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theworldisquiethere |
Listener - Maven 9

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Hi! I’m a trained active-listener and here to support anyone who needs me. I wanted to become a listener because there have been many times in my life where having someone to listen to me would have made such a difference and I want to be able to offer that assistance to anyone who needs it. I'm very glad you've found 7 Cups of Tea, and it’s lovely to meet you!
Number of Ratings: 237
Number of Reviews: 97
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jan 1, 2015
Last Active in last month
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 1,211
Cheers 95,293
People Helped 503
Chats 1,435
Group Support Chats 94
Listener Group Chats 51
Forum Posts 288
Forum Upvotes 628
Feedback & Reviews
One of the BEST listeners here! :)
Very sweet. Asks great questions. Thoughtful and doesn't judge you.
Brilliant. Thank you 😊
They were incredible. I felt like what I was going through wasn't being judged. They could relate and offer real, meaningful insight. It was refreshing.
Amazing listener. Really supportive. Very helpful.
Best listener I've ever had!
honestly so good to talk too, so kind and just made me feel so loved and supported I was so happy with her
I true pleasure talking to this wonderful soul. Provided excellent advice based off of personal experience, and managed to help me in every way I was hoping for.
100% amazing, much love. -anon
Amazing lisner was really helpful with advise and helped me so much
Thanks πŸ˜”
The absolute best listener and kindest person you will ever meet. An actual life saver.
this is the best feedback i have gotten about my anxiety in a long time
This Listener helped me alot. Very admirable.
Thank you for helping me to accept myself
Best listener there is.
Genuinely such a lovely person- really helped me!
she is the sweetest and most understanding person i have ever met. She helped me so much with my stress and anxiety... i dont normally write reviews, but she deserves one! If anyone is in need of help, go to her :)
really sweet and nice :)
Great listener. Helped me out with everything that was on my mind. Sweet caring person.
I love chatting with her she's really good kind always knows what to say when I'm sad liitleidea9277
I loved chatting with you your the most helpful person I have ever chatted to I really did enjoy it you have helped me so much I just hope I get to stay in touch with you
very sweet and helpful
Really helpful
She was so helpful, I loved speaking to her. It was as if I was speaking to a friend. She gave me options and well I really do thank her for that.
The best listener I've ever talked to here in 7 Cups of Tea. She's really helping me in dealing with my problems. She shows professionalism and empathy. She understands me very well. I love talking to her. She made me feel loved and special. Thanks a lot!
Listener is very nice, understands, helps :33
Amazing talk.Made me feel safe.
The best listener on 7cups
theworldisquiethere has an elaborate vocabulary. They're extremely intelligent and speak beautifully. Words of wisdom and beauty.
She was the best. I can't even tell you she is so sweet and so helpful.
she is amazing and she doesn't judge. she gives heart full advice and is loving
Amazing, a life saver
such an amazing person. love her to pieces
She's great. Understands you an she's really polite. I didn't think anybody would understand me but she managed to!!:))
Whoever this person is - they saved my life. I can't thank them enough.
She was great. I felt like she really cared for everything I told her, and she made me feel special and happy. It felt nice to talk to someone who I don't know, and she never asked anything that felt uncomfortable to me. She was so helpful and nice. She made me feel like I could tell her anything and she wouldn't judge.
She is a great person and a really good listener.
very good listner , helped me with a very hard situation .
This person is the best person in the world.
She really understood, listened to my story and didn't judge me or anything instead she supported me unconditionally!
I thank her for everything.
Hannah was a spectacular listener, and I was very very very happy talking with her!!! I highly recommend talking to her.
Best listener I have been talking to on here so far! I felt like she actually listened to me and put thought into what I was saying. I felt somewhat safe talking to her. Very compassionate and understanding! - I'm so incredibly thankful you took your time
You're the best! Very helpfull and you really made my mood change from crying to smiling. It was very helpfull knowing you had an ed as well, and you really took time to answer. Thanks a lot for making my day!
