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Lemo is taking a short self-care pause  2nd August - 14th August
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I'm not accepting new 1-1 member chats due to my leadership roles at 7cups -
Please find other awesome listeners

~~🍋 Progress Not Perfection 🍋 ~~
Upcoming Events Hosted By kindLemonade

Session names Date Time Room
Listener Check-in Monday, 26 July 2021  8.00 am ET Listener Support
Coping with Covid-19 Monday, 26 July 2021  11.00 pm ET Healthy Living
Goal Setting Wednesday, 28 July  10.00 am ET Positivity Corner
PS Chat Scenario Galore Friday, 30 July  9.00 am ET Peer Supporter
Listener Sharing Circle Saturday, 31 July  2.00 am ET Listener Sharing Circle
Overdependence & Boundaries Saturday, 31 July  11.00 pm ET Listener Discussion
TBA Sunday, 1 August  9.30 am ET Mindfulness

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I am a doorkeeper, verified listener & peer supporter on 7cups

Academy Mentor for GLDD (Group Leadership and Dynamics Development) and CDM (Content Development & Marketing) 
Graduate for GLDD, LDP & QLP
Trainee for Internship & CDM

Chatroom Moderator for Healthy Living, Positivity & Gratitude, Mindfulness Center

Peer Supporter & Listener Chatroom Supporter
Discussion Host for LCI, LSC, SC, LD, PSD, ALE sessions, Pop-up events.
Project Agent for Sharing Circle and Listener Sharing Circle (past)
Team member of Team Lightship

‣ 🐺 Wolfie Twinnie: @DigitalKnight
 🎶 Events Twinnie: @Star996 
‣ ❤️ Room Supporter Twinnie: @MilaTheListener
‣ 👽 Alien Twinnie: @mentalspace7cup 

What's your favorite self-care? 

When life gives you Lemonade, practice mindfulness

Number of Ratings: 88
Number of Reviews: 59
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Vietnamese
Listener Since Aug 15, 2017
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 250
Cheers 160,916
People Helped 210
Chats 994
Group Support Chats 728
Listener Group Chats 574
Forum Posts 815
Forum Upvotes 1,052
Feedback & Reviews
🍋 lemonade makes me feel oh so good whenever i read her texts. it feels like she really understands you and what you are going through with her carefully framed words and sentences . she makes me think abt myself more than i actually do 😊❤️
🍋 is the best person I've met on 7 cups. i look forward to talk to her everyday ! i hadn't expected I'd meet someone this good. lem makes me feel so good and there's no amount of judgement coming from her side. she's awesomeeee
Thank you for always being here for me. I learnt to take care of myself better from you. I am grateful that you are always there to support me. I am so sorry if I ever wasted your time because I know you are very busy. You are just such a kind and awesome person. Please never forget how bright and warm you are.
lemonade is the most awesome human i've met here! she's magical and instantly makes you feel good. she has an amazing insight into stuff and talks to you like a therapist! lovely human being. i hope the best for her
Lem is awesomeeeee!!!! KindLemonade is the best listener I've ever met on 7 cups. Every single reply of hers touches my heart and she makes me feel loved and cared for. she is truly kind and aptly deserves a bigger title. Every single day, it had become a habit for me to wait and check for her messages. Bit by bit , i opened up to her and each time i found her completely non judgemental and absolutely understanding. Lem is indeed a very significant support system for me. The positivity, care ,affection and the thoughts she put into her replies is wonderful. Inspite of being a host and conducting various other activities on 7cups, she finds time and reaches out to me! I just want her to know that i truly value her and i hope the best for her in her life💖 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋
I hvae got no words for them. They iarefabulous. They deserve everything in this world for being... them. They are funny, compassionate, polite, amazing, sweet and a great friend. I am grateful to have met them. They has always been there for me, no matter what. I am so glad to have them. They deserve way more recognition and they deserve even more hearts then they give. They lifted me up when I was down. They helped me get up. They were there for me in my ups and downs. I am forever grateful for you.
lemonade is the best listener i came across here. she not only listens but also provides immense support. i totally love talking to her . more power to 🍋
Very attentive and helped me so much I feel like she wants me to feel better
Very helpful and understanding
a lovely person, i hope to meet people like kindlemonade each day of my life
Perfect listener 💯✨👌😁👌💯✨
Patient, and great at listening.
They're really understanding tbh
Very empathetic
Helpful and really is a kindLemonade! :)
Great listener 🌷
Very kind and serving person.
I am more than grateful to have been connected with her. She asked relevent questions which helped me open up in a better way. She even understood what I was going through.
A true gem, so grateful for their empathy and support tonight.
Very kind, thoughtful and lovely listener. Them checking in on me made me feel loved and cared for.
She's a good person.
She's kind and a great listener. Highly recommended.
Caring and loving and sympathetic
As supportive as a friend wud be , very understanding nd warm ..
Good listener and helpful
Encouraging listener boosting my energy.
They're a wonderful person to talk to. Very kind and easy going. Made me feel a lot better tbh.
Helped me after a stressful situation
What can I say, words would fall short if I tried to describe what this person had done for me. You should be safe in their hands.
Hehe awesome. Delightful
this listners great
they are great even if you just want to vent! they are great at clearing your thoughts up too
A really wonderful listener who makes you realise the positives in all the negatives
I love her. A great listener, and acknowledge my emotions really well
She's awesome! Very wise and supportive. She stuck with me throughout the days, helping me out as my situation was unfolding. She's caring, mature, patient and responsive. Thank you again, friend 🌻
Lem is a very kind and interesting person; It was a great chat and nice feeling of being listened to
Great listener.. i am happy to talk to him
Great listener but also provided a very good resource for me to read about the problem I'm having. so happy to have a direction to investigate.
good listener responds fast
They are just really nice
Listens and responds after u get everything off your chest
They were really kind and sweet. They said things that shocked me idk why but they were good kind things. Im not a cry but i think i'll finally let it out after my talk with them. they even mentioned the oppa in my pfp hehe
Such a good listener and was right there with wisdom when I needed it. thank you
she is the best!
Great listener and good supporter
Really kind, a little humorous, and really helpful
Best listener 😊😊😊
Very very helpful, was able to provide assistance through personal experience which I found to be of great use and it was my first time on this sight, made me feel like I wasn’t crazy , thank you
responsive and helpful
my research shows that agencies exist for themselves this one has proven that
A nice and honest human being =]
Thank you
great help and just very bubbly!
Really nice
nice person, listens carefully
very happy to talk to bu123
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