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"The sad know the need to keep others happy."



Ahoy you person who's taken the time to read my bio, here are a few things i'd tell you before we start off :3
1) I'm wushycushy, and I'm an emotional pillow for you to discuss whatever you want to
2) I'm not gonna judge, don't worry, this is a help site, not some courtroom <3
3) I am able to take chats on almost any issue so there's no stopping you from talking what's wrong, be it -the neighbor stole my potato- or - the nearby country is taking my land-
4)I'm kink friendly (yes, I said I can take chats on almost anything, but this needed a special mention so your doubts will be removed)
5) I'm slow and when we talk, you get the benefit of being the smart and cute one while I'm the dumb and slow one
6) I'm patient, I'm so patient that I use Internet Explorer to watch videos on YouTube.
7) Even if nothing's wrong and you feel you want to talk, I'm here and all ears(or eyes in this case).
8) I don't know why I'm writing this but I thought writing one more point would be good.
9) I don't listen as a listener, I listen as a friend :)
10) What are you waiting for, just drop me a text and let a bond be formed :')
-Insert cool tagline about self-

If you want to know about me, I love animals, and I love all animals except insects, they make me go the same way a cat goes on seeing a dog. I love to read books (yes Harry Potter is an all time favorite.)

Cooking is amazing for me (although I've probably got a repute for my food being inedible).
Music- I listen to all kinds of music as long as my ears like it and and I also play the Piano, the mouth organ, and sing, although my near and dear ones discourage me from doing it for the sake of their ears.
Movies- I am a huge movie buff and a great fan of the Marvel franchise
TV shows- I absolutely WORSHIP Doctor Who(like you may have guessed from the images hehe), House, Friends, Whose line is it anyway, Impractical joker (Joe Gatto is the best!!!)

Sports- I love to play basketball as well as swimming, although I barely follow them :3

Miscellaneous- I love to irritate the people I love, obsess over potatoes and pizza, create random animal noises, be a six feet tall baby, listen to people and help them out.
Here are the people of my family -

@peanat- she's one of the first person who acknowledged my idioticy and embraced it, love her the most <3

@Olala18- this tiny ball of fire is sure to win your heart with her extremely charming behaviour and caring attitude, watch out for her because she is NUTS about Bollywood
@Youareloved33- The listener who is always sad love her :c 
@KingAl- this lovely listener will always talk in P!ATD stoof and will always help you and even if you're happy, talking to her makes you happier so go for it!!

@Annanas- She's a bright light who's got this obsession with Bastille :3 and who failed to help me with my bio, but apart from that, she'll never give up on you :3 and sticks around-Warning-Doesn't know internet slang
@Glue- Ayye this boi right here is a completely messed up bottle of icky stuff that's always oozing with honest opinions and self loathe and I respek him so much that he hates me :3

@FadingStarDust- My shipmate we're on the ship of stushy forever whoooo, if you ever plan to hold a grudge against someone , she'll give you five different ways to terminate that person because she cares for you so much
@Isha2017- the tiny ancient who can always be found lurking on TL or pretending to be busy with nothing, If you ever want to annoy this marvelous person- say 42.This teenie right here is now completed her internship so she can officially pretend to be a busy person hehe

@TsukinoTheHag- ths wonderful amazebubbles listener is always there to listen to you and if you're not talking she will take the liberty of being so cute that you talk to her about your problems so never hesitate to approach her :3
@Yendi- yendoodlepoodle the link keeper, she's always carrying a stash of important links with her and has two dogs which I am very jealous of her for. She loves to lurk and can be found being a good support in the chat rooms

@ArwaS-the mother hen of TL always helping out the tiny tots figuring out how to walk in this floofy world :3 you can never not love her

@cuddlyPanda22- MY ORIGINAL LISTENER TWIN RILEY although you may probably never see her but she's one of the most beautiful pain you will ever see my spam buddy <3

@juniperstarfish1- watch out for this beautiful listener who can always make your day by supporting you. She is a rare species to find but amazing to experience.My real Explorer :3 she's just amazing and she knits, like HOW cool is that!?
@DonutBeAfraid73- the sweetest donut you will ever meet before you nom the up. She's patient AND friendly and listens to almost any rant :3.Love her 
@BlueGlobe- my glass buddy here is one of the most sought after person by the US for her preciousness, and she will be as weird as you want her to be :3

@Lucy- this listener who is god sent can be seen lurking or helping people or being bussy with all the busy stuff that keep people busy but she'll listen to you if you need her and never ever ever ever ever leaves your back. PM her if you're looking to talk to a bundle of awesome :3
@braveNight89- this leetle amazing Canadian listener has every bit of politeness integrated in her demeanour, you will be surprised by how many thank you-s and sorry-s she can say in a day

