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wonderfulIcicle35 |
Listener - Expert

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4.5 star rating

DUE TO PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I have been told that I am an active listener who will be able to enable you to come to your own decision or an ear to use when needed. I am 46 years of age and have as they say been around the clock a couple of times, have experienced quite a lot, this is not to say that I have all the answers. I look forward to speaking/typing with you.

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Feedback & Reviews
This listener was brilliant, and sincerely and greatly helped me with my problem. It was just nice to have someone to talk to.
Wonderful listener!
You were really helpful. Thank you for listening and giving me new options to look at in my life.
best one till now
nice girl
Good conversation...Suggestion are helpful
was brilliant , very understanding and a very good listener.......
Best listener there is on 7 cups of tea
It goes for sure that this person name is true they are wonderful. They are very helpful and understanding they are the best listener I've had they are a great choice
He listened. At times I just want to ramble and go on about my thoughts. I don't want someone to say anything except to listen for a while. And he listened. that is more than enough for me. Thank you :)
Helpful and offered suggestions. I am appreciative
Took the time to listen and offer suggestions to my problems. I am appreciative
I felt someone cared & really listened , Thanks a lot for your time
Very good Listener !!!!
Perfectly what I needed
Good mature person to talk to
Awesome listener!
Very caring and understanding listener.
Easy to talk with and empathetic. I felt significantly better after chatting for a bit.
Wonderful was always prompt. I appreciated that.
Very good listener
Really good to speak with 😊 thank you ever so much
Thank you Wonderful. I will be contacting you again!
It was just really a nice and open thought process. Expressed real concern for my needs. Our conversation went smoothly. Even in my tired state with my bad typing she still took the time to understand me and my needs. This was really needed in my moment of need.
Simply amazing. I got so much off my shoulders. Thank you!!!!
Very helpful. Thank you.
He/She is really helpful. I totally recommend this person.
lovely person to speak to, great help, genuinely seemed to care
My time spent with wonderfullcircle35 was very helpful to me. He/she reminded me of the things that matter, and made me feel better about things. It was a very pleasant experience.
A really lovely listener. Managed to cheer me up so much! Thank you
best help every thank you again
ty for your time and effort for a guy like me! it helped me a lot
Lovely empathetic listener ... thank you :-)
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How can I stop letting that person or the memory of that person dictate the quality of my life?
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