understanding,patient and kind
She was completely honest and understanding. I felt so easy to talk to her and I'll probably come back to her again if I feel like I need help. She's like talking to an old friend.
She is just awesomeeeee💕💕💕
She is really easy to talk to, like talking to an old friend. She is also very considerate with her answers.
Nice and friendly breaking stereotype American personality (which I had assumed of Americans )
She's amazing... she just let me talk and talk and go begrudgingly through all my history. I just needed to tell someone and she was a perfect listener.
Very helpful & very friendly.
Great ^^
Thank you for being there when I didn't know where to turn
Best thing that's ever happened to me.
A joy to talk with, very helpful, thank you for sharing your time with me!
hoppingpen is just a wonderful person
Well , she is good at listening and reflecting.
Hopping pen is an angel. Bless her
Really helpful and responded very quickly :D
Excellent he remembered me and followed up with me
You can tell she's got a psychology degree, really. :)
She was a great listener for a first time user :)
Amazing....really helped me with a severe problem.... :)
I really like them
Amazing person who happened to be very relatable.
I was really happy with hoppingpen I would like talking to her
Rachel Was wonderful! They gave me some very sound advice and were very attentive! :)
Our conversation was fantastic and really helped me during a extremely difficult time. I would recommend her to anyone!
i really like hoppingpen! pleasure to chat with her....
Best help I can ask for
AMAZING listener. Very sympathetic and relatable.
I couldn't have asked for a better listener for this will be back
It is so good to connect with someone who understands.
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