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lueurspace |
Listener - Genius 2

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**busy with university at present, NOT accepting any chats. replies will be delayed**

**please read my bio before messaging

[at least till the start of about me section]**

hi! I am lueur :3

my name lueur means a glimmer of light and the PM land with me is a space I aspire to make une lueur d'espoir (a glimmer of hope) for you. I take up member chats when I can. if you're reaching out to me for support, please also express how I can be of help and share what you need support with (kindly check my chat topic triggers below to see what I may not be able to best support you with), so that we can be off to a great start! :)

a simple "hey/hello, can you help?" doesn't give me an idea of what you want support with, so do let me know what you're seeking support with by saying something like, "I need support with relationship stress/anxiety, etc,". I am not filtering what MBTI types I support people with, saying you are an X type, doesn't give me an idea of your situation.

topics I am not comfortable with and for which I may re-direct you to another listener: self-harm, eating disorder, substance use, OCD, panic attacks, and schizophrenia. it would be helpful for me if you do not reach out to me regarding these topics because I am very limited in my knowledge and/or triggered by these topics.

topics I love supporting people with: relationship stress, breakups, general mental health, student life, managing emotions, grief, family stress, depression and anxiety. other topics, that I haven't listed, don't trigger or make me uncomfortable, and I'd be open to listening to you on them.

ミ⛧ about me ⛧ミ

pronouns: she/her

second-year university student studying psychology // infp 9w1

my interests: anime, writing, reading, listening to music, playing keyboard and guitar, tv shows such as this is us, rick and morty, b99, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, parenthood, gilmore girls (paris is my favourite character), and blah blah (basically, the generic stuff)

[^^ it's beautiful to love the ordinary ^^]

»»————-  ————-«⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅»————-  ————-««

ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ words that resonate with me ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿

"maybe anyone worth knowing is worth knowing for only a short while. maybe anyone worth loving is worth loving inconclusively. and when you look at it that way, it doesn't seem quite so unbearable at all: to allow yourself to love someone with everything you've got - and then to fully and completely let them go." - Heidi Priebe

"touching people's lives in a positive way is as close as I can get to an idea of religion." - Keith Haring

"but it cannot be a mistake to have cared... it cannot be an error to have tried... it cannot be incorrect to have loved." - Nikki Giovanni

»»————-  ————-«⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅»————-  ————-««

 people people people 

@Starmedia & @Mango3 people who have had the most special impact on me

@greasemonky 🐳 my whale buddy, somebody who brings out the best in me

 @Yukihiko & @DreamTouch my listener twinnies

@Starlasky @Sunisshiningandsoareyou @SparkyGizmo @DonaldDraper @whenitsdarklookforstars @mamtasha22


