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hummingbirdheart2 |
Listener - Epitome 19

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I deal with relationships/breakups only. All other categories should be referred to another listener. PLEASE NOTE: I do not do sex chats or chats of sexual nature. Such chats will be disregarded and if further engaged, shall be reported. I am a volunteer here. Please do not substitute this for therapy or counseling. Due to heavy personal request rates, I will not be able to take every personal request. If I cannot take your request, please choose another listener or you are free to request me again at a later time. I am open-minded but will not sugarcoat as I feel that will not help you. However, I'm also very understanding and empathetic. It will be my pleasure to help and listen however I can.
Number of Ratings: 4587
Number of Reviews: 1637
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Nov 3, 2014
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 9,563
Cheers 1,648,770
People Helped 4,863
Chats 24,894
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 0
Forum Posts 1
Forum Upvotes 2
Feedback & Reviews
Easy to talk to, shows she cares and gives time for you to formulate messages
Very kind person
Patient and nice
Amazing super nice and talked to me for a very long time to help me figure things out . She gave me honest reassurance
I felt listened to and talked about things that did help me.
She’s very kind and an active listener. Has empathy, compassion and easy to talk to! Can’t wait to come back and continue our convo!
She is the best of the best! She knows her craft well and is actually a very genuine and nice person. She is not afraid to show her flaws and she seems to be one who is always learning about life and never stops learning. I consider her my teacher but she treats me like a peer. I love this experience, thank you so much!
Very real, does not sugarcoat, and has a strong high emotional intelligence. Very smart person and knows how to get me thinking. This has got to be the most useful conversation/listener I have ever had on here and I have had many.
She really really really listened! Truly listened and gave me so much useful insight. I felt better than my own therapy sessions. She also treats me like a real friend and I appreciate that. She has a lot of people skills!
listened very well and communicated fast
It was so amazing talking to her! She truly was listening to everything and really knew how to help! I really recommend her for breakups/relationship trouble or just needing to talk about it! Would love to talk again :)
Very helpful and understanding. She's been on both sides of the issue I am facing and is able to offer insights from all points of view.
The person really put effort in my problem. I had a very good conversation.
One of the best listeners I’ve come across! she actually cares and checks in on you. Simply wonderful!
Positive and insightful experience , would recommend to anyone who needs
She's amazing! She helped me so much and I am so thankful for her words.
Thank you for your time and support
Really invests time and thought in the other person. Is interested and supporting. Answers fast and is engaged, even makes you laugh. :) Really appreciate.
Just had probably the most constructive chat about what's been bothering me! And got a bit of homework as well which is always good!👍
She is magnificent. And patient. And good. Helped me with my relationship issue. 🌺❤️
❤️❤️ She’s awesome!!!
Awesome support
i liked it very helpful chat
Omg its like i was talking to a friend! She’s such a nice and down to earth person! WONDERFUL listener!!! (:
Love goddess ... Very much a modern Aphrodite guiding lost souls with divine wisdom, patience and understanding
Shares good insights and willing to talk through experiences
so sweet & helpful!
It was nice to have someone to talk to.
She was supportive and nonjudgemental. She helped me frame my issue in simple terms. I felt much better after our chat.
Very interested appreciate her engagement
They were compassionate, caring, and wonderful to talk to. They let me explain my situation, and they didn't judge me for anything that I had done. Instead, they listened to me like a friend and offered support and guidance. I was panicking about my situation before talking to them, but I left feeling more at ease and with a plan forward. I cannot thank them enough. :)
Active listener and engaged to the conversation.
Great listener!
One of the best listeners I've ever met on 7 Cups. Just so kind and insightful. She really made me feel cared for and wasn't afraid to address the most difficult parts of the conversation head-on.
Thankyou for listening. Meant so much to me
Really helpful and was able to relate to me
Thank you so much for the great insight!
Very kind and helped to move the conversation when I was unsure of what to say.
A good listener, and supportive and empathetic.
very nice comforting chat
This listener offered the most understanding ear. With that, they also gave me an honest truth and compassion. They will help you. Loved this listener.
I felt a little bit relieved talking to the listener
Great listener, would recommend to anyone going through a break up!
