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lyricalAngel70 |
Listener - Proficient 7

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Please read my bio before contacting me. ❤

A Lil bit about me:
Hi, this is Angel & I am delighted that you have come across my profile on 7 Cups' of Tea. My real name is Saadiya Sulaiman & I am an active, trained, verified listener here. Besides, I have completed 7 Cups' Internships (June 2019) & LDP - Leadership Development Program (January 2021) successfully. I am comfortable talking about all the issues mentioned in the list below:

ADHDAlcohol/Drug Use
BipolarBorderline (BPD)
Chronic Pain
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders
Exercise Motivation
Family Stress
Financial Stress
General Mental Health
Getting Unstuck
Managing Emotions
Men's & Women's Issues
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Panic Attacks
Perinatal Mood Disorder
Racial & Cultural Discrimination
Relationship Stress
Sexual Health
Sleeping Well
Social Anxiety
Student Life
Weight Management
Work Stress

I would love to connect with you and assist you in the best way possible. I congratulate you on reaching out to seek help because it is not an easy job. It may be difficult to share your problems but I assure you that you won't regret trusting me with them. Your secrets are mine after you choose to share them with me. 😊

I am currently studying master's in Clinical Psychology. 

-Loves traveling, sketching & shopping.
-Cleanliness & fitness freak.
-An optimist & an ambivert.
-Down to earth.
-Great singer.
​​-On my way to be the best version of myself.

Proudly a member of these community over 7 Cups:

Safety Patrol Team
Team Lightship
7 Cups Hindi & Urdu Translation Team
Q&A Approval Team

Twin Listener: @WatchingOverYou - A brilliant listener & my favorite person.
You can find them here -

P.S. Please refrain from connecting with me if you are here for sex chat/online dating/seeking a relationship/marriage/wanting to have my social media, number, etc. And if I get such chats, I would be blocking them without any warnings (since I have already mentioned what I am uncomfortable with). You have many great apps for such purposes out there. 7 Cups' of Tea is an anonymous & secure on-demand emotional health service and online therapy providing a platform where real people connect to real listeners in one-on-one chat. If this is your sole purpose and you want to talk to someone? Hello and welcome. ❤

Thank You,
Kind Regards,
Feedback & Reviews
Great listener!
What a down-to-earth girl... ❤ I heartily appreciate your undivided attention throughout the whole session.. Indeed, my anxiety has vanished and I feel great since morning... Unending prayers for you 👼 Thank you! 🙏🏻
What a wonderful human being! I have found my long-term listener. Just loved our session Thanks a ton ❤
You're the answer to all my complicated situations where I feel lost but find the right direction back because of you... Although I have recovered, your weekly follow-ups tell me that you genuinely care about me. THANKYOU from the depth of my heart!
You are my mood uplifter. Thanks for putting so many efforts into helping me with my chronic pain. It was so painful but you took care of it so smoothly. You are the best Saadiya...💯💯💯 Loads of love, blessings
You are mind-blowing Saadiya! Thank you so much for helping me during my depression. It always seemed like getting rid is impossible but since you've been assisting me I can confidently say that I am out of it. I am living again, now I have a purpose to live and so much hope. I am lucky to have come across you. May Allah bless you, Ameen!!! ❤
I am speechless!! What a listener!!! I have tears in my eyes right now... For me, you truly are an angel in a human form... Thanks a bunch for alleviating my pain and discomfort
she is truly a amazing listener
In the toughest moment of my life, when there is so much hopelessness due to the pandemic and all of my life affairs, you have shown me the light of hope. You have helped me to realize that I am still in a better position. Therefore, I will not give up. Thank you so much for sprinkling my soul with positivity. - Daniel
Very helpful and nice.
Understand me thoroughly.
She is such a sweet heart❤️ we need more people like this in this world! She is so matured. She will understand the situation you're in and will help you in a best possible way. ~dhri
Extremely helpful chat, I had problems due to my disturbed sleep the listener shared a great amount of insight into my situation and now I know what I must do to fix my sleeping pattern. Thanks, Angel. You are as your name suggests.
She is just AMAZING! I can't express in words how much she has helped me and is still helping me. She is an intelligent listener with tremendous knowledge. I wish her all the best for the kind of service she is providing to all the needy people like me. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!
they have the best advice and really understand your situation. plus the sweetest!! i'm lucky that i found this listener and talked with them🥺💓
Actually, felt like a best friend, best listener on 7 cups, deals with every problem so privately, when depression and anxiety hits.. i know who to talk to now ..
Amazing listener.. felt like i am talking to my best friend
Without her it would have been impossible to cope up with my situation... She helped me understand the whole scenario so well... Thanks a lot Angel... You are one of the best listeners on 7 Cups... ❤
Good person good listener
Angel is such a great soul with a compassionate heart. She is extremely careful about what she says. She helped me the most when I didn't know what to do and where to go. I get anxious each time I face the crowd but she let me know all the important and useful techniques to overcome my anxiety. Now, I can at least control it in public which was nearly impossible for me at the beginning. She kept following up with me weekly and monthly as per my progress. I never ever thought I would be able to overcome my fears and face challenges of my life but I did it and I am so proud of myself. I am glad that I came across 7 Cups and Angel. There was a time I lost all my hopes. I never believed in myself but God bestowed upon me such a decent person like her in my life. I can't thank her enough. Such a pure soul. ❤
She seems genuinely and seems that she truly cares about the person she’s talking to
Good listener thx
LyricalAngel70 is awesome so kind and so helpful and so understanding. I have such a weird situation with family and I had indeed an angel listening and talking and helping me to see another perspective that helped me deal with these family members. Thank you for spending hours with me and hearing me vent and for putting so much love into our session. THANK YOU
Caring and trying to help
Enjoyable conversation.
She is indeed an angel
Very kind, thank you for the support
great listener
A positive personality with excellent support to offer. Supportive, free from prejudice. Thanks a lot!
Very kind and understanding.
She is an amazing listener and she knows how to let you know that you’re not alo
Felt so much better after talking with her! ❤️
Loved it! Awesome chat
Tjanks laot she was very amazed and have a warm heart inside her
So amazing and judgement free! They have listened and let me vent and given me some excellent feedback
Very much caring. ❤ They helped me a lot. Thank you sooo much.
An angel very sweet and kind hearted gave me some healing within myself!! Thank God for her
Good listening skills
I think this listener genuinely cared and helped me forgive out my problems. A good person to just talk to when you need someone.
BEST Listener I’ve ever ever had! Can’t thank you enough. You’re a Star! god bless you. We need more listeners like you thank you for helping me ❤️
Loved it thankyou
Very polite, patient & humble. They helped me so much. I cannot thank them enough. I wish them all the best & God bless.
good , nice listener
I felt better after talking to this Listner . I feel happy 😀
Being direct and honest
Very attentious, an incredible human being.
Extremely dedicated and professional. They helped me so much and I can’t thank them enough for it. ❤️
very understanding and so nice
great listener, was easy to talk to! was very engaging and interested in what i was saying.
Good listener interactive thank you
Absolutely best listener I have ever spoken to. The listener really listened and provided me with amazing support in a timely manner. Amazing!
Kind, helpful, great listener and advice giver. I am blessed to have the opportunity to receive help from them. Thank you!
Very helpful and understanding.
Supportive listener with good feedback :)
understanding, gives good advice
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