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There is still so much more light to chase.

I truly believe that.

My name is Natalie Bueche. I love writing, reading, running, and baking. I'm a free-spirited hippie, just like my aunt, and a clown, just like my dad. I'm also warm and compassionate, just like my mother. I've always been passionate about traveling and exploring others' cultures. I'm always ready to accept people from all walks of life with open arms.

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a little over a year ago. I've struggled with body dysmorphia and self-confidence issues. I've always had a little bit of a darker side hidden behind my bubbly spirit, but one day the dark side finally overcame the good. Depression is never easy. It will stay with me for the rest of my life; but it is a part of who I am. Although it can sometimes make me weaker, it also makes me stronger.

"The flame shall not consume me." Isaiah 43:2

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