Very Understanding
She’s listening and not casting any judgment whatsoever and just being a friend
Nice listener very prompt
She listened and was very helpful.
Shes been great so far. Highly recommend her to anyone with relationship trouble.
Thank you so much
Great person, made me feel heard
Very helpful, I very much enjoyed our discu
great feedback and wonderful listener!
wonderful help, she was very attentive
She is a wonderful person; very insightful.
Been helpful, listened and asking useful questions
She surely listens to everything and gives out very valuable suggestions. Made me feel way better. Thanks a lot for hearing me out
A supportive ans helpful listener
She was a great listener ! Made me realise my situation and helped me with it !
Very supportive and is attentive. I appreciate the effort and time she takes out to listen!
So helpful..Amazing person
Speechless and how much she understood me and helped me. You have an amazing listener in your team
Such a kind and sweet listener! She is the inquisitive type, best for someone like me who has issues opening up. I spoke to her about the darkest times of my life and found myself feeling so heard and understood. It was so relieving. I can go to sleep after a horrible day feeling light hearted only because of her. Thank you Hummingbird!
Hummingbirdheart2 is a really sweet and warm-hearted listener I really enjoyed my chat with her she's a really bubbly person to chat with who'll bring a smile on your face she's hands down one of the best listeners on this site love her so much! So if you've come across her profile do show her some love she's amazing;)
Just like a true hummingbird, peaceful and free. And as lovely as one can be. She's the epitome of what this website is about. I love her with all my heart.
Lovely and amazing, helped me understand my own problems both internally and within the outside environment too. She really has a gift here and I can't be more thankful for such an amazing listener.
She is really really really good! Extremely empathetic and has more understanding than anyone else I have talked to on here!
she is good listener
You are one good listener
Absolutely wonderful, helped me feel better and was able to level my perspective out.
She's a great listener. She is a very down-to-earth person that looks at situations and a helpful constructive way... She talked to me in a way that I feel like she layed out a path for me to see my own problems and come up with a plan... Very very happy I spoke with her
Great person! No judgmental
hummingbirdheart2 is genuine, and patient. I just needed a listening ear and gave a little feedback and well needed reassurance. Very kind and felt down to earth. I would talk to her again.
she's lovely to talk to as aperson
Hummingbirdheart2 has been the greatest help for me. She actively listens and lends you an ear to talk to. She doesn't sugarcoat and tells you her 2 cents. Hummingbirdheart2 has helped me more than anything, and I would definitly ask her for her insight at any time!
Very good listener does not need much info in order to figure out the issue. Thanks!
Helpful and kind listener! Highly recommended!
Very considerate and helpful, gave me good insight about my situation and helped me feel less anxious about it.
Honest and kind. Great listener. Very much appreciated her ear
I was able to connect to her thanks to her easy going way of chatting and I resonated with her personal experiences. Glad to have met her ! Wish her the best of luck.
Excellent listener! She really helped me.
Really helpful and listened carefully to my issues
Wonderful listener! She was so kind and easy to talk to. Made me feel so comfortable all along the chat. I did feel heard, understood, and definitely a lot better after chatting!
They were really helpful and compassionate. They took the time to listen.
Very helpful and kind
Great listener, helped me to feel better about my situation! :)
Great listener, gives great feedback and personal stories
amazing- so understanding, patient, gentle, compassionate, and so helpful. thank you!
thanbks for listenin to me
I chatted with a few listeners and she's the only one I felt was truly listening to me. I really appreciated it.
One of the kindest human beings I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. Thanks again for everything.
Really honest and good listener, made me feel a lot better and gave me tools to help myself. Would love to talk again some time.
Very patient, caring and considerate a listener. Angel no less!
She is a really attentive listener and helped me navigate myself to clarity and solution
Kind and insightful. Thanx
Lovely lady to talk to, knows how to help. :)
Really awesome chat with her about my break up. She helped me gain a new perspective on things and consider everything from a different perspective. I can really recommend her as she has a lot of knowledge about relationships and break ups.
She was so helpful, thank you!
She was so nice it was a great chat you will feel better.
She is very insightful and helpful. She’s genuine and you’ll thank yourself for talking to her.
Very patient and easy to talk with. Helped me talk through what I was dealing with.
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