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, .hi.
these links I find them very helpful AND MUST watch:

how to be productive and build good habits.

good rules for better socializing and have a greater and better impact on people.

if you have a close one suffering from a personality disorder, visit this site( get sure they're diagnosed first)


.you don't need to worry about time, i am free, i got all the time in the world. i can talk with you for hours.
you can talk about anything, I can be your friend, your brother, your father. 
trust me when I tell you,. whatever you say, I won't judge you, even if you're the most evil or most weird person on earth. I am here just to help. 
open up about anything you want to say or vent, or for an opinion. or even just having a fun talk! just be yourself, as if you were talking to yourself. because, remember, I don't know you, so it doesn't matter what you say, you;re for me anonymous ;)
if you have anxiety, I would suggest you visiting those two links, one is a game, but it holds a lot, trust me:
according to adler, all mental problems and emotional disturbances, are -in a way or another- stems from your past back to your childhood and first years of your life, especially the first 5 years of life, where you have developed your main methods of living and your understanding of the world. that's why your childhood and adolescence are the most deciding and decisive times in your life.
that's why you need to understand how have things led to this point. it will help you understand yourself and your current situations and the things that led to it better.


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Feedback & Reviews
A very patient and experienced listener. They genuinely love listening to people.
Felt free talking..
Very friendly and nice😊
Sweetest and comfortable talking to ❤️
Great chat and listener
A human, doing an exceptional job!
Excellent great talking felt nice
Provided just what i needed, i don’t have enough words to express how grateful i am to this listener and this service in general
Able to talk through with me in a calm, compassionate, and logical manner. Really helps me heal
Loved it! Awesome chat!
100% great amazing
He was empathetic and had a sense of humour.
Very intelligent. Very grounded. Very considerate. Very funny.
I appreciate this listener. He was understanding.
i've had a good talk. it helped me a lot.
He's good,patient,honest I had a good time
Easy to speak to
This guy is an amazing listener who's gonna patiently listen to every one of your troubles and make you feel better. Thank you so much for alll your help! Stay blessed :)
Feeling heard with this person! Thank you!
I really loved talking with him
Very good listener.
GREAT LISTENER, VERY FRIENDLY AND VERY HELPFUL!!!! i would recommend this listener. beyond helpful and supportive.
Very knowledgeable
very chill. Comfortable to talk to and patient.
She is a very good listener. Helped me a lot
I came to this site with 3 problems i needed help with. each at different extremes. He started with the one i thought i wouldn't ever be able to talk about and worked his way down. I want to say, he is genuine and you can feel safe with him. Very lucky to have had the chance to talk with him.
Thanks for listening
Best I have come across...truely one of a kind
The most thoughtful and knowledgeable listener I've found. I liked that i could be honest about all my pitfalls or percieved pitfalls and still have a productive conversation.
Very intune to the conversation. Highly recommend
Awesome listener.
Best listener I've ever had
Very supportive, helped me think stuff through.
Goes to the point fast
gave positive and useful direction
Good listener. Very positive
They were funny.
Patience and easy going
Incredibly helpful listener
This listener was nice.
Good person very kind heart
helpful listener
good person but i'll figure things on m own
this Is my second chat on my first day. Friendly and warm chat was appreciated
Super duper awesome
Great listener , patient , and supportive
Nice listner ...i feel better to talk to him
He is a good listener, who is also interactive. Worth giving a chance
Really caring person
Finally someone who will listen and help.
Great listener. I really enjoyed the convo
I am thankful to God, for connecting me to this listener, a very good person empathetic and realistic views. He has helped me in my difficult times and definitely talking to him, makes you feel happy. Thank you so much brother😊
They’re very helpful
Very helpful. Helped me see a different perspective.
Light conversation even with heavy topics
They were very understanding and fun to talk to.
It's like I had a friend to blow off steam without having to make it really super serious.
Very helpful.. A big thank you and a hug for listening
He knows what he is talking about. Great listener, highly recommend.
Understanding :)
Was very helpful.
Nice person --------------------------------------
he seems nice
A really kind and thoughtful listener, helped me so much
It helped me realise that it is in my head and I need to get rid of the dopmaine thanks!
Loved it. Major breakthgouth
I helped me a lot! I do recommend spend a few minutes with him!
Motion listened, and replied with their thoughts. In turn, my anxiety diminished, and I felt more in control of my emotions afterwards. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
He actually helped me with my depression
Very helpful, kind and thoughtful
He talked to me as he listened to what i had to say, he helped and assured me and made me feel better. Thank you ❤️
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