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kindFish9215 |
Listener - Master

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

Hi there! Message me if you ever need to talk about an issue you're having. I'm pretty open-minded and accepting. :) NOTE: It's OKAY NOT to be okay! I gotchu♥️. 

It would be awesome if you could leave me a written review and rating. I'd greatly appreciate it! It's completely optional though.

Please no harassment, sex chats, or asking personal questions about me please (I prefer to keep my anonymity on this site and I don't feel comfortable answering personal questions). I would also prefer that we don't engage in sexual/flirtatious role play, or talk about explicit sexual fantasies (however, any sexual-related issues or topics related to sexual health are okay).

Number of Ratings: 87
Number of Reviews: 78
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Mar 9, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 110
Cheers 74,100
People Helped 391
Chats 1,179
Group Support Chats 20
Listener Group Chats 28
Forum Posts 134
Forum Upvotes 46
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Feedback & Reviews
Very attentive and helpful listener!
Understanding and listens like a friend
Outstanding friend. Who listens to you. Sincerely cares and communicate openly.
Very grateful I picked them.
Wonderful listener! Very kind and helpful
I had a great chat with my new friend kindFish and I am now motivated to stick to an exercise routine
Kind and patient listener, thank you so far!
Great listener!
very kind and understanding
Very cordial Listener
She's awesome to chat with, really funny and supportive especailly with awkward topics
very very very very very GOOD!
KindFish is a great listener, leading to an effortless conversation
Great listening skills and a nice person to boot. Really nice and easy going, made for an enjoyable chat. Lots of thans for your time today.
Very kind and understanding
He listen very attentively and is very kind. Thanks to 7cups that I met him
Only talked to this listener for less than 10 minutes and it helped me a ton. I felt understood and heard. I felt she understood my situation.
mature and smart
Wonderful listener and very kind I appreciate it a lot ❤️
Good listener patient and concentrate with you
very compassionate and understanding. I felt like I was just speaking with a friend
Very nice and honest listener. She did not make me feel uncomfortable about a very sensitive subject.
Very thoughtful and empathetic person
Great at listening!
Amazing listener, I felt really comfortable talking to her (:
Very much enjoyed chatting with her.
Great listener!
Really great Listener. I really needed someone to listen and not judge. I was able to express my issues and not feel guilty or embarrassed thanks for listening and being supportive!
Very nice and sweet
Finally found a listener who understands 💙
easy to talk to, nice to be around, and pretty helpful
I like this listener
An excellent listener. She really let me talk and shared some of her experiences and that really helped me
Really engaged and positive
She is an awesome listener. So friendly and kind.
Great listener, Nice chat, wished it were longer.
a good listener and very kind and compassionate
Really empathetic and kind
Such a Kind and friendly listener. I will give her 5 stars.
Fantastic listener, brilliant.
Awesome, friendly.
super kind and patient. i enjoyed talking with them
What can I say, really? kindFish9215 is one of the most empathetic and wonderful Listeners I've encountered on this platform. I recommend you seek her out if you want to feel like someone cares.
Very kind and understanding
really amazing listener! very empathetic and kind. Totally recommend talking to her if you need a listening ear.
Very friendly and wonderful to talk to. Great rapport and connection.
very nice and understanding
Good and relatable guy.
loved it! awesome chat!
really kind and helped me to get some good insights just by listening. :)
Easy to talk to and kind
Very kind, empathic and understanding
Awesome listener. So friendly, energetic and helping.
More than willing to lend an ear to your woes, while actively responding with helpful suggestions to ease the troubles ❤️
Great listener thanks so much
Super supportive and sympathetic
They were a great listener and made me feel a lot better about my situation, and they also had a great positive outlook on life too so I was a big fan 😊
Amazing listener! Helped me sort out my emotions and was so caring!
In our very first session, tremendous progress was made, enhanced by my empathetic listener.
i really really really loooved it. i enjoyed the conversation we had. not only they helped me with what i feel, but they also gave me new insights that i found really really helpful.
A very kind fish. Great listener. Less anxiety after our conversation.
Really kind listener and genuinely interested in what you have to say
Sweet and kind, thank you so much.
spectacular human nice talk
nice girl that is helpful and understanding
Feels like talking to a friend which is so important also they’re very professional and kind
good person, helpful
It was nice to be able to chat with someone and to have them listen
Seems interested in what I got to say. Thanks for listening to me.
Very patient and empathetic.
best listener really helped thank you :)
awesome chat, a lot to discuss
The best listener I have experienced so far! I am stunned by the prompting questions, greatly appreciative
very kind , non judgmental , friendly , actually listens to you . i love speaking with her ! ❤️
very good listener
Shes really kind geniue caring listener
Amazing, kind and patient listener
Good listener who listens to me patiently and understands me and doesn't judge me
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