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lyricalPillow74 |
Listener - Sage 12

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4.5 star rating

Hey there.I'm Pillow. While you scroll through my profile, let me just say that you are beautiful. And you deserve all the love in this world..

Just like a Pillow, I am here to give you comfort when you need it.

Leave a message whenever you feel low and you want to talk. I'll reply as soon as possible when I'm not having exams.
Take care of yourself and drink lots of water. I am here to give you love when you are unable to give it to yourself. You are important and you are valued. Stay safe. I'm here for you. 

And about myself, I am a medical student and an amateur writer with a taste for good music and movies and an eye and ear for deep, engaging, philosophical conversations. I can be tough sometimes so I hope you bear with me.

I've been through a lot too. I understand how it feels. I try my best to be patient and understanding without judging because I know how it feels when people judge you and stereotype.Been there, done that .Life can be difficult and we often feel like giving up, but then there's something that always keeps us going. The motivation and maybe, the driving force. I am still on my way to discover what it is, and maybe so are you :D I wish to give you all that I didn't get so that you don't have to feel what I went through. We're both here on a quest for happiness. Let's help each other find it.

I generally take up requests between 10:00 PM-11:00 PM IST. If you are looking for long term support, do let me know. :D

Topics I am not comfortable with:
Self harm
Sexual health

If you need support for these issues, please refer another listener using this link!

Thank you and have a nice day! Loads of love and hugs to you! 

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Feedback & Reviews
Kind and humble
Listner is down to earth, understands and gives full effort to solve the issue.
caring & sweet
Very kind and optimistic
They were very helpful
she is really nice to talk to.
LyricalPillow74 was awesome and he/she helped me so much🙏🏻
One of the kindest listeners.
Quick to respond, and insightful!
super nice and positive
Very considerate!
She helped me a lot with my problems,and I feel she's awesome listener.
She's just sooo sweet 😊😊
Seemed to actually care. Might be the only real person on this site
Awesome listener
Such A nice person. Kind hearted
So much compassion and empathy. This woman is a selfless listener. She is always ready to give of her time. She made me see strength in myself. She helped me to see the light. That I still have a fight in me. And that I’m worth it. Thank you Lyrical Pillow for believing in me.
She is one of kindest person I ever talked with and my first listener here! She really digs deep into your problem and provide support not many others including your friends would do. She will definitely be someone e you like to keep contact regardless.😊
Good listener..pays attention.
She's amazing and helpful.
She's been really calming and understanding so far
Right on the money
Just what I needed to hear. Thank you
Nice and good. Very friendly. Recommended
Great listener, kind person and Helpful
She was very kind and helpful.
Pillow is a good person. Nice to talk to them^_^
I was going through a lot. But she was the only one who was there all along. :D I have recently started chatting to her but it feels like I have always known her!! I have never felt so much complete and understood before! Thank you so much! You're the best friend I've always asked for! Love you!
So understanding and relatable.
Very sweet and helpful. Love her.
I liked how he/she was open and had a bit of personality in the conversation. I really did see myself talking to a friend of mines but solely for counselling
She's a great listener
She is kind and engaging.
Fantastic, a girl well beyond her years here, really sound and good advice
It was very enlightening and great. I was helped with a problem regarding a wolf attack I had suffered.
Honestly one of my favorite listeners ever. Thanks for talking to me. Really, Thanks.
You're very helpful and empathetic, thank you.
really nice, really understands
Great listener really made me feel better
Thank you for understanding me
changed my life, thank you so much
Very helpful
Easy to talk with and one of the best listeners ive spoken too!
They helped me a lot through a tough time. I highly recommend this wonderful Listener! I felt so heard and understood. Thank you. Blessed be.
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