Number of Ratings: 31
Number of Reviews: 23
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Nov 6, 2020
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Cheers 221,371
People Helped 81
Chats 2,818
Group Support Chats 143
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Feedback & Reviews
Lumie is an exceptional listener. !! Highly Recommended.
Very empathetic and great listener, I'm in love 💕
Lueur is just perfect. You will feel comfortable as soon as you talk to her. Her long replies and deep understanding makes you feel cared for. She was a big help to me and help me grow out and look at the bigger picture.
Great listener and a very good friend :)
Amiable, smart, attentive and a good listener
theyre literally one of the nicest people i've ever met on this site. theyre supportive, understanding and know you to sort out your thoughts. im so glad i got to meet them
right off the start she made me feel welcome and in a safe place with no judgment. she is incredibly understanding, kind, caring, wise, and attentive! truly one of the best listeners on here, and i love her long responses as it shows that she really cares about the people she talks to 🤍 Lueur, thank you for validating my feelings, being here for me through some stresses i have been going through, and honestly making me feel so much better! i appreciate all of the time you put into our chat, all of the time you put into reading my messages and all of the time you put into writing back to me (twice as long messages as the essays i send you haha 😛) i hope you know how much of an amazing listener and person you are, i feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to chat with you and i look forward to our future chats 🤍😊
She is an amazing listener. Supported me through my grief and, understood what i said and felt, even though she has not been in my shoes. More love and blessings to you space. Keep supporting people out here.
Listened to me through my pain really well even when most of whatever I said did not make sense. She is a rare specimen of the home sapiens group. More power and blessings to space. Thank you 😊
Very good listener keep up what your doing!
A really great listener, I have been feeling super down, but talking with Space really helped me a lot. They are very kind, and very understanding
She's extremely kind!
lueurspace is the best Listener I have met on this site. She is honestly so kind and sweet that it makes me happy to be around her. Whenever I have felt Depressed and not okay in my life she has been that supportive person who has helped me to always feel better. lueurspace is a very accepting person who accept others as they are and treats them with Compassion, love and so much of care! I feel comfortable to talk to her about anything and she is my safe space Because I know she would never judge me or anyone. When I think about Positive people in my life lueurspace is one of the person who always comes in my mind. She is my hope and my strength and also someone who has done a lot for me. I am forever grateful to lueurspace and it's my privilege that she was my first Listener here. lueurspace, I hope you know how much I appreciate you and Stay Awesome as you are. Know that you are doing your best and Stay Amazing as always. *Hugs* ❤️
Continuing here from my Previous Review, ❤️lueurspace has been a great Support system for me. Everytime I mention in room or even in Dms that I am not feeling good she always take out some time to listen to me and to help me. She is a non-judgmental person and has never judged me for the choices I have made and for the decisions I have took. She is my safe space where I can share anything and don't have to worry about getting judged. lueurspace is so humble, kind and soft spoken person, she makes me feel comfortable and is always nice to me. It has happened so many times that I was feeling so stressed and just talking to her made me feel happy and I forgot that I was even stressed. She is blessing for me and I am thankful to her forever for being there in my life. ❤️ I honestly can't believe to be so privileged to met such a beautiful soul like lueurspace. Thank you so much lueurspace, Stay Awesome as always. Shares loads of 🍫🍫🍫, 🍪🍪🍪 and hugs. 🤗❤️
lueurspace 💜 is my most favourite Listener and if you have talked to her then you already know how awesome she is! But still, I wanna take this opportunity to Appreciate her and to tell everyone here how Amazing she is! ❤️ lueurspace is a blessing for me *cries with joy while typing this* I have never met someone who has been so much Supportive towards me I am so so happy and satisfied in my life now and she is one of the reason why I am so much happy! lueurspace has always been there in my Bad days to support me, to help me, to make me feel better as well as in my good days to encourage me, Congratulate me and to inspire me to do even more better in my life. She does so much for me that I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She is so much Positive, Kind, Compassionate and Supportive person ❤️ lueurspace is
Lueur is amazing, kind, and extremely smart and wise. Coming across someone as supportive, caring, friendly and kind as her is certainly a rare occurrence. Lueur is extremely patient. She is very tolerant. She has never once judged me about anything. I feel free to say anything on my mind, anything at all, because I know for a fact she will not judge me. She never has. Leuer has amazing emotional intellect and she can tell if I seem down, and will ask me if I want to talk. She always looks for every opportunity possible to support me and be kind. I feel super comfortable to share any issue with her because, even if she has never been through the situation, her empathy is so amazing that I never feel alone in it. She makes me feel like no matter what I go through, I have someone on my side who has got my back. Lueur has never once shamed me for feeling stereotypically “bad” emotions, such as anger. Lueur is smart and knows that anger is just a sign of hurt and she doesn't get offended, put off, or weirded out even when I am super angry. She remains patient, loving, and supportive throughout all my emotions. Lueur loves to see me happy but she also is always there for me and equally as accepting of me no matter what emotion I am that day. I never feel like I have to prove myself or prove my feelings to her, she makes me feel validated and welcomed no matter what. I honestly owe so much to this amazing person. She is incredible and has helped me more than she realizes. She is not just a listener, she is a friend, a sister. Also, she never makes me feel like I am a burden, or inferior to others. She treats me with the same amount of respect she would treat anyone, and she loves to spread love and make everyone feel happy no matter who they are.
she was really helpful, heard me out and didn't judge me. thank you for listening
She made me feel really heard and also offered to brainstorm some ideas together. I was feeling anxious over my upcoming exams but she calmed me down and gave me encouragement to give my best. She is good listener, thank you.
Words can't describe how much you have helped me. I was broken , hurt, depressed and lonely. You picked me up and comforted my soul. You are a true gem ❤ Please continue doing what you love to do. I appreciate it so much.
I have been talking to her for a while now. She is an amazing listener! Literally, let me vent on and on and was there the entire time listening to me complain and rant. She did not judge me for the feelings I expressed, instead she validated them and made me feel heard. She is actually very sweet and I can message her anytime, she always replies back soon and offers me days and times when I can schedule a chat with her. She's very flexible with her timings too! I cannot thank you enough for being there for me when no one else was, Lueur, thank you so so much! You're seriously good and know what you're doing here, don't doubt your skills at all. I am hoping we can chat more in the coming time, just stay the same. Leaving lots of hugs for you and I hope you're doing well! poke you soon haha. a big sister appreciation to the younger one
She is the best. I was having a mild burnout and after talking to her, I felt a bit better. That was a good riddance from my chest. Thank you lueurspace for giving me space to vent. You are doing a great job. Thank you.
No matter what she is always there to support me and to understand me. I feel the kind and caring nature is the best quality I have seen in her so far. It's always good to see her and talking to her itself gives me positive vibes. She will never make you feel like a leftover, she knows how to cheer others, motivate others and to make others feel better about themselves. I am so glad and happy to have met her :') Thank You So Much Lueurspace, you will always stay very close to my heart forever.
She is the best person, Listener I have met here!! So much kind, caring and sweet person :') (This is her favorite emoji :'), that makes here even more sweet) Due to her I feel I have become a more Empathetic person. She is always kind, cheerful, genuine, Compassionate, empathetic, Calm, Understanding,
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