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My shrink told me that the reason I suffer is because i'm too smart.
Now i'm learning to play a bit dumb.

My advice to you is: Don't over think & ruin your mind. Your mind is a horrible place, only if you make it to be one. When you're at a low point in your life talk it out instead. That's what i'm here for.
After venting it out, you'll feel much better. Trust me. Venting means opening up. Sorting your mind out. And maybe that's what you need. That's what I needed at my low point.

I probably know how you feel & even if I don't I promise i'll listen. Because i'm not letting you go through what my mind has made me go through all these years.

Lot's of love.

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Great person :)
i can't thank you enough for u'r views. mysterious but so wise... u know exactly the right words to say... Thx.
The reason im not doing anything stupid like overdosing or cutting myself, is you. Thank you so much. You've opened up my eyes & I feel like i'm worth it. & You remind me a bit of Lana Del Rey.. The way you say things.. You're thoughts... Just Thank u .
Super competent, and great at listening and providing great advice
Nice person!
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