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Greetings, I'm thrilled you've discovered my profile on Seven Cups of Tea! Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in the midwest of the United States, on the south side of Chicago for the first 22 years of my life. I had a mixed upbringing of busy inner city environments and long months of summer farming out in the remote fields of the upper peninsula of Michigan. These experiences gave me an appreciation for a broad range of all walks of life that encompass trendy atmospheres, along with the life paths that are earth centered and slightly more relaxed. I had a pretty choatic childhood, being raised by two alcoholic parents who were constantly depressed, drunk and fighting like crazy all the time. The word, 'divorce' came up on a nightly basis and there wasn't a day that went by that I wasn't afraid my family would crumble from the stress. As I grew older, I gained greater understanding of alcoholism, depression and the cycle of destruction that was occurring in my parent's relationship. The effects had taken their toll on my brothers, both of whom also became alcoholics, one whom tried to commit suicide when he was only 18. Determined not to fall into this pattern, I put myself through college with a focus on clinincal counseling. I completed my bachelors degree in Psychology and have a healthy respect for science, and a sincere belief that we have many tools at our disposal, including active listening, that can help us find the answer to lifes most challenging problems. My interests include art of every kind, spirituality, outdoor sports like kayaking, hiking, bicycling and fishing, volunteer work, writing, etc, etc. I am married to a wonderful man who has dedicated his life to our country as a member of the US Airforce. We are both avid animal lovers and currently reside on the west coast just south of the greater Seattle area. Along with my upbringing, the military life has given me an up close and personal experience with some of life's biggest struggles and hardest tragedies. Divorce, domestic violence, substance abuse, PTSD, work stress, physical and cognitive disabilities, family stress, sexual dysfunctions, sexual addictions, acclimation to an unwelcoming environment, alienation, suicide, sudden death, anxiety and loneliness are all topics I've dealt with regularly in my own life and with my acquaintances. While I could keep writing, it's probably time that I conclude my intro so that we can start chatting or so you can keep browsing other listener's profiles. I hope to hear from you soon!

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I couldn’t recommend this listener enough. Very grounded, realistic and functional listener. Really helped me out.
Great kind caring
I totally loved talking to her, she helped me much with good advices , also i felt good after talking to her! she was the right listener
Very smart and knowledgeable
She's a great listener 10/10 highly recommended!!
Very helpful having someone to talk to and having their perspective on things
Thank you for your time
very good person
Lovely person to talk with
Thank you :)
Very helpful and kind
Could I nominate her as the best listener straightaway?
Very helpful and friendly.
Loved the advice and the positive energy! She’s a very wise lady. Thank you so much again!
Thank you!
One of the best listeners here. She was immensely helpful, patient and understanding.
wish I'd found her sooner. super helpful and caring : )
To say I'm thankful for this listener would be an understatement. Thanks for our conversation.
The best non judgement ever ! felt great after.
One of the best listeners on the site, by far
Windfox3 is a very compassionate, patient, and attentive listener.
She's very caring. I was really sad when I first enter in the chat room but I was smiling by the end of our conversation. She's amazing!
Amazing person, great listener.
This person listened to me, they understood everything what I was going through
Good listener
Like an old wise friend :) One of the best listeners!
By far the most helpful, positive, caring person on this site. Do yourself a favor and request her as a listener!
Very helpful person
Amazing. So nice and caring, she really understand!
Glad it was a real person.
She is such an amazing person to talk to. Calmed my soul a bit. Thank you. :)
This person is very smart and gives profound advice! Very caring as well!
Windfox3 is a very patient and compassionate person. If you need someone to listen to you this listener is worth trying. Thank you so very much.
a nice smart adviser.
A very caring and easy to talk to person, so pleased I found you and hope for more chats in the future .Many Thanks
A smart and empathetic listener. Will definitely help clear the mental mess.
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