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niamh333 |
Listener - Sage 1

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5.0 star rating
Hello :) I'm Niamh and I'm glad you've found your way to my profile on 7CupsOfTea :)
I am a trained active listener who loves to help people as I've been helped many times in my life. I am happy to talk about anything at all bothering you and help in any way I can!
I have particular expertise when it comes to matters of depression, self harm, sleeping issues, bullying and family and relationships. However there is no matter I wouldn't happily discuss with you.

Please feel free to get in touch! If I'm online just message me and we can chat, and if I'm not message me anyway and I'll get back to you asap :)
Hope to hear from you soon :)

My Dearest fellow Listeners

⭐ I am a Chatroom Mentor and I'm accepting mentees :)
⭐ I am a Peer Support so please feel free to message me for advice, or support after a difficult chat.
⭐ I am a Group Mod if there are any issues in the chatrooms please feel free to message me.
Feedback & Reviews
Excellent very supportive super friendly.
wonderful , thank you so much
Great listener, super friendly and fast replies, willing to help!
Niamh is lovely and so kind!
Amazing, one of the first to actually care
very understanding and listens well,thanks
Absolutely brilliant very down to earth and easy to talk to
Genuine, friendly and easy to talk to. An all-round perfect listener
very nice
Look no further, there's no better listener on this website.
Thank you for everything,best listener ever!😄
thank you or understanding the seriousness of my problem, best listener tonight.
Best listener experience I've had to date. I do wish our schedules lined up better so I could do a live chat, but, given that the issue is more on my end, I couldn't be happier. Incredibly helpful and insightful. Very good at keeping the conversation going when I don't know where to go next, but want to keep talking. Very relateable.
Niamh is so compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental. She makes it so much easier to talk about things which are normally really tough to discuss. Couldn't ask for a better listener ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Not spoken for a long time but she seems very kind and caring
Super kind and caring! It feels good talking to her as she takes time and is supportive :)
Great Listner! Xx
Ahh, where shall i start? She is so, unbelievably caring. There are very few listeners as caring as her and they all leave me, yet she hasn't. When I'm at my worst i am so, so dodgy, yet she never gives up on me. I love her so much it's unexplainable, she's so amazing, you have to try messaging
She's so kind and amazing, a great listener and is so nice to talk to, I talk to her everyday and it's amazing, I always look forward to speaking with her! X
really good listener
Wonderful listener - check this person out for their listening skills and polite ness
I appreciate you listening . Great advice and thanks for taking the time to respond to me
Amazing! For the first time in months I feel understood and taken serious! I have done professional online counselling, with no outcome - only a few chats with Niamh333 and I feel I get my life back on track! THANK YOU a lot for listening! Finally I found the help I needed
I think Niamh is, without a doubt, 1 of the greatest listeners on 7 cups!💜💜
Really sweet, kind & uplifting person. Definitely a keeper listener!💜💜
very cool - took the time to see how I was - brightened up my day
Very friendly! Made me feel normal for a bit 😊
Caring, empathetic, and friendly all the time. Great stuff, and keep being an awesome listener! :) -99mohit
she listened so well and gave helpful suggestions and supportive messages. i felt comfortable talking to her, she was so genuine and sweet.
Thank you. I am grateful!
You're caring and helped quite a bit. Thank you
Thnks for the help.
She was super helpful and it was great being listened to by her.
Niamh really helped me a lot and calmed me down. You were great. Thank you so much!
Niamh really helped me a lot on getting to know myself better :) she's sweet and caring and helpful
was good
Helped me wonders regarding some orientation doubts. I now feel much secure to accept my feelings. Many, many thanks :D
Niamh explored a vey difficult issue with me and listened and was extremely sympathetic. I wish her happiness
They are nice and try to help
great person
A good, proactive listener.
Niamh333 is great. I really appreciated her time and willingness to hear me out and offer support. Thanks so much!!
After a good half dozen conversations with her. I find that she has the skill to boil down the content of a conversation to a few words and help the client reach their tipping point. Thank you my friend.
Niamh333 is really awesome
Niamh333 is awesome.:-)
Fantastic listener caring supportive listens
Niamh is thoughful in the traditional sense of the word. She thinks carefully before acting. She is kind and supportive and unafraid to take a risk to help a client take the next step in their growth process. I enjoy each session with her.
What more can I say about her, she is a wonderful, caring person, with a kind and open heart.
Was exactly the kind of person I was looking for. She was comforting without being pushy. Was open and talked to me like a person or friend not stiff and structured. The conversation flowed so nicely it was like talking to someone who you've known a while. If there was a favorite option I'd add to mine!
Thank you for being so caring and genuine.
I really like her.
Awesome human connection even in a medium such as thing. I always feel better coming away from our talks because she creates such a safe space to experience my feelings.
Very empathetic and thoughtful. Connects with you and give you honest, sincere advice.
Awesome :)
Very helpful, empathetic and incredibly easy to talk to :)
Extremely kind and gentle, warm and loving, undertanding person, with experiences and problems which have given them the strength and courage to help others. which she is amazing at doing. if you need anything, you should go to her. she can help
is very careing about my emotions and just talks to me about how i feel and trys to give me ideas and methods to feel calm
Listener was kind, and I felt listened to. Was encouraged to get extra help and I will think about that.
Loved her... easy to talk to, showed empathy, and gave good advice, what more could you want, thanks Niamh!!!
The absolute best help I've ever gotten. I feel so so so much better, I feel so much happier, and so much more confident. It was everything I needed and more. This person went above and beyond in kindness- answered super fast and truly validated all my thoughts without judgement.
He was a very skilled reflective listener. Adept at creating a safe space for sharing and brave enough to take risks in the conversation to facilitate insight. Awesome!
Niamh was very skilled in reflective listening. He excelled at creating a safe space for me to share my experiences. He also took appropriate risks in the conversation to help me face important parts of my trauma and helped me find a way to understand them. I look forward to talking with him again.
very helpful
Really great listener. A+!
Very kind
Very good listener
Very supportive and VERY VERY gentle! o-o
Really carrying and.a very good listener
I was feeling muddled when I began chatting with Niamh but she helped me focus. Thank you :)
Empathetic, patient, and suggestive of acceptance first, and of talking my emotions through with others second. And, very kind. Thank you for your time and for giving back.
Absolutely fantastic. Advice was exactly what I needed and really really helped calm me down at the time and helped the situation in the long run. Overall brilliant :)
Awesome Awesome person!!! Made me realise I am worrying for nothing!!! Feel clear about everything now :)
Niamh is a very kind and attentive listener, really enjoyed our conversation
Thanks again!
Asked thought-provoking questions that helped sort through my problem - very helpful!
Wonderful Listener! You helped me very much, thank you!
The best! Made me feel fantastic! So helpful
It was a quick chat because unfortunately i had to leave. However, i'm quite sure niamh333 would have done a great job in listening to me.
He did a very goodjob
Thank you so much for your empathy and compassion. It helped me clear things up.
This person was a good person and was also a great listener!!
Very good listener. Gave me hope and belief in myself that I can get through this very tough situation.
He was a very good listener, he cared for me!
He's amazing and make me feel batter
I liKe your suggestions..! Thank u soo much..! :) yeah I felt better
They are so kind and understanding while also trying to be very logical. It was great to have such a nice conversation with them. I will definitely continue to talk with them.
Niamh is a very helpful, kind, and empathetic listener. One of the best!
Really helpful, exactly what I needed
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