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I really like logic and philosophy. I like trying different strategies, but I don't believe there is an ideal strategy for me. I would love to talk to you about what IS working for you, I think about how this site is laid out a lot.  I believe as a listener it is my job to first listen, but if you ask for advice I need to point you to the classes on here.  I believe those classes offer good advice, but I haven't had enough training to gently convince you of that.  I may seem unsympathetic because:
I am a 57 years old happily married man. I like to chat, but I seem to do better with members who are over 25.   I think before I was 25 I didn't realize how things can change.  When presented with the horns of a dilemma I prefer to look for a way to jump between them.  If you are viewing the world in black and white terms my questions may seem callous, annoying, or naive.  If that is how I seem to you, please let me know.  I am listening to make myself a better person.
So caveat emptor, but I really appreciate you giving me a try.   Even if I don't help you, please know that you have helped me to learn to be a better listener.  Any advice you give me will be greatly appreciated 🤗
If we talk multiple times I'm probably going to refer you to:
the philosophy of why 7 cups seems to work.   

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Feedback & Reviews
Nice, helpful, and encouraging all in one.
Very helpful, kind and actually listened to what i had to say
Made me feel much better.
Kind. Good listener.
Thanks for chatting with me. You rock! :)
Started talking to you about otherthing first to make you feel safe and then helped you
It helps to project my emotions outward to see them more clearly.
very nice
You are a saviour...!!!!..lots of respect❤️
Very thoughtful and open person. I felt like he really cared about the conversation and tried to understand and be respectful. Thank you so much.
awesome for my problems with parents
Really a good person to talk to
Good so far. Let's hope for the best
Great. Patient. Good listener
I haven't spoke much yet but i assure you they are a wise and talented listener ,best i have encountered on this site so far as well as the best help i've had in 3 years .
They gave me their undivided attention and made me feel at ease. It almost felt like talking to an old friend. I'm so grateful to them.
a great human
Very kind and understanding
Great person
Don't know how to say. You helped me, Maybe cant help all but in the end know he's a good person who just wanna help you no matter what. Cheers on you mate :D
Very helpful.
Lovely person
We never got to my issue but he's been great company.
Thank you!!!!!!
It feels great that he/she understands what I am saying and brings out what my problem might be and that makes me feel better.
Thorough and looks at situations from all aspects.
A heartwarming, very well educated and informed individual! Thank you for your time and rich conversation.
I think he provides wonderful advice. He was very patient and did not make me feel bad for being confused. I really enjoyed talking to him.
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