@ciaraaa- The candian who isn't actually a candian, give her filipnio food and she will totally forget the existence of the world, this worthless steak is extremely precious because of a tiny munchkin :')
@realityescaping- Salsaaaaa <3 this adorbs listener who works as a teen(weird Brit) will always be there to make your day and just help you smile, She's so amazing you can just see vibes emanating from her and her knowledge on potatoes is ooo insighful 
@Fuzzyfizz12- this neighbor of mine is THE pokemon master because her puns are enough to send a man into cardiac arrest, she will listen to anything you want, and like every person, would deny to admit she's cute when she is
@Erato- this tiny listener is set on a mission to make the world a better place one smile at a time :). She's easily scared, just like a pug so be gentle with this amazing tiny ball of happiness <3

@RenaMinerva- this amazeball NOT evil cutie listener will always be there to make your day (even if it is the night) and would be more than happy to listen to anything you want to talk to her about, but be warned, she has a tendency of nomming hands so watch out :3

@MiraculousHorizon76- this listener is one who will never ever ever let you down and she's amazing because she will do whatever is in her capabilities to make sure you feel better, this drama queen is enough to make Gordon Ramsay smile. DW fanbuddy <3
@Viana- MY LITTLE DERI(pot) who LOVES DR WHO AND WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY AND IMPRACTICAL JOKERS. Listen to her but be warned, she's easily terrified of Caps, so I prefer wearing hats only :3, but she's amazing and will stick with you till the end of time
@SookyChooky- meet my adorabubble little amazing hooman bean who refuses to believe in her own awesome and beautiful power.She's a whovian so I already love her and alzso one of the most charming, cheerful, beautiful and charismatic person I ever had the fortune of meeting. If you ever meet her, it'll make your day :3
@blissfulGrace96- this pretty listener with a pretty heart has a amazing sense of sensitivity, she seems to be loaded with a lot of empathy towards all and would not like to even talk about people getting hurt, she will never ignore you if you're in need :3
@ColourDoge- this amazing listener dog is the only one on this site and is seen to do it quite effectively as he will always make your day with his cute doggo skills :3, feed him pizza as treats :3
To all of the above

and as for me oldiefying , take it people :3

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Feedback & Reviews
Awesome feeling better
Found them in a moment of dark night of the soul. For me really not easy to talk all my stuff out. But I could with them.They where listening. For a long while. And not trying to to give advise or fix anything. I can really say that is what works that somebody listens to you. Without judging just giving you the space. Just giving here and there a sign that they are with you and get you. That felt like love. The love we can give to each other. Amazing I am so grateful. Great being. Really understands what’s needed.Big heart.
Wushycushy is amazing a d helped me with my countless problems :3
Very sweet and understanding! She gave me a nice company :)
Great chat. Someone I'd like to get to know. Not that I've spoken to him much at this time
Wushycushy is great, listens, doesn’t judge, seems like they have clear understanding
Very nice
No words are enough for this wonderful listener
They did a really good job of being straightforward and professional, and responded to my problems with solutions instead of beating around thr bush. They were great!
Wushy is da best wushy a wushy can be :3
Most helpful listener I have talked with....keep it up☺😄
Very nice, just like talking to a friend :)
a real gem. thanks for being one of my favorite people on this website!! you're so awesome wushy, stay brightening up people's lives
Ur amazing to talk to
Really helps you see a different side of things
Gentlest, kindest soul. But is honest, doesn't sugar coat.
Very nice and understanding
I've been talking to wushy cushy for a few months now and I can honestly say he is one of the most fantastic listeners I have ever connected with. He always asked me how I was doing everyday and really listened to me when I felt like giving up. He always had me through every up and down I have ever gone through and stayed even when I thought he would leave. I loaf him a ton and would recommend him to anyone. ❤
They are amazing!!💙💙
Great listener
Keeps it very professional.
Simply amazing in every way.... has she/ he had like a million years experience or... is she secretly Oprah?
She's understanding and kind and helped me through my stress
Tougher we are together tanks m8ty
A great listener :)
This person is actually really good at helping and sorting out the matters, im glad i talked. Really helped me a lot. Made me realize my worth and how to take a stand for yourself. Cheers.
talking with him is like meeting a long lost friend
Great listener
Excellent, professional, helpful. Helped me greatly, is still helping me. Empathic, and gave me great advice. Thank you Wushy!
really nice and sweet. Listened extremely well
Very helpful and quick with replying!
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