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jovialSunshine5049 |
Listener - Explorer 6

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating
I'm currently with 48h offline response time. If you want to have a talk at once, please click here to browse more awesome listeners

About talking languages:
Hi!Here to support people who use english and chinese.我会中文😃

Subjects i dont take:
I don't take Family stress, Financial Stress, Men's& Women's Issues, Schizophrenia and Sexual Health.Being so sorry...

My statues:
online/green means i am avaliable to take new requests, feel free to contact me please
busy/orange means i'm taking scheduled chats or busy in other roles in 7cups, it may take about 3mins for me to reply
offline/red means i'm unable to take chats. But please do not hesitate to leave a message anytime!

About me:
My pronouns are she/her and I'm a high school student love exploring new languages and knowledges. I'm a super K-HIPHOP lover, also being a fan of Stray Kids, Day6, and Twice.Feel free to message me, I'll reply asap💙

​​​​My roles on 7cups:

--verified listener
&verifier team member

It means i'm verified by a verifier on listening skills/ is able to do mock chats for listeners who wanna be verified. However, i may not suitable for you too, click here to browse more wonderful listeners💙

--safety patrol member

I'm a member of the 7cups safety patrol to help flagging the inappropriate accounts

--peer supporter

I'm a peer supporter, who is here to help listeners after their tough member chats. Dont hesitate to PM please

​​​​--translation team

i'm the leader of chinese translation project, feel free to contact me if you want to join🧡

My mentor(link clickable):
lovely queen helps me a lot thank you so much!!!

My listener friends(links clickable):

the frist ps i've talked. amazing shawesome and great listener yeahhhhh

everyone here in 7cups is smart and makes a green choice, so dont miss green!!!
my night friend for our chat always be good night since the time difference. and i love her shawesome emjoys!!

Listeners i love to talk and wanna be friends(links clickable):
mishi was my first listener when i was a member lol. she's quite amazing awesome tysm!!!
Number of Ratings: 22
Number of Reviews: 22
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Chinese, Mandarin
Listener Since Dec 16, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 67
Cheers 24,443
People Helped 74
Chats 246
Group Support Chats 18
Listener Group Chats 64
Forum Posts 181
Forum Upvotes 290
Feedback & Reviews
she's really supportive through the conversations we've had..
Super sweet and down to earth
Sweetheart attentive and empath great listener
They're a great listener they are nothing but positive and will try their best to help you they really calmed me down and gave me hope again they're really kind ^_^
Greats , dont judge you at all
i felt no uncomfort while talking to her, i managed to tell her the things i was worried about
Their a great help!
very good listener
helps out and you end up figuring out what you need to do by yourself
Absolutly love talking with them!!!
She's just like a friend next door
Absolutly love talking to them. very sweet
Shes really helpful
It was very useful!
Best listener u will ever met , understanding , kind person with a big kind heart , highly recommended ❤❤
Very kind and easy to talk to
Great listener, thank you so much!
Very kind and helpful
Very nice person :D
She is a white moonlight, she told me a lot of useful knowledge (of course, she knows a lot of things), I have any questions, she will answer me as much as possible, remember that the first time I chatted with me on 7 cups was her.
Very kind and understanding
very helpful much appreciated
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