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Listener - Genius 2

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5.0 star rating


Number of Ratings: 258
Number of Reviews: 76
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Oct 19, 2014
Last Active in last month
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 1,137
Cheers 222,619
People Helped 440
Chats 1,441
Group Support Chats 23
Listener Group Chats 1,236
Forum Posts 875
Forum Upvotes 1,058
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Feedback & Reviews
Great girl. Sassy and fun, making for a great companion. Be trained in the art of fun witty banter, because she is a pistol. And when you really need to talk about a problem she becomes a true pro lending an attentive ear and a kind heart. If you need someone to talk to shes an excellent choice.
really good listener thanks a lot
Made me happy from first sentence 😀
Very lovely to talk to. Doesn't judge anyone and although I made a mistake she made the awkwardness go. She really is a amazing person to talk to and is warm hearted and kind. A very good listener and also reassures you that you're doing great. Hopefully a good friend to help me boost my confidence and overcome my worries and stresses in life.
So caring, kind, sweet, and just amazing to be honest! When talking to her, it’s not going to feel like you’re talking to a stranger, but instead an old friend who’s always got your back!
So nice to talk to
Without a doubt my best experience on this site. Really, a somewhat life changing experience. I know that sounds like a bit much. But really, knowing there are people like izza in the world, changes how I see the world. I am so grateful.
I reached out on whim. I was sitting in a parking lot. It was late and I was alone. Looking out my window at houses with holiday lights. It was beautiful and I wondered why I was so sad and alone. I felt that I was at my "bottom". I reached out on whim because "why not?". I had no expectation of real help. I could not have been more wrong. I do not now how I was lucky enough to have found Izza. It makes me feel like someone was looking out for me. I didn't know what a difference a person could make. This was unexpected. I will always be grateful for my encounter with Izza. For her being there for me. She made a difference. She helped. I have a ways to go still, but now, I don't feel alone.
All my senses come to life , not when I'm stumbling home drunk as night but actually when I'm talking to you Izza . Thank you for everything . Izza cares. This listener regularly checks up on you by choice makes you feel wanted like someone in the world cares. Thank you Izza. I've been speaking to you for over seven months now , you've guided me through my moments of sadness and moments of happiness , you've guided me through everything in between. You're a big part of my life Izza. Thank you.
I don't even know where to start with Izza , time and time again she leaves me in awe it's just incredible. Izza cares. She does everything in her power to make you feel wanted because from what she has taught me I am wanted and I should be proud of myself because I'm me . They say that depression hits you like a track , maybe so but Izza has slowed the truck down multiple times and now a month down the line of taking to Izza I can finally say "I did it , I beat depression" and it's because of you Izza I can never thank you enough. You have changed my life in more ways imaginable and I think the best thing I have ever done was to request you . In all honestly I didn't think you would have such big of an impact on me (mainly because of your "joke of the week" I thought you would be there for a good old laugh ; you were much more than that. You are a huge part of my life now and I can't even put into words how much I value you. Izza is an angel beaconing light down on us all. Please stay Izza , you mean the world plus more to me and I never want to lose you. Thursday 23rd Febuary , the day we first spoke . The day my life changed . The day I treasure and always will. I don't know what I would do without you and your check ups on me and the "good morning , just wanted to remind you that you are loved and you're going to do do amazing today" messages. Izza you're the reason I smile and you're the reason I'm out of bed in the morning. I know you always tell me that I should do it for none but myself , but Izza here's the truth: I do it for you. You do so much for me and i hope you realise that I'm who I am because of you, I can't thank you enough. You take time to make sure your members are ok and smiling , you make us all feel so warm and cared for, you inspire me to have such an amazing outlook to life. You used to have a picture of yourself as your display and I remember just looking at that would make me smile. Thank you for everything Izza , I don't know where I would be without you.
loved her, she is great person and i hope she has a successful life ahead of her.
Thank you so much izza
This listener is life changing . She cares and makes you feel warm like all the things bothering you are foreign and you forget about it all for a while . Izza has saved me in more ways imaginable and I am very greatful to the listener. You are gentle and kind and compassionate and much more than a listener , you are a saviour. Gracias!
