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hey did you know that if you smile, you can't breathe? try it.

i'm just kidding, i just wanted to see you smile.

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Hey there! How are you doing 😊 ? My name is Sayaka, and I am a college freshman from the good old state of Illinois. (Probably one of the first things you think about of Illinois is the Windy City. I love it, and Illinois' ability to go from 85-degree weather to snow the next day. 😂❄) I love to run, meet friends, be social, craft, and explore nature in the meantime.

★ I accept Long Term Members! 

Verified Listener!

★ Welcoming members and listeners!

★ Long time member (woo, it's been two and a half years!!)

 Coleader for Sharing Circles

Strong listening topics include Relationship Stress, Depression, Exercise Motivation, Loneliness, Personal health issues,  Family issues, and Self Esteem issues.

★ Note! Red Status means I am not online, very busy with a member, or not available to chat. Feel free to leave a message tho.

Green Status ● means I am online, open to chat. 

Orange status means I am busy with a member or may be preoccupied with something else. 

I'm on my way to college to get a bachelor's degree in Chemistry with a Pre-Med track. It has been one of my dreams to connect with people and help others. I am on 7cups not only to pursue my passion of making people safe and happy but also to increase my ability to talk to people and reassure them in times of need. ♡♡♡

🌟 I understand that opening up to a random stranger may seem scary for you. I mean, why should you confide in some random stranger to rant and talk to? Who even am I? I understand, I was in the same shoes you are in. I was brought to this website after years and years of personal problems I had noone to talk to, and after that early December 2017 when I decided to talk it through, I immediately became a listener because of how helpful 7cups can be. Everything said on this site is confidential and secured. Sometimes we all need to rant or let go of something we've had bottled up for a long time. And I am here for you. If you want to rant, open up, get help, or just talk to, feel free to hit that Message button. Like I said, I was in the same shoes as you. You are NOT alone. Opening up to people is one of the biggest leaps of strength and bravery you can ever do. 🌟

I would love some listener twins! Message me to become one :)

Some quotes I live by:

★ 'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.' -Helen Keller

★ 'The secret of getting ahead is getting started.' -Mark Twain 

★ 'Bear patiently, my heart – for you have suffered heavier things.' -Homer

★ 'I know you’re sad, so I won’t tell you to have a good day. Instead, I advise you to simply have a day. Stay alive, feed yourself well, wear comfortable clothes, and don’t give up on yourself just yet. It’ll get better. Until then, have a day.' -Unknown

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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing listener. I see reviews of people saying “best listener ever” but this is truly the best listener. They have helped so much and I can’t wait to talk to them again.
this is helping so much im so happy
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Doing the best you can
she’s one of the best listeners i’ve ever chatted with and she’s so kind and patient and has such a big heart. definitely don’t wanna miss out on someone like her.
Very sweet and gentlr
good listener! i love her, made me feel comforted
Amazing listener! Really pushed me to believe in myself!
Very kind! Making me feel welcome.
literally the sweetest person ever. i came in for alot of anxiety problems and after just one message she sent i felt so much better. she listens to you so well and is the most relatable person ever! this girl is sweet, understanding, awesome, fabulous, and warm. best day of my life. thank u!
She was amazing and relatable! Highly recommend.
So far, she’s been really great at listening and responding well
Very helpful! Listens and gives great advice
So far an amazing listener! Seems like a really sweet girl, who’s very interesting.
Very helpful, caring, and sweet :) She's a great listener and so kind
Very personal and relatable. Great listener!
You're kind. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the happiness you bring to me. Hope you'll always find happiness.
Really awesome listener!! She was super personable :)
Very understanding, not judgmental in any way and helped me realize my problems with excellent advice
Awesome listener! Keep doing what you’re doing! You are a light in he world.
she was very supportive and a great listener!! 10/10
She was amazing and super supportive, related to me and I felt I could talk to her for ages
Amazing and helped me a lot with my relationship
super kind and relatable! Recommend for sure!
Great listener always helpful ready to chat always out going and willing to help ❤️
Very nice and helpful
made me feel comfortable. easy to talk to.
Like coming back to an old friend
she’s absolutely incredible.
Quick response, made me feel better
Lovely person to talk to, had a lot of great advice on dealing with anxiety
Super super friendly and personable! Really enjoyed our chat!
Helped a lot. Wise advises, good caring and solid mindset. Would recommand.
So far they are easy to talk to
she isreally helpful and gave me good advice
I really like her she is very nice and understanding.
very nice, understood my problems
recommend very mucho
So sweet
SHE IS the most awesome PERSON ever!!!!!!!!!!!
She helped me understand exactly how I feel. She knew how I felt and made me feel better. SHE IS RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
My depression felt so much better. I just had so much problems and less than 30 minutes she made me feel more awesome than I have ever felt in my life. Thank you so much. ilysmmm
OMG! She was literally the sweetest person EVER! She helped me so much and I honestly feel so much better. Thank you so much. Seriously
They were really great giving advice and getting into other peoples shoes, i really reccomend them!
I feel so much better after talking with lifegivesulemons. A lot of fun and very supportive.
Awesome listener!
amazing listener
Helped me moved on very quickly. Highly recommended :)
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