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Hello, as you may be able to tell by my picture I love cats. But what you won't be able to tell is I'm pansexual, probably should've found a cat with a pan on google images instead. Yes that's the first thing I choose to mention about myself in this column. Probably says a lot. But that's not why I'm here, I really love to listen to people and help them in whatever way I can. Whenever I do help friends out it's actually very rare they say "hey that didn't help at all" but instead I can't count how many times they've told me I should sign up for psychology or something because apparently I would ace it. Well considering exams aren't my thing and this one mark stopped me from taking psychology as an A level-which I'm quite glad I didn't, much prefer BTECs but that's not the point. The point is taking that psychology class would've only made me find ways to have to study in something I just liked doing in the first place and I don't know about you but having to study something would definitely take the joy out of it. So instead of signing up for psychology, there's the still helping friends option but there's also this, finding new people who want someone to talk to and being that person I didn't know I needed two years ago and beyond; when I had depression. I didn't know I just needed a friend but it worked little by little when I spent more time with a friend and without even telling her I was just starting to feel better by just talking to her for the short hours we could in lessons at school. Talking about random crap which made no sense whatsoever unless it was between us. Soon enough I wrote a small letter and told her that I had depression but I was slowly getting past it, and the lesson after, she told me she read it and was just so glad she could help without even knowing it. I could see the joy in her eyes when she was saying that and I just felt lucky that she knew the right thing to say, didn't make a thing about it, just got on even greater if that was possible.

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