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Due to my mental state, I am not able to provide emotional support at the momentPlease Browse Listeners to find another listener!!! IMPORTANT - I am stepping down from my leadership roles, such as SC ambassador (from now, for all questions about SC please contact @Kate or @Jill7Cups), AL3&AL4 grading and feedback (from now, for all questions about it, please go to @PolarCat or @Mel) !!!A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MYSELF + THINGS I SPECIALISE IN  (all blue ones are clickable links) Hello! I am 19 years old verified listener girl. I may seem young but I went through a lot in my life - to begin with dealing with bullies at school and ending with help for a friend who has failed in committing suicide. I also lost a lot of close friends in my life, had tough experience dealing with a grief and always been that one girl who has a different way of thinking what caused me a loneliness feeling. LGBTQ+ is also my topic and I know a lot about issues related to it so feel free to talk with me about this! I am member (demi - homo - sexual girl) and supporter for anyone who is part of this lovely family. Also, I know a lot of about sexual abuse and I am helping women who were raped or sexual assaulted. If you feel like you need this kind of support, feel free to PM me or visit Also, I am trained in suicide and I am working in the suicide hotline, although because of site rules, I am not allowed to assist you if you are in crisis.  So basically you can talk to me about everything you want and I will try my best to understand and help you. Just remember that 7Cups is NON-JUDGMENTAL zone so I will never judge or insult you. Maybe I am not the professional one, but I am a good listener and a good friend if You need one. I am here just to help you to feel better so feel free to text me if I am online or offline. I will answer as soon as I could   Meow meow,  Kisses, RaCat