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sunshinegiraffe123 |
Member - Meaningful Journey 13

•I’m upset, lost, and kinda angry•

I am on the autism spectrum. I have did and ptsd as well as anxiety and asd ( acute stress disorder ) I may have limits but I have exceptionalities not disabilities!

I do stim and have meltdowns/tantrums, it happens with autism. 

In memory of Amelia 4/6/2020 and Tazzie 9/22/2021 ❤️💙 In memory of  Sofia 1/7/2020 🧡In memory of Bones 1/1/2022

Please call me Allie , sun or sunny or sunshine if you must! I’m working hard on communicating and I’d love you to be my friend! Hugs to all who read this! 

#caringallie ~ Navy

All8e - BookishBlue

Triggers: Anything involving dea** including the skull 💀 ☠️ emojis, red trucks, ex’s, crying, babies, abu**, food at times, dru** the word addic* red hearts at times ( If I say pls no red hearts that means they are currently a trigger )

Ghost (6): fearful, large amounts of fear. Julianna (16) : when our host is happy or overly excited I’m out, James (14): Anger. Ashley (12) : High levels of stress or when our host doesn’t fit in. Julie (3) : comes out during flashbacks,

Friends : Prince/Dragon, Miku, Ticket, Bright, Hela, Starss, Daisy, Talker, Nerd, Navy, Sarin, ToastyMuffinKing, Arta, Mermaid, Ley, Sid, Vive, Spruce, Bug, Mia, kase, Sunset System, bright shine, turtle, Aad, Starry, rose, anny, sailor, ginger and many more.

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