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Listener - Epitome 17

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5.0 star rating

Hello! My name is Paul. I'm here to give a kind ear to people who are going through difficulties in life. So if you need someone to listen to you, you are welcome to contact me.

Number of Ratings: 346
Number of Reviews: 156
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Swedish
Listener Since Jan 18, 2015
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People Helped 774
Chats 19,407
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Feedback & Reviews
One of the best listeners here, kind and nice to talk to :)
Compassionate, understanding and insightful
Good chat. Made me feel easy
I deeply appreciate Paul’s compassion and empathy. He’s a fantastic listener~
Great Listener 😍
Great listener
Very kind a great listener
Helpful and kind.
A really good listener. Responds enough to feel engaged and let's you fully decide which rabbit hole of a thought to go down
I felt calm after we chatted.
Very thoughtful and empathetic.
Thank you very much.
En väldigt trevlig person och en bra lyssnare :)
A very patient listener, helped me understand a lot about my emotions.
Very good listener. I appreciate your time
Very good listener. I appreciate your time
Paul is a soul healer.
The best listener around!
Very good listener and quick response time!
Thanks for listening ♥️
Awesome listener, really kind and open minded makes his best to try and find solutions to your problem. I recommend him !!!
Nice, understanding, and listened to me carefully. Thankyou..
great listener 10/10 i feel much better
made me feel better. thank you for listening to me and your support
open and a good person to talk to and tries to understand what's going on
Excellent listener. I like the quick awnsers.
good listener,loved talking and made me feel comfortable
Calm and helpful. I would recommend
They are lovely to speak to. Never interrupted or diverted me from speaking my mind and gave me all the time to express. I needed this non judgemental, patient listening ear, and I can say I have gained a lot from this conversation. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I don't remember the last time I felt so relieved. All thanks to Paul! I wish them the best :)
An incredible listener!
Good and patient listener
a decent listener
Very patient, and understanding listener, they really helped.
He is a very good listener
Good listener, helped realize things I was not realizing myself Kudos, thank you so much
Thank you for your kindness, support, empathy and care, especially during this tumultuous time. Words cannot express my gratitude.
Very nice listener and empathetic.
Paul was exactly what I needed.
Very receptive, fast response times, genuinely seemed to care and paid attention well to the conversation
Great listening, really enjoyed talking to Paul.
Super Brilliant and Awesome!!!
What a wonderful listenner. Very empathetic! You rock. :)
Best listen I've came across this app, he listens very well, and cares about what you're saying, you're doing an amazing job, thank you for listening to me all this time 😊
Kind and helpful. Thanks for keeping me company.
Sometimes when we need to accept ourselves for doing anything, we need someone to let them tell their own version of their experience. It’s a nice and comfortable chat with this man, he was patient, kind, compassionate and very helpful in any aspect. I even apply every bit of what he shared to me to my whole relationship with my partner. It wouldn’t be easy, but I know it would be worth it! Thanks to you kind heart :)
He was kind and had a great use of words. Made me feel welcomed.
so so so understanding and patient thank u
A very kind and patient person
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Nice listener apprciate it
Paul is a truly wonderful listener! I am very thankful for his kindness, patience and compassion.
Helpful and kind enough
Very prompt reply and great chat
Paul’s amazing listener 💕 helped me when I absolutely needed it, thank you so much!
Nice! Wonderful! Kind heart! Professional!
Awesome guy. I would highly recommend him. He the man
Always nice to talk to Paul. He is very responsive and caring as well as responds in such a timely manner. So glad to have him here!
good, nice listener
Very nice, lets me talk for a while about stupid stuff. A+
Sooo soo patient....lovvely....very empathetic.....calm after chatting
Paul is a calm and very kind listener who gives you a lot of time and care. Thanks for being here Paul 🙂 *Ladywriter*
This person knows how to view your problems from your perspective, really honest and supportive too! I get the feeling that he really wants to help you, I never thought a stranger online could be so supportive!
A very nice person
This listener is so kind and gentle soul very smart and always is respectful just an all around thoughtful person thank you Paul your the best!!
Loved it! Awesome chat! 180%
Kind and helpful listener! *****
Very nice and kind
Never failed me. Always listening and checking on me when needed. A beautiful loving soul willing to help everybody and make them feel better.
Really great and helpful.
Best listener I've talked to on 7cups. Ver compassionate, helpful, friendly, positive, motivating and also very responsive and kind. I'm glad they accepted my request and very grateful for all the help. Thank you so much ..stay blessed
Really compassionate, and lovely man. Very kind and understanding. Not only listens very well, but also asks questions, is genuinly interested and cares about what you have to say. Gives great advice. This has been a very helpful chat for me.
very sweet, encouraging, and uplifting :)
Consistent, caring and very prompt in replying, amazing listener!
A kind and supportive listener, with an incredibly generous heart. I highly recommend him to someone in need of an excellent friend. Thank you.
The words can not describe how this person was patient and listening to me, thank you.
Great listener, took his time. Didn't judge at all and is very compassionate.
Chatting with peacefulTree was a great experience. He helped me to reconfirm some thoughts and questions I've been asking myself, and that's very helpful. Actually a big part of what I needed to hear. Thanks!
Paul is a lovely person. He helped me a lot when I was in a bad spot, and I am grateful to have found him. Thank you for your kindness.
Nice to have some one listen and seem to care !!!!
Attentive, compassionate and very consistent
Good person
PeacefulTree gives you nothing but his undivided attention. No judgement, quick responses.
I am immensely grateful to have had the chance to correspond with Paul. He approached my situation with compassion, empathy, care, sincerity and a kind demeanor. He asked pertinent questions and provided detailed feedback that enabled me to evaluate my circumstance. I cannot thank him enough for his genuineness, professionalism, expertise, and thoroughness.
So consistent and compassionate
peacefulTree is a great listener. I haven’t felt this calm and worry free in weeks. He or she knows exactly what questions to ask and knows how to respond in a way where I don’t feel alone.
''Truth is harder than a lie The dark seems safer than the light And everyone has a heart that loves to hide I'm a mess and so are you We've built walls nobody can get through Yeah, it may be hard, but the best thing we could ever do, ever do'' talk about our issues. Thanks for being on the other side and allowing me share and not to hide anymore.
peacefulTree, You took common courtesy to an uncommon level. I am so grateful for your help and I appreciate you so much. Thank you for always being there !! :)
Very sweet and caring.
Very helpful felt like talking to an old friend.
Helpful, kind, empathetic
Peaceful is a very nice listener, Helped me a lot, I am very thankful.
Please talk to them if you need any help. It will help you. :)
Great person. Very caring and understanding
very friendly and has the time to listen to you and provide support. thank you
I thank you for being a brilliant and amazing listener.... You help me so much.... you are truly gifted :)
Peacefultree was an amazing listener! He was very responsive and helped me figure out a solution to my problem, Thanks so much!!
Very kind and helpful, and patient. These are the kind of listeners we look up to on 7Cups. Thank you so much! 🙂
You are amazing
Thank you, kind ears
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