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kindHand56 |
Listener - Apprentice 9

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Hello! I'm glad you've found me on 7 Cups of Tea. I'm a trained active listener and i like to support people struggling with anxiety, depression, failure and self esteem issues etc. I like helping people discover their true potential, I want to help people like you, to overcome obstacles such as anxiety and depression and whatever it is you think you can't overcome in life. Iv'e overcome a lot in my personal life and would like to help by listening to you today. If i'm online, then please feel free to start a chat. If i'm offline, then send me a message and we can set up a time to connect.


Number of Ratings: 38
Number of Reviews: 14
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Apr 19, 2017
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 147
Cheers 10,211
People Helped 50
Chats 115
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 1
Forum Posts 14
Forum Upvotes 7
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Feedback & Reviews
never pressured me to say anything and made me feel comfortable
Thank you!
kindhand56 is helpful.开心 好开心
Thank you :-)
Good work!!
Great person
Very kind and supportive. Had me calmed down very quickly
Great listener, kind and very understanding.
A great listener
Good listener.
Really kind, responds fast, doesn't judge
Good person, just listened, kind and understanding
very helpful and easy to talk to :)
Nice and understanding
Badges & Awards
Listening Ear Magnet Peppermint Jester of Smiles Jump Start Anxiety Depression Listener Oath Bullying Graduate Refresher Affirmative Reflection Chat & Text Listening Ace Active Listening Social Anxiety Loyal Friend Tick Tock Fellow Friend Steadfast Soul I First Chat Five Steps Hang 10 Open Door
Questions Answered
Why can't I find motivation to get better?
April 17th, 2018 11:47am
Why can I hardly ever realise how amazing my life is?
May 22nd, 2018 1:05pm
How to forgive yourself for cheating or lying?
April 14th, 2018 10:05am
How do I help explain to a parent that what I feel is valid after they reacted badly?
April 14th, 2018 10:22am
Is it normal to not want to get better?
April 18th, 2018 11:02am
I just need it to stop. I’ve lost all hope in my life and I just can’t handle it anymore. I feel like it’s never going to get better and I just hate my life so much. What do I do?
April 17th, 2018 12:09pm
I have everything going great for me, but I am feeling sad and slightly depressed. I dont know why I feel like this. What should I do? I'm sad them im angry.
May 8th, 2018 10:13am
Why is it so important to share your feelings?
April 14th, 2018 10:25am
Is it possible to stop imagining the worst outcomes of every situation?
April 30th, 2018 10:22am
Why do I feel bad when someone does something nice for me, specially if they buy me gifts?
April 14th, 2018 10:28am
Why would someone who is already in pain wish to inflict it upon others?
April 14th, 2018 10:11am
My friend is always negative towards me. What do I do?
April 14th, 2018 10:24am
Why i cannot be skinny like every girl ?
May 22nd, 2018 1:26pm
What are the main symptoms of panic attacks?
July 5th, 2017 8:12am
How can I manage Panic Attacks without using medication?
May 22nd, 2018 12:56pm
Can anxiety cause me to feel depressed?
April 17th, 2018 12:07pm
Does anxiety ever entirely go away?
April 30th, 2018 10:32am
What is the best way to get over anxiety in social settings ?
April 17th, 2018 12:06pm
Why am I so shy around big crowds, but when I'm with one friend than I'm fine?
April 14th, 2018 10:18am
How do I accept trying to get rid of my anxiety when it feels like such a big part of me?
May 22nd, 2018 1:23pm
Is it normal for me when am in public places to feel shaky, confused and just want to rush and get out?
April 30th, 2018 10:28am
Being anxious is something that pops up for no reason sometimes. I will even wake up anxious before the day has begun. I don't know why this is happening and I'm not sure how to control this feeling?
April 17th, 2018 11:51am
Why am I so nervous for no reason?
April 14th, 2018 10:08am
What does it mean when you get nervous for no reason?
April 14th, 2018 10:23am
How do I know if I did the right thing?
April 14th, 2018 10:14am
I have trouble with my school work due to procrastinating. And my anxiety always gets in the way. How do I get things done?
March 3rd, 2018 11:27am