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(Be sure you check out the helpful resources I've linked below smiley)

"The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination" - John Scaar

"Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine." - Mario Fernandez

"Life is too short. Forgive quickly. Love completely. Kiss slowly. Laugh uncontrollably. Never forget anyone or anything that made you smile."

I sincerely believe that, in life, we rise and fall together. I know you're in pain, I know you're in anguish but the story of your life is still being written and the best is yet to come. smiley

Feel free to reach out. I'm here to lend a hand. smiley

Helpful Resources:

Overcoming helplessness, hopelessness and self-hatred:

Ending Self-Harm:

Coping with an Eating Disorder:

How to choose the right person for you:

Overcoming Anxiety:

Healing from abuse:

How to cope with the loss of a loved one:
Number of Ratings: 164
Number of Reviews: 107
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Spanish
Listener Since May 15, 2016
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Progress Path Step 460
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People Helped 472
Chats 1,208
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Feedback & Reviews
So supportive and I felt that I could really open up to them. They made me feel like I wasn’t alone and for me this is huge
Good listening skills
Incredible human being, good listener, and very kind! He pointed out the necessity to love yourself in a way that didn't sound preachy or new-agey, and spent quite a lot of time letting me rant lol. Thanks for being awesome! :-)
its been a long time since i felt heard and listened to. thank you
This person was very empathetic and really warm-hearted
A much needed listening ear who was very nice and easy to chat to. Thank you.
Very understanding :)
Helpful chat, friendly
Right the lisener is great willing to share some experience to encourage me
Kind, respectful, patient, responded quickly, asked nice questions. Recommend
Really appreciative and refreshing to talk to
Great listener, shared with me some really good insights, and helped me understand myself. Thank you so much
Really friendly and gets in to the proper details so you can sort out your problem
thanks for helping
Gave me the space to talk and didn't judge. Thanks for the conversation and for your time
Very helpful conversation. Helped me calm down. Thank you!
They were very helpful in understanding my situation and a very nice listener. 5/5!
He is a good listener.
A great listener
they are good at listening and being responsibe to you
Good listener. Friendly and prepared.
Very empathetic. Thank you.
Very compassionate listener.
Helpful and attentive
They listened and I felt understood
very sincere and consoling, thoughtful and genuine
Insightful and patient
Straight forward, as blunt as can be. Solid 👌🏼
Very wise and thoughtful.
Was an helpful person. Good at listening and try to help me to understand. Really recommend
He is well articulated and amazing!
Responsive and helpful
Very helpful. Such a big help.
Good listener. Doesn't judge.
Really helpful and easy to talk too
Great listener. Amazing to talk to. Really helped me.
This chat was helpful in calming me down.
Great chat,really helpful.
Professional so sweet and helpful
This listener was very helpful.
Good at listening
Patient and excellent listener
He is very patient and active in conversations. Very empathetic Bless you.
Really good listener. I found this conversation very helpful.
Insightful and kind
great listener. makes a difference
Amazingly supportive!
Thank you for listening
he is the best kindest and most efficient
Very reassuring and great listener.
Thankyou for listening
You're soo good and a good listener I really feeling good
Absolutely delightful listener, very kind soul and deserves all the best!
A patient listener
Very sweet and lovely to talk to
takes initiative and really friendly
It felt nice to talk with the listener. Thank you
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for being a great listener❤️
I felt appreciated, he's kind, patience and helpful.
Helpful chat.
This was good speaking to this person
They seemed like a sweet person and were kind
Asked all the right questions and was a good listener.
We spent a lot of time discussing personal matters and rather touchy questions. He was very kind, patient, even with my self-defeating and purposeless digressions, and made some very insightful remarks, that only a psychologically gifted mind could think of. Overall, I'm extremely grateful to have had the chance to talk to you and I want to say just нехай ваше світло сяє на багатьох загублених душах
Talking with Max really helped.
Very good listener. Helped me out loads
i feel comfortable
Kind and supportive
Understanding and helpful. Thanku for listening and helping me out.
He seems like a very patient man, Most men would have ran. Yea, I guess he is worth the applause ...
Nice Person. Was nice chatting with you.
Great listener with helpful life advice
He is a really good listener. Helpful
very insightful person!
Really supportive
Epiphany achieved thanks to a kind helpful soul thanks
What a lovely person! Helped me alot god bless him!!
friendly and bubbly guy with very straightforward facts. Helped to question the situation and put things in perspective.
Very helpful and understanding:)
Excellent! Very attentive.
Great listener, thanks!
Max was a great and patient listener. He was understanding made me feel understood. I felt considerably calmer and better after talking to him. I needed that talk. It made me stronger. Thank you Max.
offered useful insight and understanding, contextualizing a dilemma in a new way
We did have different opinions about some things, but I think that might've been just what I needed. They're a fine listener, understanding and positive. 5 stars.
he helped me learn to vent
He was a very skilled listener.
good listener here
He was quite patience hearing me ranting and explain to me
Great listener and good advice.
He did help me sort many things out and realize I actually should prioritize more going to therapy. Amazing person and really good listener.
Listener was practical in their feedback in a very nonjudgmental way.
Kind person who is trying to understand
The listener is attentive and friendly
Very helpful, asked the right questions and very kind
Best listener really tries to communicate
Excellent chat partner, helped me through a difficult time. Made me see I need to take care of myself.
asked good questions
Thank you
He's awesome and prwcize,just what I needed eight now :)
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