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hello! I am glad you found me here. I am still just a teenager going through the motions of life but I am really interested in helping people. I really like making people smile and if I am not adequate enough to help you with your problem, then I apologize but I surely will try my best and make your day better! I am interested in helping with depression and breakups because I have dealt with people before who has gone through both of those things, and sometimes both at once. I have also dealt with it myself, especially self-harm and suicidal ideation. I understand that it can also be difficult to talk about it because you don't always understand what goes on in your own head. Hopefully, you and I can figure it out together :) I also just wanted to note that my schedule is somewhat constricted, which I'm really sorry about, but if you're alright with offline messages and things like that, it would be great!

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Feedback & Reviews
He was really nice, understanding and was honest when he could or couldnt help.
was hepfull and understood what i was saying even when i didnt
I came to this listener heartbroken. She really helped me by listening and then providing a distraction. She talked me like a friend and even made me smile! My mood did a total 180.
Friendly & respectful
Good listener spent time listening to me and helping me
Thanks for your time and kindness
Thank you
Such a sweetheart! Very, very nice. He was there to help calm me down and let me vent when my anxiety was through the roof. Very sweet kid, very nice. Also a very chill person. After I felt better, we just sort of chatted and had a good laugh. It's very nice to have that after a heavier chat. Thanks so much!
He's very kind, and truly tries to be passionate and emphatic.
Nice person, who really cares...
They were really compassionate, and seemed to really care about what I was saying.
Great person to talk to. Listens very well.
He's a very caring human being and whoever is reviewing this you are and he's kind, respectful, and intelligent. We didn't get a long conversation but it was meaningful. I now have more hope for a better tomorrow and a strive to make myself s better human being.
An amazing help, definitely one of the good ones here
He's really friendly and such a sweetheart. Really listens and tries his best to help you.
A m a z i n g and so helpful!
Truly a Saint on earth
He is soooo great...very very awesome. He made me feel okay and i can see the difference that he made...he made that lonely me to me happy and be someone better😊😊😊😊
this is a great guy. so much help.
Awesome-sauce listener! :D Thanks so much for everything! x
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