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msteacups |
Listener - Master 10

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Hello, I'm Ms. Teacups!

I'm here to offer you free, non-judgmental and confidential support, in a safe and friendly environment!

‣ También puedo ofrecerte mi apoyo en español.
‣ Também posso oferecer-te o meu apoio em português (PT).

I am often not shown as online, but don't let that deter you from sending me a message. If I'm not currently available, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

I offer support in a variety of topics. I am the most comfortable discussing the (26) issues that I have direct lived experience with, which you can check down below.

I don't take casual chats.
Here is a list of issues which I don't feel qualified to discuss: 

‣ Cancer
‣ Chronic Pain
‣ Diabetes
‣ Disabilities
‣ Parenting
‣ Perinatal Mood Disorder
‣ Self-Harm
‣ Work Stress (temporarily)

I am available to provide long-term support to a maximum of 8 members. My availability for this kind of support is 10 am - 1 pm (GMT), from Mon-Thu. Our sessions will last up to 50 minutes, and can be repeated up to once a week. I currently have 4 spots open. If you're interested, just leave me a message and we will sort out the details together.

Number of Ratings: 59
Number of Reviews: 56
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Portuguese, Spanish
Listener Since Jun 4, 2020
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Gender Female
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Cheers 83,714
People Helped 96
Chats 1,449
Group Support Chats 71
Listener Group Chats 96
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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener, conversationalist, she has a lot of compassion and understanding. Made me feel at ease and comfortable, she really listens and allows you to express yourself with no judgement. Quality listener!!! Amazing person!
She is empathic and nice.
Very helpful, thoughtful and understanding🌺
Ms. Teacups is an absolute gem! She’s a great listener and an amazing person. She’s really engaging which makes talking to her worthwhile. I can’t get enough when I’m talking to her. I wish nothing but the best for her. And I hope she knows she’s awesome!
Loved it! Awesome chat!
msteacups is truly a wonderful listener. Even though she is somewhere else in the world, talking to her makes me feel connected and close to her. She is there for you no matter what and will help you to the best of her abilities. Thank you msteacups.
They were very relatable and I appreciated them telling me some of their own personal stories.
It's always uplifting to talk to someone with a gentle soul. And I really liked taking to this listener and would surely recommend them to anyone going through a huge struggle
She’s one of the best listener here on 7Cups!
Literally the best listener on this website. Actually listens and is understanding. Keeps it very professional. I wish her all the best.
It's honestly amazing how she talks and this isn't even a real job. I feel like she's doing charity work and she's slapping common sense in people like PAM! Very much eloquent. She's amazing, I'm McLoving it.
I find their attitude welcoming and warm. Kept the conversation professionaly. Open-minded, smart, tolerant and most importantly, helpful.
Truly helped me move forward on my journey to a better mindset. I was been stuck in a bad place and talking to MSteacups brought me back to reality.
Very supportive and compassionate, truly cared about how I was doing
Ms. Teacups was absolutely wonderful. She really listened to everything I had to say, was absolutely perfectly patient when I had to type for a long time, and reflected my thoughts back to me in a way I hadn't considered. She managed to understand a lot of my internal conflict and feelings that didn't quite match up, and resolve them into a response that amazed me at how simple and understandable she made it sound. I felt heard, understood, and cared about. A 10/10 for sure.
It was the best listener experience for me on this site. I had such low mood before chatting with her and after our chat in no time I started laughing! She makes you feel like you are chatting with a close friend and always keeps it professional 😊 I will look forward to talk with her again.
One of the greatest listeners! Very empathetic, compassionate, and thoughtful :)
I am glad that this listener helped me a lot.
Quick to respond, works to fully understand my situation
A really caring human being So compassionate and kind Understanding in a wonderful level As if Batman mental issues edition: a person in the day, a listener in the night Loved the experience Friendly tone and Soothing words :)
She is an awesome listener. She helped me a lot regarding my depression and other issues.
As always a great listener. Very empathetic, caring, and knowledgeable. I love talking to her and she never let me down. 5 stars michelin
Nice chatting friendly supportive chatting again and again thanks to msteacups
she's such an amazing listener. It's really nice to talk to her, she's been very helpful.
An awesome listener. She offered help. She was kind and helpful.
Ms tea cups is quite a good listener . She pays attention to each and every point user tells her. She wants to help the user sincerely. Thanks to her
Very informative session! Nice listerner.
Very kind and fast replies
Ms teacups is one of the loveliest people I've talked to! She's so understanding and helped me change my negative mindset into a positive and constructive one. She also gave me hope and newfound belief in myself. I'm grateful for her help and kindness!
Novamente ela me ajudou muito! Ela é muito atenciosa e sabe como conduzir uma conversa para que o outro consiga se expressar bem!
Very helpful kind understanding
This woman is a blessing. I have been dealing with severe mental health issues and she's the only light in my life. I don't know how she does it, but she's an extremely supportive, kind and patient individual who respects and highlights your emotions so that you can accurately individuate them and work on them. She doesn't make you feel nor different nor alone, and whenever she isn't familiar with some problems she researches them right away. She has been working with me on myself for less than a month now and i can already see my attitude change and me being more confident in my growing path. I highly recommed her and i have shared her profile with other people aswell! I love her and you're gonna love her too!!
Supportive friendly encouraging understanding not judging thanks
Very kind and helpful
lovely person, really felt understood and listened to
É sempre muito bom conversar com ela!
An awesome listener who provided support and help.
Great listener, so professional
The best listener I have ever met on this site.
Very kind and reassuring!
Fantastic listener; they really heard me and how I felt and this is the first time I felt understood and validated. I have a lot going on and they were able to help me identify and prioritize and then set clear goals or steps to take to work on myself. Super helpful and I am glad we were able to talk! You made more of a difference in my life then you would think.
Excellent Listener and responder!! Great job keep it up.
The chat was pretty helpful and I hope to chat again soon
I feel very comfortable while talking with her. She's a great listener. :)
I think she was extremely patient and helpful. What more can you ask for in a listener? Her service helped me a lot today. Makes me believe in the kindness this world holds.
Great chat , great person
Super helpful!!!!! Asked me great questions and listened so well. Great, great, great. Highly recommend.
Friendly, positive, dedicated & brilliant
Helped me thanks
Very helpful and so much positive
Great listener, very understanding and doesn't judge.
Really helpful listener
Loved talking to her, she was so supportive and kind cheered me up almost instantly.
Really kind caring and supportive
Muito obrigada. Me ajudou bastante
Amazing person, very kind and understanding.
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