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Listener - Genius 2

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Kindly read below 🌹🙂

💐 For longterm support:
I'm working full time in real life and helping a little bit here and there on the site. I would love to listen and support you, kindly choose below how you prefer to communicate: 
Slow pace chat: Leave each other offline messages back and forth. I will reply as soon as it is possible for me. 
Real time chat: Kindly PM me the day and time that is most convenient for you, and I will let you know if I can manage to stay in for 1 hour. I only listen to 1 member at a time, and 1 hour is the best length of time for me to stay focused. 
One time wonder chat: Please request through a general request and if the stars align, we'll meet 😄

I do not take sexual topic chat

Feel free to PM shall you have any queries regarding:
🎓 Building Community Program (BCP)
🎓 Quality Leadership Program (QLP) 
🎓 Group Leadership & Dynamic Development (GLDD)

❍ Meet my amazing twin ADHD listener jovialButterfly6752 
🎗ADHD  never stop us. It made us:
Creative, out-of-the-box thinker, multi-tasker, charming, adventurous, curious, and productive 🥁 😃


You're most welcome to revisit my profile as I'll continue updating it with my fav quotes or my messages. From my heart to yours 


“The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.” - Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)

"Receive without pride, let go without attachment" - Marcus Aurelius


La fragilité du cristal ne le rend pas faible, elle rend délicate ♡

The fragility of a crystal doesn't makes it weak, it makes it delicate ♡

See you around!

Number of Ratings: 69
Number of Reviews: 68
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Nov 4, 2019
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 518
Cheers 222,911
People Helped 571
Chats 3,488
Group Support Chats 263
Listener Group Chats 215
Forum Posts 1,058
Forum Upvotes 1,071
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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener. They were active throughout the conversation and gave me some guidance as well.
Wow, just so many positive things to say about this listener. They really embody what 7 Cups is about, active listening, asking thoughtful questions, and making kind and compassionate observations so that someone such as myself can look inward and discover the answers to my own problems. They've really become a friend that I enjoy sharing my life with. I feel safe and validated talking to them. Thank you!
Very understanding. Gives me great hope!
Hope to talk with her again. Wonderful regardless to topic.
Absolutely wonderful. Followed all the listener rules, without however being a cookie-cutter listener. Was relaxing to talk to, and helped me gain some insight.
so great listener, they listen, understand everything and adjust to your needs, highly recommended
Understanding and ready to make you better.
she is a really nice lady. i am going trough a very difficult time, and she really supported me
Exceptional listener, with an excellent and engaging personality. This is a person who strives to go the extra mile for those in need of support, whether urgent or ongoing.
Very kind and empathetic listener
She is very patience while I am preoccupied with many other things going on.
thanks for the chat
Literally amazing. So kind. So uplifting. Their words are like an old friends hand on your shoulder, letting you know everything will be ok.
Very patient and nice!
Very kind and thoughtful
Is great at understanding
They seem to be great at listening
very insipiring
He is very welcoming and lovely.
Really attentive listener...
Amazing listener, really listens and understands a person's true pain and emotions.
I really appreciate your effort, you're very good
Great listener! Very kind and nice to talk to.
Great listener!!
I have high standards- And they nailed it. Great job, if you talk to them youre in great hands
Gave good suggestions for me
very very helpful!
Helped me feel like my small Problems meant the world to her
She is very attentive and her insight helped through a very difficult time in my life
Quick responses
Awesome listener
Great listener!!!!
He/She leaves a good impression :)
She is a very kind listener.
Caring and Good listener
A great listener, listened and did not judge.
I felt v positive energy from this listener. Feel a good friend I got in her. She is highly recommended. God bless her
Awesome listener. Very patient and empathetic. I feel my stress melt after chatting with her.
This listener took a lot of time to discuss things with me, was very helpful and considerate. I recommend you chat with him.
Amazing person
Very patient and understanding. Kept exploring ideas to help
Good listener helping me a lot
Feels better after chatting..
Excellent listener
they're nice, their heart was in the right place
a beautiful spirit and a golden soul
She is just wonderful
Gave me nice advice and some tips to help me focus.
Good listening skills
good patience and listening
love that she keeps writing me
So positive and informative! Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it! Peace.
Really helped me sort out my problems and get things done, would reco
Thank you so much
really helpful. very calm
Well I found a much older version of me...
Her patience is beyond belief. Thank you.
Sooo helpful. Thank you!
they try their best to understand the situation to help
Good guy, helped me :)
This person was phenomenal. Paid attention to everything. Put themselves in my shoes. Gave feedback that really showed thought and care. No cliches. No platitudes.
Very helpful and a good ear with great input
So great! She was very open and understanding even if she was clueless to what I was talking a
Very caring, very understanding
very kind and helpful
Brilliant listener who really cares
A great listener, too supportive
Calm person who listens well and asks good questions to keep the chat flowing
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