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💕 Hey! 💕

I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in English & Communication, a writer, a music enthusiast and film buff, a DJ/radio host at my school's station, an idealist, and a believer in kindness. Over the last few years, I've had some people come into my life who have been struggling with their various issues, and I've been able to be there for them and support them in ways they've seemed to appreciate greatly. I've come to realize how passionate I am about making others feel good, and how much I always want to offer support or help them feel better when they're down; and I became a listener on 7Cups because I wanted to extend that to some of you. I've been a listener here for just over three years now, and I still love doing it.

If you'd like for us to chat, please message me a brief description (it doesn't need to be more than a few words long) of what you're struggling with/looking for support with, and I'll get back to you when I can! A few things about my listening:

*Generally, I prefer to talk with younger people, say 30-35 or under—I just feel I'm able to relate to them better, at least at this point in my life

*I can talk to teens as well as those of you over 18, and I offer long-term support

*My strengths as a listener include self-esteem, self-worth, and body-image issues; recovery from abuse or bullying; anxiety (general or social); depression; breakups; and taking care of your mental health in college. But you're welcome to talk with me about any of the topics listed on my profile under "Categories"

Something I like to remind people: There's more to you than just your struggles or your mental-health issues; there's more to you than just the worst things that have happened to you, or the worst ways people have treated you; there's more to you than any one aspect of your life. Let's chat about what's been difficult and see if we can find some strategies to help you feel better. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes (and a hug, if you'd like one) and I'm looking forward to talking with you soon! 💕
Number of Ratings: 638
Number of Reviews: 332
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Sep 6, 2017
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People Helped 1,145
Chats 7,553
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Feedback & Reviews
Very profesional and kind
Seems very nice and caring!
Really listens and is good at asking questions
He really is a good listener and ask the right questions.
Very empathetic and sweet.
Really listened and understood, and was happy to offer future support. Thank you! :)
Josh, is excellent and asks the right questions!
He was genuinely helpful and knew just what to say! I'd definitely recommend.
theyre super friendly and they reply super fast. id 100% reccomend them.
very supportive and caring. theyre awesome
Asked just the right questions and helped me think things through clearly.
He's a good listener and is actively engaged in the conversation. I almost felt like I was speaking to professional. Nice person
Very thoughtful! And helpful
very supportive and kinda. thank you!!
this listener is super good at asking questions and providing a safe, warm space! its clear that they care and want to support, and the questions are thought-provoking in a way that actually helped me to calm down a lot throughout the chat. They seem as though they want to make sure you're both on the same page, and that's a super underrated skill
It was very helpful
really good listening skills
Great listener. Did not downplay my experience or make me feel ashamed. Validated my feelings and was a good listener.
Super patient and kind. Just what I needed!
Great listener, he is considerate and a sweet person.
Very polite and help
Good listener, I like him, thank you
So sweet, caring, and understanding. They are really easy to talk to, and aren't too intimidating or forceful. 1000% would recommend!
really good listener!!
he's a really good listener. he made me feel better about myself
They are great to talk to and really help you!
very helpful and friendly! highly recommend this listener!
hes pretty rad, great listener!
Great help, very kind
Yess!! Amazing!! Very caring and funny and sweet. Knew exactly what to ask and what to say. Definitely a big help, everything I was looking for today
very good listener, kind, amazing talker, supportive, and amazing overall
He was pretty great! Sympathetic.
Josh's empathy comes through with the very first message he sends. Truly wonderful listener!
This person is really nice to talk to. It helped me and I really enjoyed it
i enjoyed the chat i had with them! im glad i can speak with them.
good listener, very helpful;
thank you ao much :)
Very nice! Used emojis and was very sweet!
I'm appreciative of all you do.
Really kind and listens really well. Makes you feel like you can be open without being judged. Really fantastic :D
Very understanding and sent many hearts ♥️
responds super quick and asks great questions
He was really nice, kind, and seemed to have a lot of knowledge on self harm. Really easy to talk to :)
They were nice, but I didn't feel connected with. Maybe we just didn't click? But they were really nice, and it helped a little.
He is supportive and shows clear care :)
Josh was so sweet. He truly cared about me and made me feel as though I wasn't alone in this
Really sweet and let me talk a lit
really good listener and has helped me feel more reassured and know its okay to feel the way i do.
There's so much great things to say about Josh. To begin with, he reached out to me when I was hesitant to even chat. He made me feel welcomed and safe in the chat we were having at the time. My anxiety was a ten and I was struggling quite a bit. He talked me down after a few minutes of us chatting and in the short time we got introduced, my anxiety went to a 3, I got a few things to look at and we arranged a time to talk more. I recommend talking to Josh if you ever need someone. He's amazing. Thank you for all you've done for me so far Josh -- Maeve
Very good listener and I didn’t feel judged
He was an amazing listener, never crossed any boundaries, and was sympathetic to what I was dealing with!!
Very thoughtful and considerate. Made me feel safe and okay again
It was really helpful, and he was great to talk to!
Majority of the time i feel so alone like i got no one to talk to, although they made me remember i'm not alone. Just having them there to listen helped so much.
she was very understanding
super helpful and made me feel as if someone was there for me when no one else was
Very helpful chat, encouraging towards me
I was going through a panic attack and I felt accepted as I chatted with this listener. I was encouraged and felt better about myself after chatting. Thank you so much!
he made it extremely easy to talk to him about how i’m feeling :)
really helpful and kind
I feel like I can express my feelings and I'm always insecure.
They are a very good listener and ask a lot of questions to help better understand you. They are patient even when you take a while to respond which helps a lot too. They are the first person I've talked to here and i am already feeling comfortable to open up to them and allow them to help me which i dont do often
So sweet and kind. Thank you.
Really good listener, very helpful and kind
very helpful, listens to all your issues
Literally the best listener ever👍
I liked it, very helpful.
I really apreachiated the chat we had! He helped me a lot it was nice to talk to someone for once and let everything out :)
Great listener :)
Very responsive, and an intelligent thinker. Wise beyond his years. Seriously, without him, i wouldn't have go and got help. Thanks.
He’s a very good listener and makes me feel as if he cares greatly for my situation, I appreciate his time very much
A really good listener who asks the right questions.
They were understanding
Super kind and caring. Understood me the best they could.
They are good with questions it makes you feel less stressed and focused on what they are saying
he is very supportive and helps me think though things rationally
Just has a way of breaking the ice. It was real easy to talk...
This listener is very helpful, thoughtful, and understanding!
Incredible listener. Super supportive and sweet. He really helped me find my own solutions to my problems.
He was very considerate and gave helpful feedback.
I feel listen too and respected when talking.
They paid attention to every detail of what I said and made me feel like I was worth someone's time instead of wasting it. Talking to them overall just made me feel happy
Good person to talk to
He's very helpful and knows how to ask questions without bringing too much up from my past that may hurt.
He’s really nice and has a lot of patience with me and sounds like he really does care :)
He was extremely sweet and kind to me. He asked really good questions and seemed really understanding!
Was a good person to vent to
great listener.
hes very kind and lets you talk about everything
He really helped me, a lot.
he's a good listener
Amazing, so sweet. Talked to me for more than one day and helps me so much. I feel so amazing and helped. One of my favorites!
Great listener !
Very easy to talk to
very helpful, kind and caring
He's lovely and is very easy to talk to
They know exactly what theyre talking about and made me feel better
They know what they're talking about.
They are really great! Made me think about why I do the things I do and that I'm not alone.
amazing person ,,,,,,,,
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