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mvpeng |
Listener - Explorer 2

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4.5 star rating
Hello! I am happy to help, I have been a listener on 7 Cups for years now and I am excited to continue.

***I am not planning on accepting new chat requests at ths time. If you really think I would be a good fit for you, I won't mind if reach out and we can see if we can figure something. However, if you see me active on 7 Cups, I may not be available to chat then.***

I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community; I identify as bisexual, non-binary, and queer at this time. She/her pronouns only.

I have lived experience with various mental health conditions and symptoms including bipolar disorder I (depression, hypomania, and mania), anxiety, and psychosis. Read below for more details on topics I am comfortable covering and others that I have lived experience with.

I also do have lived experience with trauma but it is currently difficult for me to predict if a conversation will be triggering or not, so I ask to not discuss these topics at this time. 
Number of Ratings: 37
Number of Reviews: 13
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Languages English, Spanish
Listener Since Jul 5, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing listener! She asks questions and makes sure you're comfortable and happy. Gives great advice and reassurance!
Great chat! Very attentive. Back and forth conversation. I loved it. I didn’t feel like I was talking to myself
very helpful and helped my calm down from an anxiety attack
Best listener I’ve had on here so far and very understanding
A really good listener who shows true sympathy
Thank you for listening, even though it was brief. Have a wonderful day and/or night.
Very nice
Excellent listener
Thank you for listening :)
Thank you! I just really needed someone to listen and you made me feel validated.
Lovely person. BEst one I found here.
Down to earth and easy to talk to
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Questions Answered
How can I stop letting my depression make me feel like a burden to others?
March 7th, 2019 7:15am
What do I do when I feel like I've hit rock bottom and I'm not worth it anymore?
July 19th, 2017 3:01pm
Is it ok to always depend on this site when you feel down?
March 21st, 2018 6:10am
What can I do to better manage my overwhelming sexual desires by my own without a counsellor/psychologist? How can I stop masturbating and stop watching pornography?
July 5th, 2017 9:00am
Is it okay to avoid situations that make me anxious, or is that giving up to it?
July 19th, 2017 3:00pm
Why do anxious feelings create the need to go to toilet frequently?
June 16th, 2018 3:58pm
A family member thinks I am lying about where I am going but I'm not, what should I do?
July 18th, 2017 6:32am
How to deal with my homophobic parents?
July 18th, 2017 6:31am
Are you born gay or is it society which makes a person gay?
July 18th, 2017 6:34am
What's the difference between Queer, Transgender and Intersex?
March 8th, 2021 1:04am
How to deal with falling in love for your best (and straight) friend?
July 23rd, 2017 1:35pm
I've just come to terms with being transgender. How do I come out to my girlfriend of many years?
July 5th, 2017 5:44am
I am female and attracted to women, but I have no desire to date or have sex with other women. What does this mean and am I still considered as bi?
February 15th, 2021 1:45am
What are the side effects of not getting enough sleep?
June 18th, 2018 7:23am
What are some techniques to help you fall asleep at night when you are really stressed?
February 15th, 2021 1:47am
Do rebound relationships ever work?
July 8th, 2017 5:55am
How do you enjoy dating when you're still sad about your ex, but know you have to date to move on?
July 18th, 2017 8:27am
Do I miss the person, or the relationship?
July 23rd, 2017 1:13pm
Should I break up because my partner is getting hurt by my mental disorders?
July 18th, 2017 8:26am
How can I feel happy about being single?
June 16th, 2018 3:56pm
What to do when you feel you are not good enough for someone?
March 7th, 2021 4:28pm
What does being bipolar feel like?
July 6th, 2017 1:11am
I think I might be schizophrenic, but I'm afraid if I bring my concerns to a doctor, they'll tell me there's nothing wrong even if there is, because I already think I have it. What do I do?
July 11th, 2018 4:09am