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mysteriousDreamer76 |
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Hey! I am Katrina aka MysteriousDreamer76! I am a verified active Adult Teen listener. I am always here if you need anything, my PMs are always open!
Click here to book a chat with me!

Things about me: I am a 19 year old gal from England. I am the Typo Queen. I went to hogwarts- my house is Gryffindor! I absolutely LOVE YouTube! I am a photographer, so I love photography! Love listening to music! Love to draw!
I am a teenie bean stuck in an oldies body xD A teenie bean called Emirson once said “ Oldies but goldies” We may be old but we still know how to have fun!
My loafly listener twins!
Samar27- Samararararararar!
Thank you for always being here for me! It really does mean a lot ta me! Gotta love our daily convos! Hehe I will always be here for you if you ever need anything at all! Samamazing!
ArwaS- Up up and Arwayyy aka BF1 aka Arwanster aka ONLY 4 aka Lil revels aka BFQB
Thank you lovely for always being here for me and helping me things I've needed help on! I really appreciate it! I really do love our convosations! They brighten up my day! So thank you for that! I am always going to be here for you if you ever need anything at all! Arwazing!
KarrotCake - Fuzzles
I am honoured to be your twin! You is such an amazing person who helps brighten up my day! Thank you for being so kind and lovely to me! We fizzles and fuzzles! I will always be here for you no matter what! Fuzzmazing!
ItsMichelle- Michellelelelelelele
My fellow rebel! Thank you! Our conversations always put a smile on my face! They are always funny and random! Thank you for being here for me when I've needed someone! I really do appreciate it! I am always going to be here for you! Michellzing!
Roxrite- Slytherin homie!
Thank you for helping me not be nervous to go in TL and to start talking in there! I really apprecaite that! You can never get out of there now xD Thank you for being here for me! I will always be here for you! Roxamazing!
Again, thank you ta all my twinnies! You guys are da best and I loaf you all so much!
I now have my own tokens. These are called Trina Tokens (TT) I will be giving these out and you can exchange them for anything you like! So things like huggles, cookies, kinder buenos and much more! So keep an eye out for when I’m around hehe
That is all from me! I hope to chat with you soon! And I hope you have an amazing day/night!
Number of Ratings: 74
Number of Reviews: 27
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jun 14, 2017
Last Active in last 6 months
Gender Female
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Chats 578
Group Support Chats 84
Listener Group Chats 520
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Feedback & Reviews
Fantastic listener helped me feel so much happier :D
She’s amazing helper although she couldn’t give advice as she is not allowed to i think a few minutes calmed me down ab it with talkin with her
Very good listener
very kind
Never leaves a wounded soldier behind,she's one of the most dedicated and truly know how to get the job done
They are a really nice person to talk to, they helped me with a lot. :)
Thank you
Really good so far
Shes a good listener
I really appreciate the concern of this listener. She will help lots of people. ☺️
She's an amazing helper and seems to really care about what your problems are. Definitely my favorite so far. Thanks a ton
Thanks for listening
Thank you for listening
Is really passionate about helping people and talks to them with a gentle,kind nature. One of the kindest souls I've ever met.
Sweet,caring and prepared to help anyone in need. While trying to help someone they talk with a layer of nurture but still stays realistic. Is one of the rare kind souls, and these days we need all the kind souls we can get.
This person was very helpful and have great advice
So far pretty helpful and seems kind
very good and very very helpful very understanding
you are very helpful and thanks for the advise
Helped me alot! Great advice and tips, kind and easy to talk to thank you heaps
Thanks a lot.
does a good job listening
Very kind and caring
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