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Helloo! 🐘

Just before you click   Chat/Message  😊 please note that: 

🥁 Not taking issue sex-related
🥁 I support anonymity on this site. I'd appreciate if you keep your privacy and respect mine.

Going to throw this out just because:
No, I am not a parent and I believe talking with another parent helps you better on talking about children or spouse. I am not a LGB(T) but I am open to talk with you, I mean, basically it is a romantic relationship preference, right, you and I are still human (<< if I'm wrong, don't hesitate to explain to me, please).

With that being said,
I am here genuinely to help people in need.
So, let's try and see if you feel better at the end of today's conversation, shall we? 

I believe
one needs a person to share stormy-thoughts; because to share is to work it out.

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Feedback & Reviews
Great person ! Even checked in with me a day after our talk.
Really wants to help , very polite and understanding .
Really helpful and kind!
Very compassionate and helpful listener. Enjoyed my session with him :)
She is so sweet! xo
Listens well. Attentive and non judgemental
Very good listener, helped me a lot :)
Listens carefully n responds quickly
a good listener
Extremely caring person!! I feel that they care and come back to check up on you. Very patient listener
The best listener I have found on 7 cups so far. Pretty helpful.
Very helpful and a good listener
Thank you so much
He's a really passionate listener
They try to understand me and they do so without being judgemental.
She is great she gave great advice I really recommend her
The best listener I've ever had..
Very good listener, patient and calm.
Really good o whatever
Stayed with me until the end of the chat and listened when other listeners didn't. She was kind, patient and understanding, didn't drown me with a ton of unrequired advice, nor she jumped to conclusions or judged me for the things I shared. So thanks
Takes time to listen and to answer. Great listenner.
patient and understanding, also quick responses ! great listener
Quick responses, very helpful!
Very kind. Willing to help.
Thoughtful and payed good attention, even when I struggled to explain things well. Thank you so much.
Cool and insightful listener.
What a great chat! Thank you so much!
Great listener, talked to her for a while :)
A single word from her could make you feel cared and loved. No, I'm not sugar coating. -Iron Man
A single word from her could make you feel loved and cared. Good enough? -Iron Man
It was a productive chat even for a short one.
It was a nice chat, thanks
It made me learn more about myself
Thanks, it was appreciated!
A great listener. So patient, nice, gentle, asking the right questions. Highly recommended!
He is a great listener and give you the strenght and power to open up and end the conversation with better feelings!
Great listener who gave comfort
Interested in people, does not talk too (I would appreciate more interaction) much but gives meaningful responses and feedback.
Amazing person. Has helped me soo much.
patient,compassionate listener
Just what I needed. Isn't informative in the short chat I had, on terms of advice, but let me know I'm doing a good job and I know she's there for me.
A great time i had
She really knows what she is talking about.... very focused while addressing issues, understands all the various dimensions and presents them with much clarity and empathy.
comfortable to chat with. very understanding
Really good listener very kind
I enjoyed our chat. It was my first time. Very good listener 😊
actually listens and responds with lots of help
Good listener really
Good listener and asks relevant questions
Asked lots of questions to get me to open up more great chat
One of the best listeners I've ever had the pleasure to chat with. It was supportive without saying: "Do this or that". The listenner just listenned and was there. 5/5
Good talking to you
Very nice and friendly.
thank you for listening to me vent, sorry
Really good at giving support in implicite way, such by giving compliment about my way of thinking, and in explicit way by giving simple yet realistic examples of solution. Mature perspective, and surely a really good listener, since I'd always given my chance to complete my sentences. Catching up with more and more people is way could expand much more of your perspective dear! Keep up the good deeds inside you :)
very kind listener
Very helpful listener.
They were great and listened to my problems and gave me helpful solutions to think about!
Very sweet and willing to listen and help!
A compassionate person and patient, thank you
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