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Dear friends,

In Jesus Christ, this is the profile, where you won't me.
That beings said, to all those who are reading this, may you find Jesus today, for it is He who can help you really.
If you wan't to talk great! Why not try with him?
He's not gonna Judge, He's not gonna say go away, He'll Just love. where there is more sin, there is more grace, that does not mean I'm encougaring you to sin, but all I ask you is to try you part, and leave the impossible to God.
You know Strength does not comes when we keep quite, when we think He does not exist, or He will not forgive me, or He is not there, He's not gonna accept me, and the list goes on.
Strength comes, when we surrender our lives and our hearts to the Lord, and respect that He will have authority over us.
Trust me, if you dare to Give your life to Jesus, by total surrender. You are accepting, and activing God's love for yourself.
I have been blind, for many years, I was an aethist for more than 18 years, and within that time, I was here too, trying to help people like you.
The truth of it, is not in my badges or my cheer points, but that Jesus Christ helped you through me, but the moment I cut him off, the moment when I was addicted to helping you, by not listening to Him, but worldy ways, I found out that I have lost my peace, and now it was impossible for me, to give you peace.
Thanks to God again for hearing my voice once again, and helping me to surrender to his Love completley.
Friends, I tell you, I've been through anxiety, severe depression, nearly every single day I used to think about suicide, and most prominatly, I became a Hater of myself, my life, and of others. 
Every ounce, of love, faith and hope, was gone, my life was in darkness, yet Jesus Christ, the Son of Man chose to save me again.
So here friend, I won't be helping you, but I will do somethign even more greater than that.
I can pray for you.
My God, My God, You My King, as a unfaithful servant, begs for mercy for his sins, I do that to you too. Please have mercy on me, and those who are reading this message. Father we are very weak, we cannot walk in the path of you son, we just keep on tremling down. I know that there has been many a time, when we have not prayed to you, as we have should, many a time, we have not believed you, and had doubts to reighn out heart, than you. We know that we have failed to love you, but not following you, by not going to the church. We were afraid, Father, we throught that you might not accept us. But now, we want to make amends to that. We are hopeless, please Father, give us hope, we are not accepted, anywhere, all of these acceptance are temporary, please accept us into your family. We do not love ourselves, that is why we cut ourselves, we often think of suicide, for we think there is no one for us. Father please lead us to the Cross, Please help me to believe in your Son Jesus, once again. Please be with us that we can find Him, and just surrender everything at His feat. We do not want to sin again, jsut help us Father, to lead a way where there is peace, we are tired of fighting. Father, send us your Holy Spirit that it may protect us, as we try our best to lead ourselves to you. Help us, to abide in your son every single moment of our lives. Just like your son and you are in mine. Father, you are the source of everything, all things that are good comes from you, make us good, and wothy again. Mother Marry Help us, by your love, to reach your son. Where there is a Cross, there is Christ, and there is redemnption, there is love, there is eternal life. Father we want to make a commitment from this moment onward, that we wil choose you, before your creation. Help us in our journey, protect us, nourish us, and be with us. Hallelujah 
Our Father in Heaven Holy be your Name, your Kingdom come, your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us of our sins, as we forgive those, who have sins against us, and lead us Lord, oh Most Holy Father, not into temptations, but deliver us from all and ever evil. and Grant us peace. 

That being said, if you still want to talk to me, message me up! 
I'm not noramlly available, because I've other things to attend to.
But I'll reply when I'll see your message.
I'll talk to you.
But the only thing that I can help you with Is Jesus, honestly, I would recommend Him to you because He's the one that's working all the time.
He's the one whom I owe my life, He's the one who is the reason why I smile, sing, praise, worship, love, Hes my Joy, He's my source of everything that is good in me.
Without Him I'm nothing.
So I would say He's waiting for you,
Run to Him with all your pain past and present.
Let Him be a part of it.
Your darkness will cease to exist only when you invite the eternal light in your life.
God bless you! 
Jesus Loves you!
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Good job man
His relationship with God is so strong and it really helps me.
Thank you for listening
For the person who cared,

i have met a lot of people along my journey through life and I can guarantee this.Though I don't know who you are,You will stay with me forever.As an angel who made my day.
So thank you.

