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Hello everyone,
Thank you for finding me on 7 cups! I am a trained listener who has experienced a lot in life and is willing to help anyone going through their toughest times. I believe that anyone can overcome any obstacle in life as long as they are willing to commit and put in a 100% of their effort on improving themselves. So if you ever feel like you have no one to talk to or if you feel like you are alone, always remember that I am always there for you no matter what. Feel free to contact me anytime I am online, if at any time you want to contact me and I am offline please leave me a message letting me know what time you are available next and we can work something out :)
P.S Always remember... you are stronger than you think :)
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Feedback & Reviews
They were very receptive and accepting. I felt silly asking for help and they made me feel a lot better, and took me seriously. They even gave examples from their life to help me relate.
Very kind and helpful
Listens attentively and stays positive:)
It was helpful.
Compassionate listener.
Good listener, appreciated what was said.
great person to talk to
She was wonderful!!! So helpful and kind to me! I would recommend to speak to her over anyone else, and i spoke to three people before her!
Very good listener
Awesome person, really patient and understanding. Loved talking to her.
Super helpful and kind
First time that I have ever talked to a listener and couldn't be more happy that it was with this one, they really made me feel better, and that's what I needed the most.
love this person!! so friendly and helpful!!
This helped so much!! Thank you!!
Really helpful and honest, empathetic, understanding and intelligent responses
Made me feel understood. A great listener!
This listener was so kind and helpful, giving me multiple perspectives to look at my situation from. They really helped me feel better.
They helped me understand my problem and reassured me about it, great chat
Super caring. Very helpful. Just a great listener and a great person overall.
she is a good listener and a kind person.she takes time and effort to really understand what u are going through rather than sending short half baked texts .
Amazing. Thank you so much.
great and relatable
Thank you for listening when no one else would :)
Awesome, best listener I've had
Really helped me out when I was confused. Understood where I was coming from and never judged me. Was there for me when I was feeling down. So grateful for this interaction. Thank you.
Thank you , felt like a start to being positive again :-)
Very empathetic, very professionalism, very kind, very caring, very exactly what I needed tonight. I would recommend naturalHorizon61 to anybody who needs an exemplary Listener.
My first conversation with a listener. He gave suggestions which I needed to hear 😀
this was my first time on 7 cups and had a wonderful and helpful experience. Thank you!
Extremely kind and helpful listener
Great person to talk to
Great listener
Very helpful
She is kind!
So helpful and helped me see things and gave amazing suggestions
So amazing and helpful
Very easy to talk to, meaningful and thought out responses, great sense of humor too!
Very nice
Really kind, sweet, caring, considerate and helpful. Really cares about making someone feel better. Thank you so much! :)
Incredibly compassionate, kind support. Really helped me a lot!
Incredible listener, great advice. Thank you very much!
Thank you very much for your reassuring words!
She calmed me down very easily when I was sad and uncertain, and she was very empathetic and kind! Great listener! :)
A strong and emphatic person.
An excellent listener who really understood and helped me with what was bothering me. 10/10 Couldn't ask for better! A truly kind person.
Wonderful listener! Very positive, and really helped me through a rough night. Recommended.
such a kind person
Really had a great time with them :) So positive and uplifting ! Thank you so much !
Life changer. Very insightful. Very kind. Very helpful. Very easy to talk to. Just amazing. Thank you.
Very professional, and at the same time a very caring and keen listener. Great service you're doing :)
This listener is the best listener.. Knows what to say and when to say it.
A really good listener, helped me a lot since we started talking!
The very best listener I've talked to on 7cups! Loved chatting with this person!
Very optimistic listener :) I felt like talking to a friend.
Great job she is my safe place
Amazing listener, empathetic, supportive and positive. Thank you so much!
My first time using this site, listener NaturalHorizon61 was extremely friendly, welcoming and professional. They made me feel at ease talking to them and gave me logical responses in how to tackle my issues. Very lovely person to talk to ;)
great job getting me to relax.
She understood me very clearly! Thanks friend
Thank you so much for being there for me. This listener truly doesn't judge anyone and they are such and asset to the site! I'm so glad i had the chance to chat with them and take some of the weight off of my shoulders for a while! They are such a star!
One of the best listeners i have ever had the chance to talk to. I feel so much better and have been given a little boost to deal with my concern. AAA+++
So great listener and advicer! I highly recommend
naturalHorizon61 tries to help you and he/she is really a positive person. good guy for talking. I was satisfied.
What an amazing listener!!! Took all my problems as his/her own. Helped me see the bigger picture. Some people make this world a better place by just being in it. Thank you so much. I feel a lot better.
So helpful. Best listener I've ever had.
I really felt that horizon was speaking from the heart and I didn't get the robotic response I was expecting from one to one chat. A true warrior in their own right and just gave me time and an ear to bend. Thank you
really nice and supportive and caring
Very helpful, understanding and actually tried to help instead of just reassure. Awesome!
She was so considerate, patient, reassuring, gentle and thoughtful. She is an amazing listener and I so appreciated being able to speak to her today. Thank you!
Thank you from my heart for listening and being compassionate with me .
Very helpful and relatable listener. I will definitely contact her again and recommend her to those looking for a great listener.
Great listener! Listened to me rant and get my situation off my chest and helped me calm down
Such a great listener, offered insight I had not seen previously, definitely helped me to start to deal with a very painful past.
she is personable, friendly, quick to understand and offer support and encouragement. I'm so glad she is a Listener on 7 Cups.
Super kind and helpful person
So nice! Even though my problem was tiny in comparison to what others go through, it's still so nice to have validation and help when I need it! Very empathetic and helpful! Thank you!
Nauralhorizon61 had it spot on! she understood and gave me advice like a friend would!! thank you!
I felt a lot of care and consideration went into the conversation. I had been listened to and received great advice from the problems I'm currently facing. Their was a lot of empathy. I also thought that my listener helped me to turn the negative into positives.

I'm happy to have found this app as it has definitely helped deal with my intense feelings. I hope that I can have many more conversations that will allow me to be more positive. ☺
Very patient, considerate and friendly. Just the kind of person one wants to talk to when down. I'm so thankful to this listener.
She's an amazing listener, the best one I found here :)
Absolutely love her. She understood me well.
Very thankful that this person was there and willing to chat. Thanks again!
really she is very supportive and can be compared by my slight review......
She's absolutely wonderful!!! =)
She is an amazing listener! She helped me to just vent everything and than to get solutions to the problems I was facing! I would talk to her again!!
Thank you!!! You've made me feel like such a deserving and cared for person
She's remarkably kind and thoughtful. We've worked through so much together, and I feel like I wouldn't be as happy without having met her. I'll always be grateful for her kindness, compassion, friendship and understanding,
Very helpful and thoughtgul, even for a girl that young yet she has a good insight and suggestions. Thanks!
awesome listener. 12/10 for empathy. Highly recommended.
You're an amazing person, J. Keep doing what you do. You're great at connecting with your 'Ranters'. You're an amazing listener. Thank you :)
She is so remarkable. I didn't know what to expect when I came on this site and she has just been an absolute angel!!
She was extremely kind and caring. I just really needed someone to tell me what I should've already known and she shared her honest thoughts. I'm definitely going to talk to her again soon!! Thank you naturalHorizon61 and 7cups!!!
This listener has been absolutely wonderful, they gave me confidence in myself and my decisions, and I assure you, that's not easy to do! Thank you!!!
This listener was there for me at a really confusing and sad time. They really helped me through it and I will always be grateful!!
A wonderful listener. Thank you so much for your positive attitude, kindness and empathy.
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