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ingeniousPeace79 |
Listener - Paragon 5

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating
When I'm here, it's between 12 - 18 gmt (roughly)

I consider myself more of an advisor.
I am a good listener for inner work, when the other is focusing towards center, inner.
I don't do well with small chats, boredom driven chats, venting chats, or trolls
If you are after self improvement and self inquiring => then I can help, for sure.

I prefer private requests, and 1 to 1 conversations.

Other small details:
I'm a libra guy, born in '79.
I like to help People focused on their inner confusion, wanting self clarity, self understanding.

I love understanding the Law,
the mind, consciousness, awareness, purpose, meaning
focus, attention, willpower, being, beliefs,
power, force, ego, habits, relationships, feelings...etc
Also astrology, numbers, karmic rules, time, gravity, light etc.

Number of Ratings: 109
Number of Reviews: 63
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Romanian
Listener Since Jan 3, 2017
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 11
Cheers 324,811
People Helped 334
Chats 5,069
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Feedback & Reviews
He deserves 1000000000... stars....pure Gem person.....i can't express in words how helpful our conversation was for me....May God bless him😊😊
A well spirited listenner. Thanks for listenning to my worries and for having helped me make burdens more light. :)
One of the best listeners and very interactive.
Amazing listener with a lot of wisdom
Awesome listener. Helped to look at things from a different angle!
An amazing listener who give a depth of thinking. Someone able to guide and give directions with patience.
Very patient and helped me with I was having doubts about 🌼
Good listener and advice
He is a visiting faculty from some parallel universe. If you are lucky you'll find him and find peace.
Very understanding, patient and wise. I enjoyed talking to him.
If you need honest and real advice, he is your guy!
It was amazing talking to him and he gives practical advice, all the while being neutral and not taking sides
Best guy on app. Had a lot of insecurities. Helped me though it. Willing to listen and given reasonable explanations
super helpful and patient, willing to help :)
Amazing listener
Good conversation. Helped reaffirm the feelings I already had. Opened my eyes to things I didn't see. Being so involved in a situation makes it difficult sometimes to see what's really going on.
He is a great adviser ,very convincing and gives you a lot of ideas,very motivational .
Very helpful and attentive listener
Very understanding. Knows exactly how one feels.
east to char with and very inform
Answering so quick.
Excellent straight shooting advice and funny too :)
Great person to talk to, also in a spiritual and holistic way! If you are looking for someone to cheer you up, you are at the right place!
Hahaha it was really fun to talk to him.
He's a good helper for goals
I loved how understanding IngeniousPeace79 is, how deep the conversation can get , not shallow , i loved how patient he is and kind and wise
already a very good listener
good listener, best advice
Just Amazing... ❤ very intelligent and humorous. He enlightens me with a different perspective. 👍
Really understanding and good listener. Gives really good advices and helped me to calm down.
Seems pretty down to earth.
A highly intelligent and a kind human who changed my perspective just in few hours of talking.
Very talkative and nice
Very understanding
Thanks a lot for this supportive chat
Very insightful and helped me to put a different perspective in my situation.
Thank you for listening. :) Patient and attentive.
Lovely, helpful and practical
Fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and sure knows how to cheer up. Has a tone of sarcasm which never annoys or sets anyone off, rather it is extremely friendly and in a caring tone. Just perfect!!!
Great opinion, finally someone with a clearer mind to talk to
Nice listener recommended
Best person ever!
You have a clear rational way of approaching problems, and a good heart. I am very lucky to have met you today.
Awesome listener. Really listens and gives insights
Different from others and Nice
wonderful listener
Awesome and helpful listener.
He is very real and down to earth. Amazing help
7cups needs more listeners like him! He's super insightful and real. He wants to help you move forward in life and see things differently. He's also honest and that to me is golden. Thanks for your time. Never stop being you!
loved it!!! awesome chat !! Thank u so much!!
Amazing. One of the few people who have actually listened all the way through and gave me real raw answers I needed not some scripted Mumbo jumbo. Understood my heartache. But didn’t feel too sorry for me. Amazing. I will reach out again and again.
Thank you
He is amazing!
Really helped me get a different perspective on my situation which was exactly what I was looking for!
I like this one. 👍👌Immediately connected and conversation flowed naturally. Straight to the point with some truths, which is what I needed. Def felt like a two-way interactive process, and def felt heard. Thank you :)
He is absolutely amazing! The best listener I think on 7 cups. He is really empathetic and caring and insightful and uses many tools to help
I was difficult but they managed ..Thank you!
This chat meant more to me than you'll ever know. You've given me a lot useful, powerful, and life changing things to think about and put into action. I really believe the universe wanted me to chat with you. Thank you for being you and sharing your high vibrations with me. You rock! ;)
Helpful man.
He's considerate, honest and also has the ability to make you smile. He promptly responds if he's around and gives you the attention one really expects when you vent out everything you feel. Thank you for being you!
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I've not been able to cry for a very long time, and I really need to. Is there a method to induce crying and letting it all out ?
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What is the difference between isolation and loneliness?
January 2nd, 2019 10:18am
How can I be sure I am lonely?
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I feel like isolating myself, but deep inside I am very lonely. What do I do?
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I feel like my husband doesn't want to be with me anymore. He has tried to start an argument all day and I wont let him. We aren't speaking to each other and if he speaks its to call me names. What are some things I can do to try and fix this?
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