She's so cute and helpful
she has made me feel much better, and is such a good help would love to chat to her again for any help
She is one of the best listeners I know. She really understands your situation, and is able to give honest, yet positive answers to your concerns. Overall, I loved talking to her, and certainly would like to again.
Hannah is the best active listener I've ever had. And when i say she is, i MEAN she IS! Shes and angel sent from heaven. Response time phenomenal. Empathy is over the roof! Helpfulness is the best. She really gets you and answers in full on PARAGRAPHES! I mean shes professional, very helpful, understanding and i couldn't have asked for a better listener. I really appreciate what shes doing for me and other people i need. I can literally write a whole book on how much i am thankful. At the end of the day, there is no other listener similar to her! Thanks so much! β™₯β™₯ -EverlastingDarkness
She is really great. She seems interested and I feel happy about it
I thought she was really good at listening and talking about what I wanted to. She showed good empathy which meant a lot
Amazing person, couldnt have gotten any better advice!
I love talking to theworldisquiethere .
she was so nice and she helped me a lot. i like her thnks.
I can't even thank this person enough.
This listener is amazing. she really truly understands me and knows exactly the right thing to say at the right moment. shes been a blessing in just a short amount of time.
Lovely person to speak to ! It was like talking to a best friend. I felt like i was being understood for once in my life. Anyone is lucky to have you as there listener !
Thank you so much
Hiya, it's ikra7998! You're absolutely flaming amazing who's helped me through my depression
You have viewed my situation from such a positive perspective. You have been an amazing listener. Keep up this good work! And, you have miles to go before sleep. :')
Thank you so much.
Love and luck.
She completely changed my life. I felt like there was no way out and she gave me hope to see there is. I definitely recommend talking to her!!!!
She was not judgemental at all, she was awesome and so helpful!!
Very good, nice to talk to someone who feels the same
You are very smart and patient. Thank you for the talk.
She's wonderful and a great listener !
The most amazing Listener you will ever meet
thanksfor tlaking
This person was very very helpful towards me and I thank for all he or he has said.
I couldn't have possibly asked for more.
Absolutely amazing! Nothing more needs to be said x
One of the best Listeners out there. I HIGHLY recommend. she is amazing and knows how to help people who need her.
A very helpful and understand person someone who you can tell that they are on the same page as you. They really understand your problems
i love you for your help
If there is a perfect listener out there, this is the person. I really connected with this listener, they helped me a lot.
love her!!! super helpful :)
I just needed someone to talk to and he/she was conforting.
helped me with so much! great listener & so supportive of different situations.
You're a real kool kat and a true bro, i wish you all the good things in life
Amazing help so glad my friend introduced this to me because without this person I'd be having another restless night .., thank you so much !
This listener is very helpful and caring. They have very good very advice and are worth talking to.
you are a great person you helped me a lot. thank you =)
if i were going to talk to anyone on this site i would talk to theworldisquiethere
100% best listener ever. I always browse for listeners but this time I just was lazy and clicked the listener button and I found the BEST listener ever. I can talk about anything and they understand. I suggest that anyone who just wants to vent come her This is the best listener in the world.
she changed my life
i could try to write something but it wouldnt describe her. just thank you. you helped me when no one else could.
A really great listener! Helped me to calm down and talked me through my issues. Gave me great resources to help me. Thank you so much! :D
She was truly amazing and helped me a lot today
You are really just amazing and very helpful, thank you for everything!!!!
A wonderful person. Listens and shows so much consideration. I pray that others in distress get the chance to talk to this person.
You've been amazing, thank you so much x
I seriously loved this listener she was just so great! She understood me and was such a great help. I went through my first panic attack while talking to her and she was amazing she helped me get through it and was so professional but empathic and comforting art the same time
She was amazing. She tried to keep me positive ad she really gave me a new look on life
She's very easy to relate too she's super sweet and easy to talk too
wonderful person!
She's really helpful and response time is fast. She made me feel better.
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