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secrecykhasya |
Listener - Specialist 1

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5.0 star rating

-Slowly being active in here. If I couldn't reply to you immediately please leave me a message or find other awesome listener in browse listener page. Thank you for your patience and understanding-

(It's much appreciated for you to read my bio first before chatting with me. Thanks)

Hello there. 

My name: Sya (any nickname is fine, up to you ^^)

Feel free to talk or vent to me about your worries, problems and days. I would love to hear it all and to provide support as much as I could if you needed one.

I don't mind having a casual chat. I'm an outgoing and go with the flow type of person so just let me know if you want to. I want both you and me to minimize wasting time for both of us, ok?

A fun fact about me, I'm highly sensitive person so I could understand all your feelings at the moment so easily without being said.

My availability: In all honesty, it's random. Like I may put myself on orange and red but I'm not actually doing anything in particular but sometimes I truly have things to work on around here. If you see me on green, you're very welcome to message me :)

~ Just leave me a message if you would love to talk if I'm not available at the moment. After all, who am I to turn down human's curiosity and prevent from our paths from getting crossed. I mean it's prefer for you to chat with available listener around here than waiting for my response. 

These are the topics that I refuse to talk about so please take notes:
Alcohol/Drug use

Anything that includes the word 'Sexual'

Lgbtq+ issues

Abuse and Domestic Violence (or just any kind of violence)


Eating Disorder

Health Problems

- If there are any other topics that I couldn't handle I'll let you know -

Here's a random message for you: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I know you've done great, So free yourself from those blues!

Ok it's lame but please do take the message. I mean it. Lastly, I wish your days ahead will be better. Thanks for reading my bio :)

Number of Ratings: 30
Number of Reviews: 27
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Malay
Listener Since Jul 11, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 10
Cheers 51,011
People Helped 89
Chats 631
Group Support Chats 182
Listener Group Chats 195
Forum Posts 111
Forum Upvotes 75
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Feedback & Reviews
amazing listeenr
Sya is a good listener. She listens patiently and responds carefully after analysing the problem
Sya is an absolutely amazing listener, she shows care and make sure you feel safe talking to her. She always gives very good advice and is very kind. Talking to her is very comfortable, feel like we r friends!
I love sya. She’s such a nice person. 😃
She's a good person and usually responded :)
They are awesome! recommended difinitely! :)
So kind and friendly
felt so safe to talk to
Very kind and understanding!! Talking to them helped me feel better.
She is a very good listener
Listened a lot and was there to understand how I felt
Good chat- although I got interrupted and so it left early.
very kind and helpful! i felt at ease talking to them and theyre very understanding
She really helped *potato guy*
So nice she is was patiently listening the entire time please talk to hear to feel better♥️🥺
Very easy to talk to very helpful and found great information about my problem highly recommended
very supportive
Gave me tips to calm down on how I should advise my situation
Really understood me
Sya is extremely nice and helpful : D
really lovely and kind
One of the best listeners , down to earth,
Provided what I needed to feel better in a very kind and gentle way. Great listener and talker.
Just the best. Thank you deeply.
Accepting and will be willing to listen
um pretty swag tbh good advice and great and groovy listening skills
Really great listener, appreciate the compassion
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