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Hello my names lizzie, I am here to help =) I am a studying counselling and perhaps medicine. 

I feel like all people should be a bit more tolerant and have intellectual debates where we can come together and improve on the world as a unit rather than divide and be outgroups.

I got into this profession as it's something I've always been naturally good at , seeing people suffering and relating to it and just wanting to be there for others.

Society sometimes feels to left brain to me and needs people that can help those understand their emotions and be more Intune with themselves.

I'm not a religious person but I have huge faith in things that I can distance from reality and my imagination and I truly believe faith is extremely important in ones life and should be nurtured. 

I'm an essentialist , healer, dreamer =)

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Feedback & Reviews
great help, thanks lizzle
Nice :)
She helped a lot
Nice and helpful.
Amazing person
They were very helpful and gave a lot of good advice, I appreciate them very much and hopefully we can connect again some other time
AMAZING helped me alot thanks
well we just started talking and its going well
Thank you for listening to my problem... You are an excellent person...
lizzie is the best i'd highly reccomend her made me feel much better and was very kind =]
Amazing listener understood me and helped me with my situation alot wasn't judging and very professional and empathetic toward me, treated me like a person and made me feel better. Thanks lizzle
I think she was great. I've talked to two other people before on this, and lizzle seemed the most personable and most human, which was greatly appreciated.
You rock! Thanks for all the help
Awesome! thank you sooo much for ur support. I really needed it. last week was rough now its even worse since i did loss someone important to... but ikno can get thru it... thanks...
Good feedback/ life analogies
She really understood what i mean't by my point. She was supportive and an open minded person with no judgmental remarks. She shared personal experience to build a friendly relation for opening up and sharing. Helpful.
Very helpful.
thank you so much for being there for me !
a very professional approach 1
very helpful.
She gave me everything I needed within her means. I am very satisfied with talking to her - she is like a friend. She is professional, kind, sympathetic, and she understands. That is important to me. I feel better because I got what I needed from lizzle. She cared. I got perspective out of our conversation, and I do not feel as tense as I was when I started speaking to her. I am calmer and not agitated anymore. She helped out tremendously!!!!!!!! She did not go off the subject, or wanted to do something else. She was there for me. I feel better. She said everything right. She listened and responded with kindness, love, care, support, and understanding. I am a person to her. She took the time to talk with me. Thank you lizzle! Recommendation - Definitely!
Caring and thoughtful listener.
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