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tranquilEnergy77 |
Listener - Marvel 7

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

I won't say much but if you need someone who patiently listen to you then I am here.

Number of Ratings: 248
Number of Reviews: 142
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Nov 28, 2015
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Gender Male
Progress Path Step 732
Cheers 279,603
People Helped 940
Chats 5,353
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Listener Group Chats 2
Forum Posts 21
Forum Upvotes 17
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Feedback & Reviews
i like them
Words will fall short if I try and share my experience with him. He is just too good as a listener, as a companion. He is there whenever I look for him. I can share any random thought with him. His presence makes me feel so good. He is such a warm personality. I can even hang around Ani for whole day. Thank you 7 cups for such an amazing friend, philosopher, partner, everything to me! Thank You Love!
Great Listener!
They are a very good listener. I feel calm everytime i speak to them. Their words are soothing and feel like someone who cares for you is talking to you. They really do care, and follow up to check upon you. It's nice having someone like this around. 💜
A very sensible listener. Understands well and has a calming presence. Totally recommended.
good listener and very open
First experience. Felt the kindness . It was helpful.
First experience. Felt the kindness . It was helpful.
Very calm. Listens very carefully and suggests whatever is good for you .
Extremely good listener i would highly recommend him,mature sensible easy to talk with
Really kind and understanding, I genuinely appreciated our talk and that doesn't happen often enough sadly. Thanks for everything.
Great listener! Was able to really talk with them on a personal level versus feeling like I was talking to a computer (no offense Noni). Easy to get a conversation started
Empathetic and understanding. Even followed up after a day. Non judgemental and patient.
Such an amazing listener!! Im so glad to have found this listener..thanks a lot for being there^^
So incredibly patient and kind
So much empathetic and a wonderful listener. He's just amazing. Anirudh was really great and i really wish him all the best. Thanks to 7 cups and him, all my pain vanished away. Simply, he's my hero. Amazing person 💗
Please get more listeners like him
Made me feel a lot better, very understanding and empathetic, provided a safe space to share my of a kind. Thank you for listening:)
He/she listens well.
Very calm indeed, tranquil energy, justified 👌🏽
Feeling quite good after sharing few things about what i feel. I appreciate the effort of the listener
Even though it was a few minutes, I feel better after talking with him or her.
kind and compassionate listener. Thank you for hearing me out.
really helpful
Great listener! Asking a lot of questions, engaged in the conversation and extremely empathetic and understanding of my situation
Good listener..
Answering quick, such a good listener
It helped me calm myself and reflect on myself.
Great conversator
Really good listener
Cool person..nice atitude
Made me feel like i was not alone with what im going through.i wish more people in the world were like "tranquilenergy77"
He's a very kind and genuine person. He listened to me patiently and had no judgements whatsoever.
Compassionate listener
sent a wall of text and they were patient enough to read it and try to understand. I am deeply grateful
Such a great listener. He/she was very patient. Helped me a lot overcome my anxiety. Thanks a lot.
Very attentive and calming listener. They just want to help.
I feel the listener can understand what is confusing me, it give me a relaxed feeling
I left a group chat in tears at an ungodly hour, no sleep! This listener made my heart heals and literally made me feel better I kind of felt silly for the tears in the first place after realising that the past is something to move on from and not to dwell on, give me serenity to accept the things I cannot change! The courage to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference! Let it be! I can now sleep without crying myself there. Thank you so much!!!!!
Very compassionate
Thank you. Very attentive.
Such an amazing person and a great listener! They told me exactly what I needed to hear which was so refreshing!
very generous and patient listener
Wonderful listener 💕 Kind hearted and caring
Great listener. Doesn't interrupt.
It was great and very helpful
thanks a lot sir/ma'am for comforting even though just a little bit
Patient and understanding listener. You can talk to them just like you would talk to any friend.
Like a sun shining through dark
Helped me over come my breakup
Great person to talk
Very good listener. Very kind.
Awesome listener all around always there to listen with no hesitation or judgement!
He is really helpful and understanding. It's nice connecting him here. Good listener and human being
was great talking to someone who seemed to care
A really well spoken listener. I feel lucky to be able to talk to you. Thanks for bottom of my heart.
He s really nice .. i felt really positve with his words..
Listening very carefully
It was lovely talking to you.
One of the best listeners I’ve connected with here in 7Cups. I had been in full anxiety attack when I had connected to the lister. But I ended up having really impactful and meaningful conversations. Left me feeling warm and fuzzy. If you get a chance to connect with this listener, I would say go in with a open heart. You’re safe and loved.
Great listener. Very kind, patient, empathetic and understanding. Listened to me patiently and made me feel better
He is a very kind human. Very understanding and I felt very happy to see people like him on this platform. God bless you :)
thanks for your help
a good listener that can surely help you
Very understanding
Great listener
good listener and good to talk to
They were really helpful in helping me feel more accepted. They showed a lot of empathy. It was a helpful encounter.
Very kind and empathic. Loved this chat
it great i helping me a lot thankyou
Very good listener :)
Mature, reliable and understanding.
nice person, let me ramble and whine to him about my breakups and sad life
It was a good chat 👍
Very caring,empathetic and understanding
This person is very nice and a great listener
This listener is amazing. I literally just tried this app for 1 day and I felt so much better after talking. Beautiful person
Awesome listener....great listening skills.....has great empathy....can relate easily.....makes u feel comfortable!
very reflective and compassionate chat which is always helpful in a sad situation
Attentive and thoughtful
He is lovely and such a kind person🌹🌹good listener
An empathetic and supporting istener I felt heard and understood, made me feel better and stronger Thank you
She was amazing, listened to me in a helpful and empathetic manner. Excellent listener. Thank you
This listener was very caring and patience. Very nice
Thank you very much
Great listener! Very patient and empathetic
Engages in conversation. Helps with thinking things through.
theyre very helpful
Patient and calm.
tranquilEnergy77 actually takes time to listen and try to understand
Thank you for being here to listen to me!
She's a kind and supportive person
very good listener
Very helpful listener
What a wonderful listener! They truly care and walked with me through some really rough topics. Not judgmental, just kind. Great experience!
Thank you for being compassionate.
Just an amazing person with a very good heart! One of a kind! Restive maybe as he thinks by heart but only to seek for something beautiful like dawn! And yet unknowingly Tranquil with the understanding of the existence!
Best listener I’ve ever had!! They are kind and caring. They don’t judge, and are very understanding of various mental health and life issues. Would highly recommend!
This person is a wonderful listener. God bless!
their nice calmed me down about something i was feeling anxious about.
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