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rrretsuko |
Listener - Expert 3

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5.0 star rating

♡ hi ! ♡

i'm rrretsuko ! i love helping others and i am comfortable with providing support for just about any topic (except the ones listed under the "chats i do not take" section, thank you ! <3). though i cannot say i've had experience with every subject, i'd like to try my best with listening to others who need someone to talk to.

i have had personal experience/been medically diagnosed with the following:

MDD (major depression disorder)

DMDD (disruptive mood dysregulation disorder)


ED (eating disorder)

on a happier note, i also love glitter, the color pink, animals, and music !

my availability :

green - i am online and accepting chats !

orange - i am online but either busy helping a member or in the support rooms. if you leave a message, i won't reply until i am done helping the member i am listening to at that moment or when i leave the support rooms !

red - i am offline and not responding to any messages at the moment. if you leave a message, i may take awhile to respond depending on how busy i am !

mondays - saturdays : i am usually accepting chats the whole day, but i may be busy at times :)

sundays : i am normally more busy on these days ! <3

my roles on cups ! :

i am refraining from holding any roles besides chatroom moderator, peer supporter, and safety patrol team member at the time as i feel i am not able to fulfill any other responsibilities <3 but please feel free to ask me about any roles i may have held in the past !

verified listener : i have been verified by the community based on my commitment to active listening skills and quality chatting ! i passed a mock chat with a mentor in order to receive this badge :)

chatroom moderator : i moderate the chatrooms for the newbie hub (teen community room 24/7 and sharing circle) community and the eating disorder community to make the rooms a safe and supportive place for everyone !

• safety patrol team member : i help to make sure user profiles are following the 7 Cups guidelines ! <3

 peer supporter : i help support listeners after a difficult chat or with specific chat situations <3

previous roles: peer appreciation team member, listener check-in host, forum supporter, subcommunity leadership events team member, listener events team member, LDP mentor, project agent, listener verifier team member, teen discussion host, and listener coach

chats i do not take ! [please read] :

• any flirty or sexual conversations

• chats from members who are suicidal or actively self-harming and seeking crisis support as it is against 7 cups guidelines and a big trigger for me. please refer to a hotline here instead

• roleplaying chats of any sort <3

• chats from members who treat me disrespectfully as it upsets me

• topics on age regression as it can be triggering for me <3

• chats that get too graphic/detailed when describing sexual events

side notes ! [please read] :

• i do not recommend relying on me for fast replies if you message me out of the blue for an unscheduled chat 

there are chances i may not get back to you in certain circumstances. this most likely means that i am busy and unable to give you support at the time. you can find another listener here in the meantime !

• i tend to use emojis such as ‘❤️, ‘:O’, ‘:)’, and :( frequently. if this is a trigger for you, please feel free to let me know !

• i also have experience with dissociation, mania, phobias, finding/questioning sexual and gender identities (i'm bisexual !), toxic/abusive relationships, and sexual assault. if any of my experience (as well as the issues i have listed as direct lived experienced aka the topics with stars by them and have been diagnosed with) could be useful for you, let me know !

♡︎ here are some of my favorite quotes from shows/artists i love ! ♡ :

"when we keep moving, we become a little stronger every single day" ~ retsuko, aggretsuko

"no one is afraid of heights, they're afraid of falling down" ~ kurt cobain, nirvana

"if you really believe in yourself, like i always have, keep at it. and i don't care if it takes you thirty, forty, fifty years- it will happen. and it'll make you happy" ~ bradley nowell, sublime 

"for me, success is a state of mind. i feel like success isn't about conquering something; it's being happy with who you are" ~ britney spears

"i've come to the conclusion that life is for the taking and just too short to dwell on the negative" ~ dolores o'riordan, the cranberries

”you’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart” ~ george michael

"learn to be alone, because not everyone will stay" ~ lil peep

"life shouldn't be something that's draining and long" ~ slowthai

"love yourself like someone you love" ~ matty healy, the 1975

Feedback & Reviews
rrretsuko is patient, kind and thoughtful. He/she give detailed responses and tries his/her best to understand my struggles.
amazing listener
Rrretsuko is nice
very kind and patient, comforting and generally really good :)
they really helped and made me feel like they understood
very kind! GOOD listener :))
They are amazing and listens to me
This chat helped me alot. They listen to you and provide options if you need suggestions. They are not a try this person, they are a let's talk about it person. Thank You!
rrretsuko was very friendly and helped so much, I didn't realize my self worth until I talked about it with them. I really appreciate it and I will chat with them again when I feel down again.
They really did amazing with helping me to figure out what I was thinking, and I did get it sorted out!
They are really sweet, gentle and helpful. I appreciate their kindness a lot. :)
love her, 10/10
Very good listener understands and helps 😊
Really nice and helpful and inspiring
Friendly and helpful
Very understanding and a wonderfull listener! 💞
one of my best friends here on cups yayaay thank you angel for existing
Amazing listener extremely nice and loving love them
A really understanding listener, they were kind and helpful, especially maintaining an even tone and positive outlook on the situation despite my stresses, it really helped! Very calming presence :)
She’s the nicest kindest most compassionate and supportive person in my life! Thanks soooooo much for validating me and being there for me ❤️
Really kind and understanding
Friendly, easy to talk to and passionate.
She’s nice and understanding of what I’m going through
Makes me feel understood. Helped direct me to more positive thinking. Very kind
Very good at listening supportive
shes amazing and extreamily helpful i recommend him/her 100%
Amazing listener had a great time
Amazing listener very easy to talk to!
Great I’m so happy I’ve been able to speak with this listener
very kind , waited for me to talk , very nice person . Need more people like this .
Very kind and understanding.
Suko is an awesome listener. I feel a ton better after talking to her, She asks the right questions, and is great at reflecting. It actually feels like she is listening. Glad to have this individual in my life!
Kind and awesome to chat to
So kind and warm!! Great listener really knows how to cheer you up and make you feel good about yourself! :)
Really feels likes she's there for you every step of the way.
She is a real nice person. She helped me a lot. She is the best ❤
Super nice and understanding. Tried to relate to my issue and be open minded.
I loved to chat with them! I was so stressed, and they helped me focusing on something else :D I'm really thankful! They were so nice to me
amazing! listened to my problems and tried to help!!
her reply not fast but she good i see=))
mia is so kind c:
she was very nice she heard me out! she told me its okay! i thank you so much
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Extremely helpful and kind
she is an amazing, helpful, understanding, honest, and kind person who is always willing to listen no matter what. she is an incredible person and an even more incredible friend.
The best person I’ve ever met , she’s helped me a lot and I cant thank her enough. I like her alotttttt
She always knows exactly what to say🥺she is amazing and one of the best listeners I’ve had. Thank you so much Retsuko
Rrretsuku is a great listener! She is very supportive and I feel much happier and less anxious after I talk to her.
an amazing person and super helpful, made me feel wayy better and is a genuine sweetheart.
Really nice and good listener
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