Thanks so much you have brought me peace.
best listener ever
She is really kind and compassionate.
Highly recommend this listener. Very sweet and empathic.
Understood me very well. Really helpful and the best listener I've ever spoken to. Thanks a lot x
Wow, words cant even begin to explain how amazing Izza is! Genuinely took the time to chat to me, and really listened to everything I was saying, even the little things. They summarised my thoughts perfectly and made me realise things i'd never even thought about before, came away from the chat feeling enlightened to say the least! Before the chat I was feeling really down and they completely turned that around! I could go on forever about how amazing this person is, thank you so much for supporting and not judging me
Describe Izza in 1 word? breathtaking. Her personality is breathtaking! Her loving and caring nature.breathtaking! Her attitude towards life .breathtaking! Her composure and maturity towards sticky situations.Breathtaking! SHE.IS.BREATHTAKING.
Izza makes me feel safe&warm . She is so selfless and does everything in her power (plus more!) to make you feel comfortable and happy,I have nothing but praise for he. i pray that more people will be BLESSED with the opportunity to talk to Izza as she is truly and angel. She is the biggest asset to 7cups and i would feel lost without her.She is the only reason i chose to smile,at first i always cried and now the only tears are tears of laughter bc of izza THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME
She really helped me sort things out. She is a truly great listener
Izza is so amazing and sweet. She does everything she can to help you. You are fabulous!
Most amazingist listener ever
She was great !!!!!
She's really adorable.
I'm so glad I got connected to Izza, she has given me so much help since I joined and she just always says the right thing! Her response times are great and the help is better quality than a full-body patronus charm. Keep it up Izza! :P
When I spoke to the Listener she really came back with suggestions quicker than a ghost can say boo. Helpful suggestions too, I got great advice
She's absolutely lovely
Izza told me that she is Awesome! :) And,yeah I too think she is Awesome!
Izza is so awesome- Bella
very kind, very helpful
Nice girl. Sweet.
So amazing and professional. Words cant describe how much izza has helped me!
great :D
Izza is living, breathing proof that you can live until very old! If you're a paleontologist, you might benefit from talking to Izza as she's the oldest living fossil you'd find at 5098537 years old! She taught me that KeepOnSmiling is the awesomest- I can really see how much she loves Zara! I hope you enjoy your bingo night at the oldies club!
OMG IZZZAAAAAA is the best person ever!!! :P
Really good! Best listener there is, gives good advice and has good personal experience really helped me and I am now better than before i spoke to her, she knows what to say and is lovely! Very sweet and helpful
Izza is awesome sauce
If you need help, talk to Izza!!!
Super sweet, helpful and nice.
super helpful xo
She's perfect. Thank you Izza.
She shows empathy and she's the best honestly I felt like all my burdens are washing away when I talked to her, I hope she'll be nothing but happy in her life.
Thank you for being there :) You're awesome -- keep it that way! Much appreciated! :)
you are amazing
she is very cool and sweet!
She is wise and professional with lot of empathy!
Such a caring soul,made me feel 100% better in such a short space of time.BY FAR THE BEST PERSON ON HERE!!Wish there were more people like Izza in the world! I will always have you in my prayers!!!
If you have not already done so I recommend you speak to Izza,she has honestly changed my life and I can not thank her enough!You are a real Gem!Highly recommended!
Izza has saved my life!She cares so much and makes you feel so comfortable.She is kind and patient and compassionate. She makes you feel like you are talking with a good friend and I love her too bits.God bless you Izza!
Great listener
Izza is a wonderful person. She cares about you, does everything for you to get better, regularly checks on you, she is so warm and makes you feel very comfortable.
I love her so much
thank you! :)
She's great!
Someone .... you..! :) You are amazing..! ;)
You helped me even in a short space of time :)
I LOVE YOU Izza your very helpful and supportive
I love you , thanks and i feel better because of you ¡
Very nice and helpful and positive
I love you Izza! :)
It's really nice to have someone to talk to!:)
your great
u knw Izza..? She is wonderful! :)
very helpful
She's good :)
she's amazing
She is so sweet
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