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What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?

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Listener Since Aug 10, 2014
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Feedback & Reviews
Really great non judgemental chat
This listener is really great, thanks for hearing me
A great listener. Thank you for being always there. I'm extremely grateful to you. He is calm, sweet, patient, non judgemental, caring, and a supportive listener.
Good and helpful listener
I don't know how is he so much perfect in listening. I felt like heard. Thank you so much, someone. It's always a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for always being there.😄
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Calming, caring, clever and funny. Chatting with him really helped me understand my problems and see things from differently. He asked alot of questions and also listened. Very understanding, respectful and polite. It was very fruitful and fulfilling, really enjoyed the chat. Talking to him made me want to become better. Glad we spoke, thank you for listening and for putting so much effort in me. 💯% recommended. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
they really helped me process my emotions and lessened my anxiety about an upcoming event!
I dont know how but I always come to him with my problems. Oddly enough he is humble and rational tonot just listen but solve half of them right away. If i could write a paragraph i would but the fact remains he’s not just a listener he’s a problem solver an actual therapist. So glad to find him ages ago. :)
A very calm, kind and helpful listener. He was there till i felt good and I'm grateful to him. Will definitely recommend to everyone.
Always a charm talking to him
They are great at listening to me!
Really helpful listener❤️
Great listener. Very patient and helpful. Listens attentively to all that you want to say. Thank you sincerely
Really really helpful ,gets the problem perfectly right and offers the best solutions very understanding and supportive.
Really nice guy - helped me see what was going on and talk me through things.
Super engaged and nice to talk to. Helped a lot knowing good people are out there
Very kind and caring listener, asked me right questions ,helped a lot ,Thank you
Amazing listener, really helped me break through things i have been struggling with for months. Looking forward to another chat. highly recommended
They let me talk, thank you.
An amazing listener with the patience of gold. Really helpful, logical and compassionate
I consider myself fortunate, to come across a person like him. He's an all rounder , a listener , a friend , a psychologist who listen to everything i vent out and straighten up all the knots for me. Thankyou so much for being the part of hard days. I couldn't have made it far without you as a listener. Merci
An amazing listener, gifted and so talented with the words. I appreciate all the sweet support I've received.
Amazing Person to Vent to
Understanding and supportive
Just amazing listener. Such an empath and never makes you feel uncomfortable or weird. Really great
Helped a lot, nice to talk
So mature and kind, they really helped me come back to Earth
Rational, objective, yet compassionate and understanding. No unnecessary judgement or unwanted personal questions.
This was just the conversation I needed! He was wonderful. Very attentive listener and zero judgmental.
I like the way she/he talks. She is a very good listener z
Amazing listener! Supportive and understanding. Very polite.
Listened carefully
And excellent listener. And decent response time.
was an kind person 10/10
Fantastic listener really invested time in talking to me. Thank you !
Very caring person who listens and encourage you to talk about your problems
Really listens. Makes you talk and think through things. Sense of humour, so good, that you might even forget your worries for a moment.
Patient, kind hearted listener. I highly recommend. :)
Kind and loving guy, understanding and willing to help. Best listener ever!
He tried his best to understand and to empathise, and he succeeded. He's a very kind, friendly guy who made me think about why I was sad, how I was feeling, what I really wanted. At a time lots of people failed to, he made me feel better - and he's good to crack a joke with. I'd more than recommend. :)
A very helpful person, who can guide you very well in life :)
Recommending this person!
This guy is so lovely and understanding
He is a great listner , good advise , perfect balance ,
My listener was very helpful, someoneelsewhere asked me a lot of questions that made me think about my situation, this reminded some moments that helped me change my perspective of this problem. This listener showed me other points of view and it really helped me.
thank you very much, i can't express how thankful i am to contact you and how helpful you were. again, thank you
Really helped me to put things into perspective :) Thank you!!
Very good listener, highly recommend!
talking to them was so so good , by far best one I talked to in here THANK you so patient and kind and understanding
All in all..... VERY HELPFUL!
very patient listener , with valuable and meaningful inputs to actually to try and change things .
Helps you like ur best friend... Showing empathy and practicality at the same time... The best listener I've come across :)
Al is an honorable human being with a beautiful soul. Thank you so much
Great person with empathie and great advice. Thank you !
Really listened to what I was saying and how I feel and about me and my feelings! I feel so much better and starting to put some thought into things I never even thought about until now. Starting over with my life feels good now!
very empathic and asking just the right questions
Really good
You have no idea how much a simile conversation can help someone ease their worrysome mind.
So far, she is most excellent. Very insightful on relationships.
great listener
Great fella! Very uplifting chat!
Really appreciate you giving me this time. Thank you! I wish you all the best.
definitely helped me out when I needed it most
I didn't think messaging would help, but I've come away with a few issues I need to look into after a great 'message' chat. Having someone you don't know having an insight into your life is an eye opener! Thank you someoneelsewhere
My experience with this listener was very helpful, he helped me get clarity on a situation I was having difficulty with. I will go back to talk if I ever need help again!
thanks for listening
very therapeutic...
I just wish I had all day to talk to this person! Thank you so much, a little time with you made me feel a lot better!!! :D Keep up the good work :) Talk to you soon :D
very good listener, has a good point of view
very good listener, has a good point of view
You will find him very supportive, understanding, easy to talk to, has a good sense of humour.. really knows how to make you cheerful and I really liked talking to him.. keep up the good work :-)
Very helpful listener. not bias at all. gives helpful advice. =)
Very good listener. Very patient and sensible person to talk to. I'll come back again :)
Cool person
good job
An EXCELLENT authentic Real listener ;-)))!!! Very helpful:-)))!!! Thank you :-)))!!!!
Excellent, helped make me feel so much better and come to a solid realization!
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