Madam 007
Great listener. Thanks for your time, patience and unique perspective. Will ping you again when in need :) Take Care.
Great Listener, Thanking you making me understand that no Lock is made without a Key.
he is really sweet and patient. Thanks alot for everything. God bless you :)
Not really good at this writing thing so please excuse if my words fail to express how grateful i am to you..!Thank you for everything..!
Thank you so much sam .
Thanks Again sam , you are a very wonderful listener ,and you know how to calm me down .
You are very much creative Sam , I could not believe that when I told you my problems you turned them into a story and presented it to me in a way that I can really understand the situation and search for options to get out of it , Thank you so much . Hugs
Showed very much Empathy , many thanks friend .
Thank you Sam you are so lovely ! I liked our conversation very much ! I came here with a heavy heart and you just made me smile thank you , thank you very much.
Thanks again
I really felt great sam , Thank you
Amazing Listener !!!!!
thank you very much im feeling much better
even when i feel lost and alone, sam helps me find direction hope and comfort
Sam you are really really amazing ...... lots of love for you.
Excellent motivating capacity . Sam thank you for everything .
Thanks Sam , It was a pleasure talking to you . I really appreciate this whole Website and Listeners like you for giving your time & helping people like us who really lost the meaning of life .
you are the best no doubt
Thanks Sam
Sam In One word I can describe you "WONDERFUL". Thank you so much. All the best for your Life .
Amazing Listener , U are a Big Time Motivator.
Thank you so much Sam for listening to me today.. I felt so much comfortable sharing my prob wid u today... You are such a motivating person & Im glad I spoke wid you today.. Looking forward to talk to you again..!!! Hugs
Just now I had a wonderful conversation with samc95xc ! You are a very good listener , I Recommend you to others . And I will surely come back to you . take care !
Thank you very much sam , you are very sweet !
Very much Empathetic and Inspirational , Thank you for all the kind and encouraging words .
Sam its always a pleasure to talk to you . Thank you for calming me down as always . You are amazing
Thank you Sam !
Thank you so much! you are a wonderful Listener
thank you friend , I really liked our conversation , Thank you for calling me "friend" all the time ,it really felt great. Hugs!
He's really good....I was having such a tough time...and after talking to him, it's gone...thanks a ton Sam :)
just want to say thank you very much! you really touched my heart!
Very good empathetic and honest listener! Thank you for your support!
Amazing Listener
Very Good Listener
thank you
thank you
incredibly empathetic, a lovely distraction but also extremely helpful.
Sam was amazing! Helped me more then I ever thought possible and made me smile. He showed me the light at the end of this. He's the best!
Thank you its always a pleasure to talk to you!
He is the person who helped me when i needed the most! He is amazing! Thank you sam. You are incredible!
Thank you for helping me out Sam you're one of the best
made me feel like I'm not alone.... I needed this conversation
He is always there for me when i need him and clearly know how to i can say he is one of my best brother and friend..:)
thank you..!!
pretty good
Thank you so much! thanks for making me feel welcome and giving me ideas! I really appreciate all your help!
Really helpful and is there when you need him!
Sam helped me navigate a particularly sensitive situation not common in everyday culture.
helped me to the core.. one of the best listner, guide and a friend.. a good one... thanks alot friend.. u helped me with open heart n guided me so well.. thanks a ton
Absolute sweetheart.
great listener. very prompt with replies. :)
If you have a relationship problem, then he is the perfect boy you should be consulting. He is not only a listener here he is a true friend in need. He helped me a lot. He never judged me. He only showed that this website is so dedicated to help people like me. Im truely blessed by having him as my listener. I just want to thank you Sam You are the best :-D.
He is shook sweet I want every other listener to be like him on this website..... Take care and keep up the good work-
He z very good listener
Sam gave me the feeling that he really cares about each and every member that connects with him. It's nice to feel that someone takes you serious and that you are not just another person passing through. Thanks for giving me and others your time. You are a blessing and I would recommend you to others.
Thank you..
An amazing listener thnx for helping me to get out of my addiction :-) love MT
good luck
A sweet, kind, and nice listener who shared his thoughts and respected my venting.
Thank you
Thank you. You are a great listener. I love this website.
Best listener ever :)
Hey how are you doing Xavier is a very good listener and he is a very nice person and I really enjoy talking too him he'll help you out no matter what you are going through he will help you out and he take care and I really enjoy talking too him.
great listener
Thank you for taking your time to help me!
Very nice listener.
very helpful, thank you
Hey Xavier is a very nice person and I really enjoy talking too him hope too hear from Xavier real soon take care.
I've been going through a really hard time. I've talked to a half of dozen consulars, therapist and doctors. Not to mention all the family and friend. Nothing has helped as much as talking to him. I feel a lot better. I am so sick of being told whats right and wrong for me to do, It was nice to hear that its my choice and only mine. If I wasn't so broke I would tip.
Comfortable to talk to. :)
Thank you
He's great. He didn't judge me. He let me talk until I was done. He empathized and tried to help me with what I was struggling with.
Hey Xavier is a very good person and I enjoy talking too him he likes talking too me and he helps me out I like talking too him he is a very good listener.
Great person to talk to, felt very calm and at peace after our chat - Many blessings for him :)
Thank you
Xavier is a very nice person and I really like talking too him he is a very good friend that I really enjoy talking too him.
Thanks You the fort person I talk about this on a long time I really apreciate
Hey Sam was a very nice person and I really like talking too him he talked too me real good and nice and I like that I really want him too write me and talk too me real soon.
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